The best party hostels in Barcelona, Spain

Find all the best party hostels in Barcelona, the most popular city in Spain for tourists.

The Hostel Barcelona List: 10 Best Hostels in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular travel goals for most people who want to go to Spain. It’s an eclectic city where you can explore its unique nightlife, rich culture, delectable cuisine, and famed art. You can also choose from the hundreds of hostel Barcelona is famous for, where you can relax and unwind after exploring the city.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Mediterranean youth hostel, the most famous party hostel, or the cheapest hostel, you’ll indeed be covered. Most backpackers and the more average tourists prefer the accommodation options found throughout the city.

 They are primarily located near Barcelona’s attractions and are reasonably priced. Here are some of the most famous and the best hostel Barcelona can offer:

Our top 10 of Barcelona :


What Can You Expect When Visiting Barcelona?

There are many reasons you should choose to stay in a hostel in Barcelona. One of the most compelling ones is that you can expect to be greeted warmly compared to accommodations found in other destinations in Europe. Most of them also have a long list of amenities without costing hundreds of Euros.

 But the most crucial benefit of choosing to stay in a Mediterranean youth hostel Barcelona can offer is the chance to meet like-minded travelers and make new friends.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to head to Barcelona is between May to June, when there’s a flurry of festivals that signals the start of the summer. The actual summertime is sticky due to humidity, and locals leave the city to cool off somewhere else.

 On the other hand, winter is considerably milder than in other cities in Spain, with temperatures peaking at 10°C (~50°F). Although coming in the spring may be a good idea to avoid the crowds, showers are persistent during April, which may ruin some of your sightseeing plans.

 Still, regardless of what month of the year you decide to start your journey, you’ll surely encounter large crowds as Barcelona is Spain’s most visited city.

Customs and Culture

The city of Barcelona is situated in the Spanish province of Catalonia, which makes its culture vary widely from the more central cities close to Madrid and even to Seville and Granada.

However, the most obvious sign of the stark difference is the locals’ language. Aside from Spanish, they also speak Catalan, and you should remember that this is not a dialect of the former. Catalan developed from Latin during the Roman era several centuries ago. 

While exploring Barcelona, you might notice that most of the street and road signs are written in both Catalan and Spanish. So, most of the residents in the city, and the province as a whole, are bilingual. This may also be the case in some restaurants’ menus.

But you don’t need to worry about dealing with two languages that you barely know! Most locals don’t expect tourists to know Catalan, so if you know some Spanish words and phrases, there’s a big chance that you’ll be spared from any language confusion.

Still, you’ll likely find an English speaker at most hotels and tourist areas as the city is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Europe.

Like most places in Spain, tipping is an uncommon practice in Barcelona. But depending on where you decide to dine, you may have to pay a service charge automatically added to your bill. Keeping a tip of around 10% is more than enough if you insist on leaving it.

Another thing that most people in Barcelona love to do is to eat late and party even later, just like the rest of Spain. Most restaurants open for diners during lunch from around 1 pm to 4 pm, while dinnertime is around 8 pm to 11 pm. But some restaurants don’t follow these regular hours, so you can still find some restaurants that don’t close after lunch and before dinner.

 In the case of locals, most people eat dinner at around 9 pm, while they go out at midnight at the earliest. Most clubs also stay open until 5 or 6 am.

 Also, if you have a chance to interact with a Catalan, don’t be shocked if they reach out and attempt to kiss your cheek. Dos Besos, or one kiss on each cheek, is the locals’ way of welcoming guests and friends (their equivalent of a handshake or hug). But if you feel uncomfortable doing so with strangers, you can still reach out your hand and settle for a handshake instead.

What to Eat

In the city of Barcelona, don’t be surprised to find a fusion between quintessentially Spanish dishes and the Mediterranean-influenced Catalonian dishes. While you’re in here, be sure to try Spanish classics like jamón ibérico, tortilla española (potato omelet), manchego cheese, gazpacho (cold soup), and patatas bravas (sautéed potatoes that often come with spicy aioli).

 But one of the arguably most iconic dishes in Barcelona is the Catalonian version of paella. It’s called arròs a la Catalana, which has most of the ingredients of a standard paella except for saffron. You should also try the lesser-known, albeit still delicious, fideuà. It is a dish quite similar to a paella, but with a Catalan twist, as its main ingredient is noodles instead of rice.


Since Barcelona is a major tourist hotspot, there are also a lot of unscrupulous individuals that exploit the hectic tourist spots. So, you need to be mindful of your environment, especially if you’re exploring the city’s most famous landmarks. Aside from the more touristy areas, you also need to look out when taking the metro.

 Men should always keep their wallets in their front pockets and carry bags and backpacks in front when traveling, while women should make sure that their purses are zipped or secured as much as possible.

 Aside from your belongings, you should also be careful of your body. The city’s rich cuisine and overflowing wine can make most tourists sick. So, make sure to eat and drink moderately. You should also apply sunblock to deal with the intense sunshine and cool down. This is especially true during the summertime when the cases of heatstroke often skyrocket.

Exploring Around Barcelona

The best way of getting to most of Barcelona’s best spots is through the metro. A handful of color-coded lines make their way through the city, with stops close to some of the most popular tourist attractions and the Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

 You can also take the bus when you’re exploring the city, but consider the infamous traffic jams that make this mode of transport more time-consuming. So, driving around also is not a great idea. You can also ride taxis weaving through the streets, but the fastest way of getting around is still through walking or biking. Besides Barcelona you could also visit to Melbourne and Sydney.

Types of Rooms You Can Expect From A Mediterranean Youth Hostel in Barcelona

There are many reasons why you should choose to book a hostel in Barcelona instead of a hotel. One of the most important reasons is the excellent hospitality you will experience, as locals own most hostel Barcelona backpackers prefer.

 They also have an extensive list of great amenities. These come with a super affordable price tag that allows you to spend more on experiencing the local cuisine and exploring the city’s sights.

 Another benefit to staying in a hostel is meeting travelers who share the same interests as you – backpacking and wanderlust. This is the best time to share stories, get travel tips, and make new friends!

 There are a lot of different hostels in Barcelona. You can find a super cheap hostel to one that caters to people who have premium tastes. This is a breakdown of the average prices of different hostel room types:

  • Dorms (female-only dorms and co-ed):  $13 – $26
  • Private rooms: $35 – $70

Things You Should Consider To Find The Best Youth or Party Hostel in Barcelona

The types of rooms that you’ll be staying in are essential, but keeping in mind these points will lead you to the perfect hostel in Barcelona that has all that you need:

  • Amenities: All hostel Barcelona offers have free WiFi, while most also offer free breakfast. However, if you want a more extensive list of perks, you need to do some research and compare them to see which Mediterranean youth hostel or party hostels in Barcelona is the best in terms of amenities.
  • Price: Every Barcelona hostel will give you your money’s worth. So, if you go for cheap hostels, you’ll likely stay in a cramped room that doesn’t offer all of the nice-to-have amenities.
  • Location: Barcelona is a big city, and it can be overwhelming for a newbie to get around. So, pick a place with a central location or the nightlife district if you want to party.
  • Staff: The trademark of a Barcelona hostel is its fantastic staff, who are very knowledgeable about the city’s sights and directions and friendly. Getting to stay in youth or party hostel where you get to interact with surly staff would surely take a toll on your high spirits when traveling. Even if you don’t find the right hostel for you on this list, make this one a priority when you look for a hostel.

The Best Location For Hostels in Barcelona

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to find a hostel close to the Barcelona city centre. You’ll get to be close to all of the action and the city’s landmarks. Some of the best areas that you should consider are:

  • Barrio Gotico: the city center
  • Montjuic: the best place to find the cheapest hostels Barcelona can offer
  • El Born: this is where the best clubs, bars, and party hostels in Barcelona are located

 The closer a hostel is to Barcelona’s center and Las Ramblas (also known as La Rambla), the more premium their room rates are. If you can consider areas a bit further away from the city center, you’ll find some fantastic Barcelona hostels that offer the best bang for the buck.

The Best Hostels in Barcelona

After reading about everything you need to know about the city, the best neighborhoods, and the average room rates, your search for the best hostel Barcelona can offer will be straightforward. But we have decided to make it a lot easier for you. Here are some of the best hostels in Barcelona:

1.   Hostel One Paralelo

Price: $280 to $700

Amenities: Free linens, free WiFi, security lockers, common room, book exchange, outdoor terrace, elevator, laundry facilities, luggage storage, travel & tours desk

 Hostel One Paralelo’s building was explicitly designed for its purpose, so its layout makes sense, and it has a good setup. The hostel’s dorm rooms and private rooms also receive much natural light, and all hostel guests can also use a fully equipped kitchen.

 The hostel also hosts a patio with a jacuzzi, making it the perfect place to chill and share stories with other guests. It also has a great social vibe boosted by several fun events like family dinners and drinking games.

 You also can stay in two, four, or six-bed dorm rooms. Each bed in every room also has access to reading light. You can also stay connected with your family or work through their free WiFi access.

 Another perk of staying in this hostel is being close to the city center in the La Rambla district. Many of the city’s main attractions like the Placa d’Espanya, Montjuic, and the waterfront are within walking distance from the hostel.

 Hostel One Paralelo also has easy access to public transportation, and you can reach every bar, restaurant, or attraction you’d want to reach.


  • Clean rooms and comfy beds;
  • friendly staff;
  • great social atmosphere;
  • lots of great activities daily;
  • free family dinners every night;
  • good location, close to bars and restaurants as well as the metro.


  • Lacks the level of privacy and security that other hostels in Barcelona offer;
  • rooms can get cramped, especially when at capacity.

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Hostel One Paralelo

Hostel One Paralelo

 2.   HelloBCN Hostel

Price: $44 to $287

Amenities: Free linens, free WiFi, free city tours, wheelchair-friendly, elevator, outdoor terrace, security lockers, reading light, key card access, common room, fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, on-site bar, travel & tours desk

 The staff at HelloBCN Hostel always goes out of their way to ensure that their guests’ stay is as pleasurable as possible. They know Barcelona well and can help you plan your itinerary by giving you helpful information. They also maintain the hostel’s cleanliness, so you’ll be sure to stay in a comfortable, modern, and safe hostel.

 Their large common rooms and kitchen also help liven up the place with good meals and conversations. You can also enjoy a free breakfast included in the room’s price. You can also access the internet and WiFi without extra charges and secure lockers in the dorms.

 HelloBCN Hostel is located in the central business district, and it’s a few minutes away from the Old Town, Port Vell, Barri Gòtic, Plaça de Catalunya, Plaça Reial, and Las Ramblas by walking. So, you can easily explore tourist attractions such as the La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera, and Montjuic (where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Barcelona), and the beach!

 It also has excellent connections to the metro that’s just two minutes away and some of the best tourist attractions in the city—making it one of the best hostels in Barcelona for backpackers and those looking for a cheap hostel.


  • perfect location, close to sights, restaurants, bars, and shops;
  • clean and spacious hostel rooms and comfy beds;
  • good security;
  • amiable staff;
  • free breakfast;
  • fully-equipped kitchen and modern amenities.


  • The number of amenities that you can enjoy is a bit fewer compared to other hostels in Barcelona;
  • rooms can be a bit cramped;
  • the shower button has to be pushed every minute.

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HelloBCN Hostel

 3.   Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel

Price: $222 to $449

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, wheelchair-friendly, key card access, self-catering facilities, common room, outdoor terrace, elevator, book exchange, bicycle rentals, travel & tours desk, on-site café, game room, pool table

 This hostel occupies the more premium segment of the market as they only offer private dorms and apartments. It’s one of the best hostels in Barcelona for large groups as most of their rooms can accommodate up to six people, and they all have ensuite bathrooms.

 Casa Gracia also has a fun and playful atmosphere highlighted by exciting events for guests, such as pub crawls and game nights. The hostel is also located particularly close to Plaça Catalunya, Las Ramblas, Rambla Cataluña, and many of Barcelona’s main attractions. It’s also situated at the entrance of the great neighborhood of Gracia, where many smaller squares are famous for their movie theaters, art galleries, restaurants, pubs, bars, and many more.

 This is one of Barcelona overall best hostel to meet new people. They also offer essential amenities like free wireless internet access, a kitchen, and a quiet and relaxing common area. You can also enjoy free breakfast, free linens and towels, laundry service, secure lockers, luggage storage, and excellent travel information.


  • this cool hostel has clean rooms with attractive designs and comfy beds;
  • welcoming and friendly staff;
  • located in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood;
  • great social vibes, conducive to making new friends;
  • great for those who want privacy; their dorm rooms and apartments are exclusive.


  • Some of the bathrooms’ showers have leaking problems that can sometimes cause flooding.

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Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel

 4.   Pars Teatro Hostel

Price: $59 to $82 (minimum of 2 nights stay)

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, wheelchair friendly, kitchen, security lockers, common room, laundry facilities, elevator, book exchange, outdoor terrace, travel & tours desk, luggage storage, game room

 Pars Teatro Hostel is one of the best Barcelona party hostels as it is within a comfortable distance from the downtown, beach, and Barcelona port. The hostel’s neighborhood is also a hub of activity, and you’ll never know what’s in store on the next corner.

 You can also enjoy the regular pub crawls, free sangria nights, beach parties, free dinner, live music sessions, etc., that the hostel organizes for all guests.

 But this party hostel wasn’t hailed as one of the best hostels in Barcelona solely for the partying, and it also has spacious rooms and comfy beds to cure even the worst hangovers. Each bed also comes equipped with charging stations to top up your phones and laptops whenever you decide to just binge-watch your favorite movies or shows instead of partying.


  • relaxed vibe and decor;
  • friendly staff;
  • highly social vibe;
  • convenient location, close to public transportation as well as popular bars and clubs;
  • chill atmosphere and fun activities like pub crawls.


  • You can hear the noise from the nearby clubs and bars inside the rooms, so beware if you can’t sleep in noisy environments.

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Pars Teatro Hostel

 5.   Yeah Hostel Barcelona

Price: $41 to $47

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free Wi-Fi, wheelchair-friendly, bicycle parking, book exchange, outdoor terrace, security lockers, key card access, steam room, elevator, luggage storage, on-site bar

 Yeah Hostel Barcelona is an award-winning option for Barcelona tourists and is also a great and popular hostel among backpackers. Although the on-site bar is very hectic, its rooms maintain a sense of serenity, making it one of the best laid-back hostel in the city. So, you can party all night long but still get a good night’s sleep to get yourself energized to explore Barcelona’s sights.

 This is also one of the many hostels in Barcelona that offers both co-ed and female-only dorms. You can also opt for a private room that can accommodate four people.

 The hostel also offers free walking tours and pub crawls, one of the surefire ways to get to know more about the city’s history and nightlife scene. You can also socialize with your fellow guests in their spacious common rooms, watch movies in the TV room or play video games in the game room.

 The Barcelona hostel is located in a great location in Paseo de Gracia, where you can find Casa Milà and Casa Batllo within walking distance. You can also easily reach La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s iconic buildings, and numerous restaurants and bars. It’s also located quite close to the Girona Metro Station so that you can explore the city through public transportation.

 But if you want to enjoy your favorite meals, you can use their well-equipped kitchen and share them with other guests.


  • best for large groups and solo female travelers;
  • great social atmosphere;
  • suitable for groups and solo travelers;
  • clean rooms and 24-hour security;
  • excellent pub crawls and activities;
  • friendly and knowledgeable staff;
  • free dinners for every guest.


  • The hostel is a bit far from public transportation;
  • rooms can get a bit noisy.

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Yeah Hostel Barcelona

 6.   Kabul Party Hostel Barcelona

Price: $76 to $179

Amenities: Free wireless internet access, free breakfast, free linens, free city tours, free city maps, wheelchair-friendly, elevator, air conditioning, book exchange, security lockers, bicycle parking, hot showers, cable TV, laundry facilities, key card access, outdoor terrace, common room, travel & tours desk, luggage storage, on-site bar, pool table

 Kabul Party Hostel is one of the best hostels in Barcelona and the whole European continent. If you’re visiting Barcelona to party and get wasted, this is the perfect place to stay. However, it might not be a wise option if you want to get enough rest – book another hostel!

 The staff at Kabul Party Hostel hosts a diverse variety of activities for guests. It’s also the best hostel for its social atmosphere and fun parties, so you won’t have any trouble meeting new people. This is truly one of the best cheap hostels in Barcelona.

 When you stay in Kabul Party Hostel Barcelona, you can join free walking tours around the city to learn more about the city’s history and culture. You can also climb up to the outdoor terrace as they host regular BBQ nights, and it’s the best place to have a few drinks and appreciate the Barcelona skyline. You can also join the daily pub crawls that often venture into some of the most popular clubs in the city, like Opium, Pacha, Zuts, and Otto.

 Aside from its exciting vibe, you can also enjoy the usual amenities that most hostels in Barcelona have, such as free breakfast, lots of common areas, wireless internet access, and computers. The hostel also has a great location in Las Ramblas near Plaza Real – the city’s tourist district hub.


  • great social atmosphere;
  • perfect for both large groups and solo travelers;
  • nice rooms and comfortable beds;
  • amazing pub crawls;
  • great location as it is in the center of Barcelona;
  • helpful and accommodating staff;
  • great for those who want to have the best parties in the city.


  • The Wi-Fi is a bit slow;
  • rooms and bathrooms sometimes have a pungent smell.

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Kabul Party Hostel Barcelona

 7.   St. Christopher’s Barcelona

Price: $51 to $463 (minimum of 4 nights stay)

Amenities: Free walking tours, free wireless internet access, free linens, free city maps, wheelchair friendly, elevator, laundry facilities, security lockers, bicycle parking, book exchange, key card access, outdoor terrace, common room, reading light, luggage storage, bike rentals, travel & tours desk, on-site restaurant, on-site bar, on-site café, on-site club, pool table

 St. Christopher’s Barcelona is part of the chain of hostels found throughout the most popular cities and destinations in Europe. It’s also one of the best hostels in Barcelona, and it can even be a great candidate as the best party hostel.

 So, if you’ve had the chance to stay with one of them, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you can expect, such as good service, lots of terrific amenities, and plenty of guests who also want to have a great time.

 Their on-site bar, Belushi’s, also offers several activities which add to the fun party scene during the evenings. Here, you can have a great time while getting to know your fellow guests and have a good chance of making new friends.

 The Barcelona hostel is relatively new and is truly one of the most modern hostel in the city. It has very luxurious furnishings in the common rooms where you can chill and a pool table. They also serve delectable meals, and their dorms and private rooms also have modern designs and updated amenities.

 Their bunk beds also have nifty features like reading lights, plugs, and privacy curtains. The bathrooms are also immaculate and modern. But if you prefer to stay in a private room, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the large and colorful murals and their ample space.

The staff of this cool hostel is also amiable and eager to help. They can arrange walking tours and bike rentals and give you some travel tips.


  • friendly and knowledgeable staff;
  • a lively hostel that’s great for socialization and organizes exciting activities;
  • perfect for solo travelers;
  • the rooms are clean, and the beds are very comfy;
  • includes free breakfast in the room rates;
  • great location.


  • the rooms can get a pungent smell since you can’t open the windows;
  • doesn’t have a kitchen where you can cook meals.

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St. Christopher's Barcelona

 8.   Rodamón Barcelona Centre

Price: $38 to $215

Amenities: Free linens, free city tour, free city maps, free Wi-Fi, free lockers, self-catering facilities, key card access, air conditioning, cable TV, laundry facilities, common room, outdoor terrace, elevator, reading light, airport transfers, luggage storage, on-site restaurant, on-site bar

 Rodamón Hostel Barcelona has a wide array of options when it comes to dorms. If you’re a female tourist, you can opt for female-only dorms that accommodate six to eight people. They also have co-ed dorms for four, six, eight, or ten guests. Their beds also have privacy curtains, reading lights, power outlets, and a huge locker.

 The hostel’s housekeeping staff also maintains the overall cleanliness of the hostel. Also, the team often gives guests a lot of valuable tips and tricks to make sure that you enjoy your visit to Barcelona.

 The theme of the hostel is minimalist and modern, so it has a lot of open spaces in the common areas. It also has a fully-equipped kitchen, cozy lounges, laundry facilities, and free Wi-Fi.


  • conveniently located;
  • spotlessly clean rooms and common areas;
  • quiet and relaxing atmosphere;
  • very conducive for making new friends;
  • great security;
  • staff is friendly and helpful.


  • no free breakfast and towels;
  • the bathrooms and showers can get a bit messy sometimes.

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Rodamón Barcelona Centre

 9.   Sant Jordi Hostels Rock Palace

Price: $53 to $419

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free Wi-Fi, free city tour, free breakfast, wheelchair-friendly, elevator, book exchange, reading light, safe deposit box, security lockers, laundry facilities, outdoor swimming pool, kitchen, key card access, cable TV, air conditioning, common room, outdoor terrace, bike rentals

 Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace is one of the most famous Sant Jordi hostel chain iterations. Its central theme is rock music, and it offers modern amenities in central Barcelona. It’s also considered one of the best hostels in Barcelona, and it has received several awards throughout the past decade.

 Sant Jordi Hostel offers an exciting atmosphere where it’s effortless to meet fellow travelers worldwide during your stay. You can also use some incredible amenities like an on-site bar, a rooftop pool, spacious common areas, and an extensive collection of guitars.

 However, like all the hostels in Barcelona, Sant Jordi Hostel also has standard amenities like computers, Wi-Fi, a fully-equipped kitchen, etc.

 Sant Jordi Hostel is also known for its friendly staff, who know a lot about the city and regularly host fun events at the rooftop pool. You can also choose from a wide range of dorm sizes, quickly finding something that fits your preferences and budget.


  • the staff are excellent and very knowledgeable about the city’s attractions and events;
  • great for socializing with new people;
  • comfortable beds and clean sheets;
  • good security;
  • located in a great area as it is close to some of the city’s best sights;
  • rooms, common areas, and bathrooms are always spotless.


  • Some of the hostel’s amenities like the lounges and rooftop pool are closed very early in the evening;
  • slow Wi-Fi speeds.

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Sant Jordi Hostels Rock Palace

 10. Hostel One Sants

Price: $73 to $208

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free Wi-Fi, security lockers, outdoor terrace, common room, airconditioning, elevator, fully-equipped kitchen, laundry area, travel & tours desk, game room, pool table

 Hostel One Sants is perfect for people who are traveling solo to Barcelona as they can indeed offer you a fantastic experience. This hostel was tailor-made, especially for lonely souls who have extreme wanderlust.

 As one of the best hostels in Barcelona, Hostel One Sants offers a range of activities and events that can rival even the best party hostel in the city. So, it’s effortless to make new friends while having fun due to the vibrant social atmosphere.

 Hostel One Sants is located in a neighborhood in the city called Sants. It’s also quite close to the Barcelona Sants Station, where you can take the train or subway to reach other parts of the city.

 Its location is also much quieter than more hectic areas of the city like the Gothic Quarter, but both the Plaça España and Montjuïc are still within walking distance. This makes it one of the best hostels in Barcelona for those looking to party while still having enough sleep to see the city’s sights.


  • great parties and events;
  • no curfew;
  • excellent hostel staff as they’re very friendly and welcoming;
  • the social atmosphere is great for making new friends;
  • perfect for solo travelers;
  • a rooftop deck where you can enjoy the city’s views.


  • not located close to some of the city’s iconic sights;
  • rooms can be a bit cramped;
  • priced a bit higher compared to other party hostels in Barcelona.

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Hostel One Sants

The Runners-up: Boutique Hostels in Barcelona that Offer Free Walking Tours and more!

Picking only ten out of the hundreds of Barcelona hostel that offer free breakfast, free dinner, free walking tour, free pub crawls, and all of the amenities a fun hostel can offer is quite tricky. Most hostels in Barcelona are hailed as some of the best in the world, so they deserve a closer look. 

But since there are a lot of good options if you want to stay in the best hostel in Barcelona, here are some of our favorites that didn’t make it to the main list: 

2nd Best Hostels in Barcelona for Solo Travellers: Meeting Point Hostels

Hailed as one of the top Barcelona hostels for the past two years since 2020, Meeting Point Hostels offers a fresh, modern, and warm place to stay in the city. They offer a variety of rooms, from co-ed and female-only dorms to private rooms. You also have access to secure lockers regardless of your choice of lodgings.

They also have free wireless internet access and several free-to-use computers, which is perfect for digital nomads who’d like to work while exploring the beauty of Barcelona. It’s also effortless to make new friends in the TV room and offer your favorite dishes to other guests that you can cook from the kitchen. 

2nd Best Party Hostel in Barcelona: Toc Hostel Barcelona

Unlike other party hostels found in the city, Toc Hostel Barcelona is a unique hostel that features incredible interior design. They also have state-of-the-art amenities such as fingerprint door locks and CCTV cameras for your safety and convenience. 

They also have spacious common rooms, an outdoor pool, an on-site chill bar, a delicious free breakfast, and a great location. It’s situated within a few minutes’ walk from Plaza Catalunya and only 25 minutes away by metro from the famous Barceloneta beach.

2nd Best Youth Hostel in Barcelona: Itaca Hostel

Itaca Hostel is a small youth hostel near the Barcelona Cathedral Square that offers a big heart and lots of charm. It’s also a tranquil escape from the noise and activity of the city, so it’s a perfect sanctuary where you can recharge after a wild night of partying.

The spacious hostel also perfectly balances a great social vibe and privacy. Some of their best activities include free sangria nights every Thursday, where you can converse with fellow guests and make new friends. You can also try to prepare an authentic Spanish or Catalan dish in the hostel’s kitchen. 

About Barcelona: Things You Need To Know

Barcelona is Spain’s second-largest city and Catalonia’s capital and largest city, an autonomous region. It has over 1.5 million people (making up most of the above five million people living in the whole Catalan area).

 The city is notable for the football club FC Barcelona and is located directly on the northeastern part of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. It also possesses a rich and diverse history as the Romans controlled it and then the Franks before declaring its independence.

 In 1992, the city gained international renown as it hosted the Olympics during the year, which brought a significant uptick in its tourism sector.

 This event has had a significant consequence on the lives of the people living in the city that can still be seen today. Multiple neighborhoods saw restoration (while a few also got demolished). The increase in popularity of modern design philosophy spread throughout all aspects of Barcelona, ranging from public buildings to its posters and park benches.

 This phenomenon has been a significant draw for more visitors as it presented Barcelona as an incredibly ancient yet modern 21st-century city.

 The beautiful city of Barcelona possesses most of what other European remarkable towns are known for, such as outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, churches, and museums, and it is an ideal city for walking. It also has a tremendous and reliable Metro system that you can take if you want to reach more far-flung areas.

 The city’s center is called Ciutat Vella (Old City), and it can be a bit difficult to explore in just a few days. On the other hand, the city’s beaches can give you enough sunshine and relaxation due to the region’s balmy weather.

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