The best party hostels in Ao Nang, Thailand

Find all the best party hostels in Ao Nang, Thailand

Ao Nang is a well-known beach town for backpackers, and it is the most developed beach areas in the whole province. It has grown in popularity among all types of travelers in the past few years. Also, there is a wide variety of accommodation options in the town. There are also a lot of excellent bars and restaurants nearby. Also, there are many transportation and travel agencies around, so Ao Nang makes an excellent base for exploring the whole province of Krabi.

Top 4 Hostels in Ao Nang:


The 4 Best Party Hostels in Ao Nang

1. Slumber Party Hostel

Slumber Party Hostel is among a chain of sister hostels located in Ao Nang and Railay. The hostel is one of the coolest and most social hostels in the area, and you’ll be assured that there’s always a party going on. This hostel is the self-proclaimed “loudest and craziest” hostel around Ao Nang. They’ve become popular for their parties, and many of the guests stay here because other travelers in Thailand referred them. It is the place to stay if you want the best trip to Ao Nang.

In addition to the fun environment and regular parties, you’ll also appreciate the clean rooms and a welcoming environment that the staff creates. Since it’s popular with backpackers, it won’t be long before you’ve made new friends. Aside from that, the hostel is well established and has a strong reputation among travelers to Thailand.

Because this hostel is one of the most popular in the area, you typically have to make reservations well in advance. It’s not one of those hostels that you go to find a room the day you arrive. There are beds for over 50 people that are split between four-bed private rooms and ten or fourteen-bed dorms.

The hostel hosts regular nightly events for guests, including the biggest beer pong tournament in Ao Nang. So, there’s never a slow night in this hostel! They also offer all of the typical amenities, such as free Wi-Fi throughout the whole hostel, free luggage storage, and all the travel information that you’ll need.

Price: $8.41


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Slumber Party Hostel

2. Slumber Party Ao Nang Beach

Slumber Party Hostel Ao Nang Beach is the second hostel in the Slumber Party Hostels chain. It has a similar environment and character to its sister hostel, the first Slumber Party Hostel. They recently opened their doors in response to the rising demand and popularity of the original Slumber Party Hostel. This hostel has enough space for around thirty people, and when you include the other hostel, there is space for a group of over eighty people. Yet the rooms fill up quickly, so if you want to stay at this hostel, it is best to book your reservations in advance.

If you’re visiting Krabi to party, this is the right place to stay. They have daily barbecue parties, and you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast every day. The staff is what makes this hostel one of the best in Ao Nang. Not only do they have a lot of events, activities, and parties for guests throughout the week, they also make sure to help you with transportation, trips, or any travel questions that you might have. If you want to have fun and party into the night, then this is the place to stay.

The hostel has eight and twelve-bed dorms available. There are no private rooms, and all the dorms are co-ed. The price is reasonable, particularly if you’re looking for constant entertainment and activities. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with a group of friends, you won’t be disappointed in either of the Slumber Party hostels.

Price: $11.81


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Slumber Party Ao Nang Beach

3. Reset Hostel

This peaceful and homey hostel has a lot to be proud of, and it’s the best place to stay in Krabi! It’s the only hostel near Klong Muang Beach so that the noise of the longtail boats won’t disturb you at night. You’ll also love the traditional hospitality given here as the hostel is run by amiable locals who welcome you like members of their own family!

Travelers who want to discover Krabi but not stay in one of the most touristy parts will love being at this hostel. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do here because when you head out, there are a lot of restaurants and beach bars nearby. So, you can easily enjoy the local cuisine, drinks, and the sunset!

Price: $16.71 to $94.79


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Reset Hostel

4. Stayover Hostel Ao Nang

This stylish and relaxed hostel also has one of the lowest prices in town, so you won’t have to compromise on comfort! You’ll love the beautiful panoramas of the surrounding mountains from the rooftop terrace. It’s a great place to sit and chat with your new friends!

Budget travelers who are looking to keep the costs of their trip as low as possible while still enjoying the comfort and plenty of facilities should be queueing round the block to get a bed at Stayover Hostel! They offer motorcycle hire too – so it’s a breeze to discover the surrounding area!

Price: $9.54 to $48.17


Stayover Hostel Ao Nang

How is the Nightlife in Ao Nang?

Ao Nang is not the best place to visit if you’re looking for a mad night scene that encompasses partying till the morning, but if a mid-range, mellow groove is your thing, then you’ve come to the right town.

The heart of the Ao Nang nightlife scene is aptly named Ao Nang Center Point. It is located right on the beachfront road, which is also dominated by restaurants and shops. The other large nightlife complexes – Soi RCA Entertainment and Soi Bamboo – are located at Ao Nang Road (following along the beach road) but on its southern end.

The southern portion of the beach also features some cool places that you can head to if you’d like to spend a laid-back evening under the stars on the beach.

The Best Bars and Clubs in Ao Nang

1. Chang Bar

Krabi’s is not similar to Phuket in that there aren’t too many crazy clubs like those that you will find on Bangla Walking Street, but Chang Bar bucks this perception. Located in the heart of Ao Nang’s beachfront strip, it’s the go-to club in Krabi, offering live music, affordable drinks, and a spacious dance floor, which allows you to groove long into the early morning. Since it’s close to similar bars, Chang Bar is the ultimate club experience in Krabi, and you’ll surely have a fun night out.

2. Get Rad’s

Only around a few months old, Get Rad’s is the product of the imagination of Slumber Party Hostel’s owner and already seems to be enjoying the same success. As a mixology bar, it ‘s unique from the crowd and provides an extensive menu of drinks and spirits to make even the fussiest drinker content. Unpretentious and chill, it’s equal parts dive bar and cocktail lounge, and, while it’s only recently opened, it’s already secured its name as one of the go-to bars in Ao Nang.

3. The Last Bar

Named due to its position as the last bar on the strip, The Last Bar has long been the central watering hole for those fortunate enough to visit the town. Found in a prime location along the beachfront, you can enjoy a Thai boxing match, a wide selection of drinks, and a fire show while hearing the waves from the Andaman Sea crashing at the shore. With the unique Thai beach-style wooden furniture and cushions, worrying about dressing up or looking great isn’t on the agenda – though chilling out and having a great time should be the ones on top.

4. Sunflower Beach Bar

Koh Phi Phi is stunning, but it also comes with a certain amount of bad reputation as somewhat of a party island. A mixture of the two is a happy medium, and that’s where Sunflower Beach Bar comes into it. With wooden furnishings that spill out onto the beach, the views of the turquoise water, imposing cliffs and thick green rainforest make it one of the best places to enjoy a drink or two. With board games, hammocks and fire show on the beach, it’s entirely possible to both relax there and join in the celebration, with rooms available too if you drink a little too much.

5. Reggae Bar

The Reggae Bar in Phi Phi has a legendary status, and it is known around the world because of one thing – the boxing matches. With a seating layout revolving around a Muay Thai ring in the center of the room, punters are invited to prepare and throw punches against one another in the center. To encourage people to participate, a medal, and a bucket of cocktail at stake. But you’re not required to fight, and watching the match with one of its cocktails and beers is more than okay. Whether or not you strap on the gear, it’s bound to be a next-level experience you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

About Ao Nang

Ao Nang (อ่าวนาง), more commonly referred to as “Krabi,” is a sub-district and a resort town in the district of Mueang Krabi, in Thailand’s Krabi Province. It is about 15 km from Krabi Town. In high season, which lasts roughly from 1 November-30 April, it is the busiest and most touristy beach destination of the province. So, it’s one of the most pricey areas in Thailand besides Bangkok (Phuket is very cheap compared to it). On 1 May, the wrecking balls appear, and a lot of the existing storefronts are demolished to make way for a major facelift. In low-season, a lot of places close their doors entirely, restrict their hours, prices revert to normal, and the town is relatively abandoned.

Related Questions

Where Should I Go Next After Ao Nang?

After partying the night away at Ao Nang’s shoreline, you can head to Railay Beach if you want to swim or Phi Phi Islands if you’re going to do snorkeling. Aside from these two, countless other beaches are worth visiting, with Phra Nang Beach and Ko Poda as the top choices. You can also visit nearby cities like Bangkok and Bali.

Where Should I Party On A Monday in Ao Nang?

Aside from the bars and clubs listed on this guide, you can head to Nova Club, Amy’s, Boogie Bar, Ricks Bar, and Strawberry Moons Beach Bar every Monday to get the party started!

How Long Is Ao Nang Beach?

The kilometer-long, Ao Nang Beach, is the primary beach of the Ao Nang resort town. It can be accessed by stairs along the promenade and is most often visited at sunset.

Can You Walk From Ao Nang To Railay?

A short kayak a few minutes from Ao Nang Bech or a 15-minute walk across Railay, you will reach Phra Nang Beach. A huge islet also sits out in the water, which is truly a majestic sight.

Is Krabi Town Worth Visiting?

So in all fairness, Krabi is worth visiting, even if it was made to be just a springboard to the Phi Phi islands. The problem with Krabi is that it is too expensive, given the thousands of other beaches in Asia. Also, if you want a beach location, then I would probably recommend Railay Beach over Ao Nang.

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