The Best Hostels In London

We reviewed hostels in London and made a list of the 10 best. You will find them in our review here.

Hostel London: 10 Amazing Hostels in London

London is one of the world’s greatest cities. When you visit the British capital, you’ll have many things to do and places to see. But you need to carefully plan your trip if you want to stay on budget as it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Do you want to visit London while on a budget? Well, hostels are one of the best ways to have a more affordable vacation to “The City.” But you don’t necessarily need to be a backpacker to reap the advantages of hostels’ cheap room rates and amenities. They’re perfect for all kinds of travelers, from partygoers, couples, groups, to families.

But London hosts countless hostels, and the sheer number of options can overwhelm you. How do you choose the best hostel? This blog lists down the best hostel London can offer for all types of travelers.

Our top 10 for London

What Can You Expect When Visiting London?

Visiting a new city is fun, but knowing more about where to go and how to get better savings while exploring is much better! So, here are some of the things you need to know before visiting London:

1.   Stay in Central London (especially if you want free walking tours)

Although hostels in London’s city center can be a bit expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives outside the metro, it’s a choice that you must make. The main benefit of choosing a hostel in this area is the money and time you’ll save on commuting.

These are some of the most precious resources you have when you’re on vacation, so make them a top priority.

So, if you stay in central London, you can explore much of the city faster. Aside from transportation, you can also keep your budget in check because you’ll need fewer days to explore London. You’ll also be closer to some of the most iconic attractions in central London, such as the London Eye, Hyde Park, the Palace of Westminster (Parliament), and Big Ben. 

Some of the best districts to explore while you’re staying in central London are:

  • Westminster
  • Trafalgar/Covent Garden
  • Soho
  • Bankside
  • South Bank

2.   Avoid school breaks and bank holidays

The busiest periods in London usually fall around July and August, aside from bank holiday weekends and school breaks. So, if you can avoid the peak season, you should reschedule your trip if you want faster queues and fewer crowds.

But if your trip can’t be rescheduled and you need to go to London during the holidays, you should avoid the busy parts of the city. Steer away from the central shopping districts, especially just before Christmas eve.

Pro tip: Since spring break in Europe usually occurs later than in the US, London is one of the best destinations if you want to get around Europe during this time. June is the best time to be in the city as most of the students in the continent are still at school.

3.   Thursdays are the best time to head out

Since Londoners are known for their workaholic nature, it’s not surprising that many of them are already heading out to let off some steam during Thursdays. So, these days are one of the best nights to go out since most of the pubs, restaurants, and clubs are filled with locals and tourists alike.

4.   Don’t buy theater tickets in advance

If you’re more of a “planner” instead of a “winger,” then you’ll undoubtedly be appalled that you won’t get to book tickets to famous West End plays in advance. But this is excellent news for budding theater fans as you get to decide which plays to watch on the spot.

There are also several legitimate ticket shops in and around Soho and Piccadilly Circus where you can avail of discounts on some of the most popular shows. You get to decide where you’ll be seated, and you can get the chance to snag tickets at 50% off.

5.   Keep an eye out for the 12.5% service charge

Many restaurants in London add a 12.5% service charge to your bill. This is more prevalent for restaurants in more touristy or upscale spots. Some pubs even charge it on your drinks too!

So, if you want to keep your spending within your budget, and save yourself from embarrassment, don’t forget to add the surcharge when you choose the dishes you’re going to order.

6.   Take the bus instead of the tube

Going for a ride on London’s iconic buses is a lot better than riding the tube. Not only will you get to see the views, but you’ll also have phone service and a sure seat.

 Wherever you are in the city, you’ll never be more than a 5-minute walk away from any bus stops from where you can start your journey to your next destination.

Riding a bus is also cheaper than the tube, and unlike the latter, most routes run 24/7. If you want to explore London more quickly, you can also hop on one of the London Bus Tours’ buses and see all the sights.

Types of Rooms You Can Expect From Hostels in London: Do You Need To Stay in Private Rooms?

Booking a room at one of London’s coolest hostels will give you sure access to a lot of perks. Some of the almost guaranteed benefits are the ultra-comfy beds that you can get for a meager price, the amiable staff who you can ask about when planning your trip across the city, and the chance to meet new people become friends.

The social atmosphere is essential for backpackers, and London hostels are known for their great vibe.

But there are a lot of hostel London can offer that also have some of these benefits. You can find a hostel with extremely cheap room rates, which provide the essential amenities to more luxurious ones that offer more premium perks. Some of these good-to-have additions that come at a price are spacious dorm rooms, free breakfast, free walking tours, and on-site bars and cafés.

Also, the further away from the city center your preferred hostel is, the more affordable the room rates become. Some cheap hostels are found in the city center too, but they’re so popular among tourists that you’ll need to book months in advance to secure a bed.

Typically, private rooms or private double rooms cost a lot more than a bed in dorms. Although dorms are one of the best ways to interact with fellow guests, you won’t get much privacy. But for backpackers and budget travelers, this is the best option.

This is the usual price range for private rooms and dorms:

  • Private rooms: $35 to $57 per night
  • Dorm rooms: $12 to $29

Things You Should Consider To Find The Best Hostels in London

Since you’re just visiting the city, likely, you’re not sure which hostels to choose out of the hundreds. But you don’t need to worry as what makes a specific hostel great in Amsterdam, for example, also applies in London. So, if you want to stay in the best hostel London can offer, you need to consider these factors:

  • Amenities: Most of the hostels in London offer free Wi-Fi, and some even have free breakfast (or offer affordable meals). But if you want to stay in a hostel that offers more perks, you should do thorough research to find one that meets your needs.
  • Location: London is a vast city, and although buses and the tube can take you everywhere, it takes time to get around it. So, it’s better to choose a place in the city center to have easy access to shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, and the sights.
  • Price: Most hostel London offers good bang for your buck, especially the city’s cheap hostels. But if you go for the more affordable option, expect to get a smaller room. Still, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have excellent service.
  • Staff: All hostels included in this list have excellent service from the hostel staff. These hostels are manned by people who are very friendly and knowledgeable about the city. But even if you can’t find the right hostel for you in this list, make sure to check the reviews of your most preferred option and see if they have helpful and approachable staff. This factor can easily make or break your vacation, so choose wisely.

The Best Location For London Hostels

There are many hostels you can find around London, but there are a few areas where most of the best hostels are located. These districts are:

  • Covent Garden: the most touristy place in London; best for exploring the city’s main attractions
  • Southbank: perfect for those looking for cheap London hostels; best for solo travelers and backpackers
  • Soho: the center of London’s nightlife scene; best for those looking for youth hostels or party hostels

The Best Hostels in London

Among the hundreds of options that you can choose from, these are the best hostels in London:

1.   Astor Hyde Park Hostel

Price: $27 to $115

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free Wi-Fi, security lockers, book exchange, key card access, hot showers, common rooms, kitchen, safe deposit, laundry facilities, luggage storage

Astor Hyde Park is one of the best hostels in London, and it deserves its good reputation. It combines the quaint atmosphere of a traditional English home with the social vibe of a youth hostel. Aside from that, it also boasts a great location as it is centrally located and within walking distance to the famous Hyde Park.

You’ll also be close to some of London’s most iconic attractions like the Natural History Museum and a lot more. It also has excellent access to public transportation, and you can easily explore the city hassle-free.

The nearest train station from Astor Hyde Park is only just a few minutes’ walk away, and these connect directly to Heathrow Airport and other popular destinations in the city. You’re also surrounded by numerous lively pubs, bars, shops, and restaurants, so it’s a great place to stay during your trip to London. 

The hostel staff also organize several activities, making it easy to socialize and meet other guests. But if you’re tired from exploring the city and want to have a good night’s sleep, you’ll also find no trouble doing that as well. 

With its long list of amenities that mostly come at no extra cost, everyone from solo travellers to groups will feel at home. They offer free WiFi throughout the property, excellent security, luggage storage, and laundry facilities. You can enjoy their affordable continental breakfast buffet (where all proceeds directly go to charity).

This London hostel also has a fully equipped kitchen to cook your own food. Their dining area and common rooms are also great places where you can make new friends from all over the world.

But if you want to chill out, you can have movie nights or watch sports with other guests. This area also has plush sofas and ample space for crowds.


  • best for budget travelers, backpackers, couples, and solo travelers;
  • located close to Hyde Park;
  • features a kitchen, several common rooms, and a cheap breakfast;
  • chill and social vibe.


  • The hostel is housed in an older building with a few quirks.

Astor Hyde Park Hostel

2.   Wombats City Hostel London

Price: $37 to $300

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, free walking tours, wheelchair-friendly, elevator, meeting room, kitchen, security lockers, bike parking, laundry facilities, key card access, BBQ area, book exchange, outdoor terrace, common room, safe deposit box, on-site bar, luggage storage

Wombats City Hostel London is considered the best hostel in London by the numerous guests who have stayed here in the past. Several accolades have been given to this hostel throughout the years because of its terrific location in the city center, unique and vibrant social atmosphere, and the amenities and comfortable rooms they offer.

They are also a part of an amazing hostel chain with branches all over Europe, so you’ll surely get a good experience when you stay here. But the price that you have to pay to have a great stay won’t be as high as most hostels you can find elsewhere.

The Wombats City Hostel London is located conveniently, and it’s just a few minutes away from the Tower Bridge, Tower of London, and London City Hall by walking. You can also reach the city’s nightlife district in Shoreditch quite easily. Aside from that, it has excellent connectivity to public transport like buses so that you can explore the rest of the city effortlessly.

The staff here are very professional, unlike other hostels where they’re very approachable. But they are still accommodating and will give you the right tips to have a better trip to see London’s sights. They also organize very entertaining social activities to make it easier for you to interact with other guests. They’re also the ones who host free walking tours around the city.

Wombats City Hostel also features several common areas, a courtyard, an on-site bar, as well as a lobby where you can hang out with other guests. The hostel’s facilities also have a more upscale feel to them, and you’ll be astonished by the quality of the decor. You can also enjoy their complimentary breakfast buffet (available for premium rooms with higher prices). But if you want to cook your own meals, they also have a fully-equipped kitchen.

The London hostel’s dorms can accommodate four to eight people, while women can stay in female-only dorms. All dorms also have access to ensuite bathrooms. On the other hand, private rooms are also available, perfect for couples and small groups 


  • ideal for backpackers, solo travelers, couples, and party animals;
  • situated close to Tower Hill and Aldgate East tube stations;
  • has an on-site bar, a fully-equipped kitchen, cheap breakfast, and rooms with modern design;
  • a great social environment with nightly parties and events;
  • relaxing rooms and comfortable beds.


  • More expensive compared to other hostels, but well worth the premium.

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Wombats City Hostel London

3.   St. Christopher’s Village

Price: $23 to $283

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, free walking tour, security locker, hot showers, key card access, air conditioning, common room, elevator, 24-hour reception, laundry facilities, travel & tours desk, on-site restaurant, and bar 

If you’ve stayed at a St. Christopher’s in another European city before, you have a rough idea of what you can expect from London’s version. You’ll get to stay at a good hostel with the best party atmosphere.

St. Christopher’s Village is one of the best London hostels you can find, and it is perfect if you want to have fun. It’s also hailed as one of the best hostels in the world, so expect the best amenities in this conveniently located accommodation.

Although this London hostel has a fun atmosphere, its rooms are also very comfortable. The rooms of this boutique hostel also have great designs, have modern amenities, and are very clean. Some dorms feature bunk beds, but the more recent additions have a Zen-like vibe with USB ports, mood lighting, and curtains for added privacy. 

On the other hand, this quality hostel has private rooms with comfy beds. Some of the amenities they offer are free WiFi, free towels, and a travel & tours desk.

Once you set foot outside, you’ll find that you’re very close to the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Borough Market, the oldest food market in the city. The tube stations are also only two minutes away by walking, so you can easily reach the city’s iconic landmarks in an instant.

The party atmosphere in this location is similar or even better compared to other youth hostels. They also have an on-site bar, the famous Belushi’s bar of the hostel chain, where you can get affordable drinks 24/7. You can also head to the Dugout, where you can watch sports and grab a burger. But if you’re tired from exploring the city or partying, you can head to your room where you can get some privacy and alone time.


  • great for partygoers, backpackers, solo tourists, budget travelers;
  • close to Tower Bridge;
  • bar, restaurant, and a modern hostel with clean rooms;
  • lavish parties, social atmosphere, fun activities, and friendly staff;


  • Rooms can get noisy at night, but the hostel provides free earplugs.

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St. Christopher’s Village

4.   Clink 78

Price: $19 to $30

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, wheelchair-friendly, elevator, security lockers, key card access, air conditioning, common room, kitchen, laundry facilities, hostel bar

Clink78 is a unique hostel and is perfect for those who want to have fun in London. Like many London hostel, it features a long list of great amenities. But this hostel stands out because they offer the basics and then some. 

One of their main draws for backpackers is the basement bar and dance club that hosts DJs playing live music. You can also have fun at the pool tables and avail of cheap drinks. So, this hostel is perfect for you if you want to meet new people – locals and tourists alike.

After partying for the whole night, you can enjoy their tasty pizza and join their free walking tours around London. By joining the free tour, you can explore the British Museum, Hyde Park, the London Eye, Holland Park, Covent Garden, and other attractions in the city.

The kitchen area is also a great place to interact with other guests, and you can cook your own meals here to help you stay on your budget. The common areas dotted throughout the property are also great spots to unwind. The interior design of this cheap hostel is also memorable as it is quirky yet welcoming.

With its location, a few minutes away from Kings Cross station, it’s easy to get around the city by bus, tube, or walking. By choosing to stay in this hostel, you’ll feel like everything around the city is right at your doorstep.

The rooms that they offer are also exceptional. The dorms feature reading lights and power outlets, and they come in a wide range of sizes. They also have a female-only dorm which is perfect for female tourists. Meanwhile, the private rooms’ amenities are worth the price, and they offer peace after a tiring day.

Breakfast is also offered for a small fee, and they also have laundry facilities, lockers, WiFi, free linens, and a free detailed map of the city.


  • ideal for backpackers, party animals, solo travellers, large & small groups
  • located near Kings Cross Station;
  • has a bar, dance club, and a fully-equipped kitchen;
  • a fun and active social atmosphere;


  • They have larger-than-average dorms, and the hostel can feel a bit crowded.

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Clink 78

5.   YHA London Oxford Street

Price: $135 to $189

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, security lockers, key card access, hot showers, common room, kitchen, laundry area, travel & tours desk, on-site bar

Location is everything in London. That’s what this party hostel is about. Situated right around Oxford Street, in the middle of Soho, YHA London Oxford Street is one of the best hostels in London to explore the city entirely. You can wander around on foot or through the three nearby tube stations to add to its appeal.

Aside from its great location, this cheap hostel offers decent amenities and lots of comforts. The dorms and private rooms feature a modern design, comfortable beds, and are very spacious. The bunk beds also have reading lights and power outlets, while the bathrooms are modern and clean. 

This London hostel also has lovely common areas and is perfect for chilling out or hanging out with other guests. The hostel is ideal for solo tourists, couples, and groups who want to stay in a lively and fun place. 

The staff regularly hosts walking tours, pub crawls, tickets to some famous West End shows, and more. So, this is the perfect choice if you want to stay in the coolest hostel in London.


  • best for budget travelers, couples, backpackers, and solo travellers;
  •  located near Soho, Oxford Circus train station, and Piccadilly Circus
  • cheap breakfast meals and hostel bar;
  • relaxing atmosphere and quiet rooms.


  • It does not have as many amenities as other hostels in London (albeit cheaper hostels), but its location makes up for it.

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YHA London Oxford Street

6.   Rest Up London

Price: n/a

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, wheelchair-friendly, safe deposit box, hot showers, key card access, laundry area, common room, restaurant, café

Rest Up Hostel has proven to be the best hostel in London for groups and budget travelers throughout the years. The hostel almost has everything you could ever want from its great location, modern amenities, comfy beds, approachable staff, and lively atmosphere.

This is also the only hostel in London tailored for large groups as they have very spacious dorms. These can be mixed or exclusive private rooms so that everyone can stay here. It’s also the best hostel to explore the city, visit its iconic landmarks, and party at night, all while paying less than more expensive hotels.

The hostel’s location is also located at the city center, and you’ll never be more than a few minutes away from London’s sights. It’s effortless to head to the British Museum, the Tower Bridge, Jubilee Park & Garden (where the London Eye is situated), London Aquarium, The Shard, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, and much more.

Rest Up is unique from other party hostels in London as it’s found in a refurbished historic building that has all of the modern amenities you’ll need. It also has large common areas where it’s great to hang out with other guests. You can also enjoy the pool tables found in the lobby and lounges. They also have an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the views of the city with your friends.

Another factor that’s a bonus for travelers is their on-site restaurant which offers free breakfast. Aside from that, they provide free internet access, a travel & tours desk, and so much more.


  • perfect for large groups and budget travelers;
  • close to Elephant & Castle tube station
  • has a great restaurant and spacious dorms;
  • lively atmosphere.


  • rooms can get noisy;
  • no kitchen to cook your own food.

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Rest Up London

7.   Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage

Price: $42 to $171

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, bike parking, book exchange, cable TV, laundry area, key card access, outdoor terrace, common room, elevator, travel & tours desk, restaurant, bar, café, games room

With its consistently high ratings, a decent list of amenities, and low rates, this is truly one of the best hostels in London that you can book now. Staying at Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage’s dorm or private room is an experience that you can’t miss.

Aside from that, the bar and common areas are very conducive for both relaxation and hanging out with other guests. The activities that this best hostel’s friendly staff organizes are also very entertaining, and they can also help you make touring around London easier.

The private room and dorms available at Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage are also priced very competitively compared to the other best hostels in London. They also have female-only dorms and space for large groups.

They also have exclusive dorms to stay with your friends or family. Their largest room is a 2-story loft where all of the amenities are modern and clean, much like the more expensive room options.

The decor is unique among other options in the city because they harken back to the time of English aristocracy, and it looks more like a manor than a hostel. As soon as you enter the lobby, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a Lord’s mansion as it features period-appropriate decor and furniture as well as wooden panels.

But if you think that this hostel is as sleepy as a rural manor, think again! You’ll find plenty of things to do in the common areas, especially at the bar.

The beds in every room are already set up before you enter the room. They also offer free breakfast, free WiFi, and nightly happy hours at the hostel bar.

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage also has a great location. You can easily reach the Swiss Cottage tube station by walking, although it’s not situated right at the city center. But considering the price that it charges for a night’s stay, this is already a good deal. With the tube station and several bus stops close to it, you’ll reach most of London’s sights in mere minutes.

This hostel is quite close to some of the best attractions in the city like the British Museum, The Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill, Camden Art Centre, London Eye, London Aquarium, and Camden Market, among others.


  • best for solo travelers, backpackers, couples, and families;
  • near Swiss Cottage station and is located in the northern part of central London;
  • has a bar, kitchen, and free breakfast;
  • the social atmosphere and fun activities.


  • A cheap hostel, but it is pretty far from the city center.

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Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage

8.   Generator Hostel London

Price: $26 to $200

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, wheelchair-friendly, elevator, hot showers, laundry area, security lockers, key card access, common room, meeting rooms, airport transfers, bike rentals, restaurant, bar, café, games room

Generator Hostel London is a popular choice among new and experienced travelers alike because of its excellent location, modern room amenities, cheap room rates, and friendly hostel staff. It’s the oldest branch of the Generator chain of hostels, and it has become one of the best hostels in London for the past several years.

This is the best hostel in London to return to and relax after a long day of exploring and trying new things. The hostel’s social atmosphere is great for mingling with new people, and the bar serves drinks that can make parties a lot better. They also have a 24-hour reception to ask the staff everything about the city.

Their wide range of room options is also one of the factors why it is currently hailed as one of the best hostels in London. They have dorms for up to four people, or you can choose a private room if you want more privacy. Guests can also opt for an all-female dorm and exclusive dorms for up to six people, perfect for small groups of friends or families.

You can also access free WiFi, a laundry room, a games room, and several events and games.

The hostel is located near Russell Square smack in the center of West End. So, it’s a great base to explore the city, watch popular West End shows, and try new things. 


  • best for solo tourists, budget travelers, and couples;
  • close to West End, Russel Square, and Kings Cross station
  • cool common areas and multiple room options;
  • the fun social atmosphere and exciting regular activities;


  • It has no kitchen or microwave, and the rooms are a bit run down.

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Generator Hostel London

9.   Pickwick Hall

Price: $68 to $180

Amenities: Free breakfast, free linens, free WiFi, security lockers, fully-equipped kitchen, common room, cable TV

This is one of the best hostels in London if you want to stay in a quaint, quiet, and welcoming hostel on your vacation. They also have a good set of amenities and a great location. You’ll also love their helpful staff who will help you navigate the busy streets of the city.

Pickwick Hall is located around Russell Square, so some of London’s top attractions like the Natural History Museum, Bloomsbury Square Garden, the British Museum, Bedford Square Garden, Trafalgar Square, London Aquarium, Madame Tussauds London, London Eye, Sky Garden, The National Gallery, Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Churchill War Rooms, and so much more.

The hostel is also close to some of the best districts in London, like Covent Garden, West End, SoHo, and Chinatown.

You can also use the kitchen for cooking the food you missed from home, a laundry area, free WiFi, free breakfast, an outdoor terrace, and common rooms with cable TV. You can book either a dorm or private room (exclusive dorm), while some also have ensuite bathrooms.


  • suitable for solo tourists, couples, budget travelers, and backpackers;
  • located in Russell Square, so it’s close to everything;
  • has a fully-equipped kitchen and spacious common room;
  • quiet rooms and friendly staff.


  • It doesn’t have a party atmosphere, but it’s perfect if you want to rest.
  • You can’t book a private room for two.

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Pickwick Hall

10. Astor Kensington

Price: $22 to $27

Amenities: Free linens, free city maps, free WiFi, security lockers, hot showers, safe deposit box, key card access, fully-equipped kitchen, laundry area, common room, cable TV

If you choose to stay in Astor Kensington, you’re booking a room at one of the best hostels in London in terms of location and price. It also has a vibrant social atmosphere, its rooms are clean and have a welcoming vibe, and the staff is approachable.

Located close to the Kensington Palace, right next to the famous Hyde Park, as well as easy access to Queensway tube station, you will feel that every landmark in London is just within reach.

The hostel gives you two choices for your accommodation: dorms and private rooms (with a female-only option for the former). Although their dorms are a bit smaller compared to other hostels, it’s still great if you want to have a good night’s sleep. Their rooms are also very safe and clean.

You can quickly meet new people from all over the world in this hostel as they have several common areas and a TV room where you can have movie nights. You can also enjoy free WiFi, free breakfast, the laundry area, and cook your own meals in the kitchen.


  • best for budget tourists, couples, and backpackers;
  • close to Hyde Park and Kensington Palace;
  • has a fully-equipped kitchen, several common areas, and delicious free breakfast;
  • great for socialization and has a chill and fun vibe.


          Not as lively as other hostels.

Astor Kensington

The Runners-up: More Party Hostel & Youth Hostels in London

The best hostels in London aren’t limited to those included in the list above, and some just didn’t make the cut. These are some of the best hostels that are perfect for all kinds of tourists planning to head to London:

          2nd best hostel London with an Instagrammable design: Dictionary Hostel Shoreditch

Dictionary Hostel Shoreditch is the pioneer boutique hostel in London. It features a bar and restaurant as well as a kitchen for guests.

          2nd best hostel in London for budget travelers: New Cross Inn Hostel

New Cross Inn Hostel is a cheap hostel in London for backpackers, budget travelers, and everyone who wants to stay on a tight budget while on vacation.

          2nd best hostel in London near the city center: Smart Russell Square Hostel

This hostel’s main draw is proximity to public transport options like buses, St. Pancras International Station, and links to the airport (Heathrow).

          2nd best hostel in Notting Hill: Urbany Hostel London

This is the best option if you want to stay in the iconic district of Notting Hill. Its main draws are cheap room rates, a wide range of room options, and convenient location.

          2nd best hostel for digital nomads: The Walrus Hostel

The Walrus Hostel has a quirky design and charming atmosphere, but it’s quiet enough to be a preferred accommodation by many digital nomads.

          2nd best hostel for solo tourists: Hostel One Camden

Great if you want to stay near Camden town and explore the surrounding sights.

About London: Things You Need To Know

London is a noisy, eclectic, and cosmopolitan city. It is a massive megalopolis of people from different cultures and constantly filled with ecstatic energy. It is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom and the most populous urban center in Western Europe.

Londoners who live in and around the Greater London area are very proud of its multiculturalism.

Ideally located on the banks of the River Thames in the southeast of England, London has a population of more than 8 million. But the city’s metropolitan area is home to more or less 14 million people.

The city is considered one of the world’s “global cities.” It remains a melting pot and the capital of music, culture, education, politics, fashion, finance, and trade.

Yearly Special Events

January to March

  • New Year’s Fireworks – January 1 in Southbank
  • Chinese New Year Parade – Dates vary in Chinatown and Central

April to June

  • The Boat Race – Last weekend of March or first weekend of April in the River Thames
  • London Marathon – April in Blackheath
  • Pride London – June, Trafalgar Square and Soho
  • Trooping the Colour – June in Buckingham Palace

July to September

  • Wimbledon – Last week of June to early July in All England Lawn Tennis Club
  • Festivals Season – Summer months at various locations
  • Notting Hill Carnival – August bank holiday weekend in Notting Hill

October to December

  • Frieze Art Fair – Mid-October in Regent’s Park
  • Lord Mayor’s Show – November in Mansion House and Tower Bridge
  • Oxford Street Lights – December in Oxford Street

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