The best party hostels in Bali, Indonesia

Find all the best party hostels in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is famous for amazing beaches and crystal-clear water, but the island also offers a growing party scene for those who want to have a good time between surfing, sight-seeing trips, etc. Night clubs and party streets in Seminyak and Kuta are known throughout the world. Sunsets on Bali are a one-of-a-kind experience, so be sure not to miss out on visiting a sunset party and the great vibes in clubs and bars located on the beach. Even though you are travelling solo or in a group, the hostels we have listed here are the best place for those looking to encounter like-minded people, with a chill atmosphere and several activities that are organized to encourage guests to socialize with other. Book now and prepare to experience the fun in Bali.

Top 6 Hostels in Bali:


The 6 Best Party Hostels in Bali

1. Kosone Hostel

This reasonably new hostel has plenty of amazing amenities that any traveller would love. Check out the photos! Not only is it fresh and modern, with luxurious 4-bed dorm rooms and a nice restaurant, but it also has a fantastic pool with two hot tubs and a lounge area complete with sand for relaxation.

The pool has a swim-up bar, a swing, an artificial sand beach, and a diving platform. The hot tubs and day beds make for a beautiful place to relax or meet your fellow travellers.

The on-site restaurant also serves excellent food, and the shop provides for several things that travellers might need. Also, the hostel is located a short walk from shops, restaurants and the beach, which is less than a kilometre away. 

Rooms are modern and comfortable, with a lot of space for storage. Also, each bunk has its reading light and power plugs. Bathrooms are also clean and very stylish.

Price: $13

Pros: On-site restaurant is excellent, the pool has a bar and convenient location

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Kosone Hostel

2. The Hideout Hostel

The Hideout is little boutique surf & yoga hostel snuggled away in a quiet portion of Pererenan, Canggu. It sits on a vast tract of land in the middle of a beautiful garden. This property features two common areas, free fibre-optic Wi-Fi, self-service kitchen, swimming pool, and a yoga shala. The air-conditioned dorms include custom beds with night lights and charging ports. Also, the staff is very willing to help with information about the island and travel options. The hostel also a terrace where you can relax if you’ve got nothing planned. Linens, parking, and towels are all included with your stay. 

Price: $7.97

Pros: Great amenities and it is located in a quiet area

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The Hideout Hostel

3. Canggu Beach Hostel

Canggu Beach Hostel is situated right by the famous surfing spots Pererenan Beach and Echo Beach in Canggu (250 meters to the beaches). It is less than a 10-minute walk to the centre of Canggu, Bali’s budding surf town with a wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurants.

The property offers a 24-hour reception, gym, scooter rental, surf lessons, workspace, air-conditioning, hot showers, and clean rooms. They also provide a lot of dishes, fresh juices, and smoothies in the hostel’s on-site resto.

The property also has a garden with two swimming pools where you can take in the sun while sitting on a comfy bean bag. The hostel also has a rooftop terrace where you can take in the sunset and scenic views of the city. Canggu’s exhilarating nightlife is also just minutes away from the hostel. The staff is glad to offer you tips on the best breakfast spots, restaurants, bars, beaches, cool spots and trips around Bali. Also, towels, linens, and parking are included with your stay. 

Price: $3.80 to $13.30

Pros: On-site bar and restaurant, great amenities, and convenient location

Canggu Beach Hostel

4. Wave Hunters Surf Camp

Wave Hunters Surf Camp wants to give its guests an exceptional experience by providing a wide range of services such as BBQ nights, scooter rental, airport pickup service and rafting trips. The villa has three mixed air-conditioned bedrooms, each with six bunk beds and a bathroom. Also, there is a common lounge where you can sit down, eat and just relax, and an outdoor pool for those moments when you need to cool off. Free parking is also available, and the staff is happy to help with making travel plans. 

Price: $6.43

Pros: Great amenities and accommodating staff

Wave Hunters Surf Camp

5. Hangtime Canggu

Hangtime Hostel is situated right at the heart of Berawa. It offers mixed dorms, female-only dorms, and even private rooms, so there’s always something for anyone. From the hostel, it will only take a 5-minute scooter ride to reach Berawa beach where you can witness the most beautiful sunsets, surf on the waves, and dance till dawn in famed Finn’s Beach Club. Berawa area also offers a wide range of restaurants, warungs and bars. The hostel provides BBQ nights, a beautiful central poolside, and a shared kitchen. Also, free parking and towels are offered with your stay.

Price: $7.71

Pros: A lot of choice for rooms, near the beach, and lots of activities

Hangtime Canggu

6. The Farm Hostel

The Farm goes beyond your expectations in hostelling. They provide solid bedding with more substantial, more comfy mattresses, curtains on every bed for added privacy, and an international power plug and reading light for when you want to be left alone. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a separate bathroom with a traditional open-air shower. The hostel’s shared kitchen is fully equipped and ready for use in case you want to cook your meals instead of going to one of the excellent local cafes or restaurants. The property offers scooter for hire, clotheslines, board racks, yoga mats, and bean bags. There is a lounge area for chilling as well as an outdoor terrace and swimming pool where you can take in the fresh air. The staff are amiable and eager to help with information on their favourite attractions on the island. Also, towels, linens, and parking are all included with your stay. 

Price: $15.93

Pros: Complete amenities, spacious common area, and friendly staff

The Farm Hostel

How is the Nightlife in Bali?

Bali has long been a centre for clubbing and heading out for the night. Nearly five decades ago, the island was a popular stop for surfers and hippies, and its laid-back and tolerant culture has allowed it’s party scene to thrive over the years. Also, its relative proximity to Japan, Australia, Singapore and the continuous stream of tourists from those countries transformed Bali into a world-class destination for clubbing and partying.

Bali doesn’t enforce opening and closing times for bars, clubs, and discos allowing them to stay open longer, with the music sometimes still playing at sunrise. Although the real parties and action happen past midnight, going out might start early, with happy hours available in many restaurants, bars, and clubs, and sunset drinks are a daily pastime, whether in a luxurious beachside lounge in Seminyak or on a bench by the waves in Kuta.

The Best Bars and Clubs in Bali

1. Old Man’s

You can’t come to Canggu without trying an Old Man’s Wednesday night event.  These parties have an almost legendary status on the island, and involve a happy hour, beer pong, and dancing to old school tunes!  Expect to bump into lots of people you know and expect to get sweaty!

2. Pretty Poison

Pretty Poison is a hotspot in Canggu which is a combination of a bar and skater park. Yup, in the centre of the venue is a retro, ’80s era skate bowl, making this bar have a backyard kind of vibe.  If you don’t ride skateboards, don’t worry – you can still sit and watch others do it, along with the vast crowds of people sipping a Bintang right from the bowl. Also, they host epic DJs and fresh live music, so it’s perfect for letting loose! 

3. La Favela

La Favela is another cool Seminyak must-visit if you want to have a night out!  This bar and restaurant [situated in the centre of the bustling town] look like a long-forgotten colonial building in the middle of the jungle, with vintage design and vegetation everywhere.  During the day, it is a restaurant, but when night falls, it turns into a club. It closely resembles your mate’s house party, which is very cool! Check their website for what’s cooking, as every weekend has a different event.  La Favela is one of those places where you enter in the afternoon and come out the next morning! 

4. Single Fin

Single Fin is not just famous for its breathtaking ocean views; it also has one of the best Sunday events on the island.  Get yourself comfortable one of the booths [which can be booked via their website] and arrive there just in time to catch a glimpse of the sunset.  Soon enough, the venue will be filled to the brim with people, and as the music from top international DJs is blasted through the speakers, you will find yourself grooving to club and house classics until the early hours of the next morning!

5. The Orchard Bar & Restaurant

If you love nothing more than a boogie to live music, the Orchard Bar & Restaurant is your new live music haunt, providing you with the chance to see some of Indonesia’s best music acts!  They also have a two-for-one happy hour most nights, which is a bonus!

About Bali

Bali, the famous “Island of the Gods”, stakes a substantial claim to be hailed as paradise on earth. Its varied landscape of rugged coastlines, mountainous terrain, sandy beaches, barren volcanic slopes, and lush rice terraces provide a scenic backdrop to its unique, colourful, and spiritual culture. Also, the cultural landscape of the island has been recognized and included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

With its world-class diving and surfing spots, a wide range of cultural, natural, historical attractions, and several options for accommodation, it is one of the most visited island destinations throughout the world. Bali also offers something to almost every tourist from the backpacking young adults to the ultra-wealthy middle-aged people. Also, its Hindu population stands in contrast to the rest of the country.

Related Questions

What Is the Best Month to Go to Bali?

High season is during July and August, during Easter Holidays, and Christmas / New Year (December till 1st week of January). It is time Bali is the busiest. However, for a lot of reasons, the best time to head to Bali is from April to June and September, just before and just after high season. Plus, aside from Bali, you can also explore nearby tourist spots in Hanoi and Bangkok

Is Bali Dangerous for Tourists?

Crime. Although Bali is a beautiful and popular holiday destination, petty crime is common, and corruption and scams do occur. We recommend a few straightforward measures to help keep yourself safe. There have been cases of bag snatching so remember to keep your valuables out of sight, close to you and zipped up.

How Much Cash Should I Bring to Bali?

For a seven-day trip to Bali, you can assume a total cost of US$500-600 per person for local transport, food & drink, and activities. That’s mostly the amount of cash you need to carry.

Is Bali Better Than Maldives?

Bali is the friendlier option for solo travellers because it is more economical and travel-friendly. Transportation between various locations are more accessible, and accommodation for solo tourists is much cheaper. The Maldives offers more in terms of adventures and going to different islands, but it is more expensive.

Is Bali Expensive for Honeymoon?

Planning a honeymoon is very personal, so every couple will have there must do’s and will be no equal as any other. A honeymoon scheduled through a travel agency can cost you from 5000 euros for 8/10 days in Bali to limitless amounts of money, and if you want it to tailor-made, the prices go up.

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