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The best party hostels in Barcelona, Spain

Find all the best party hostels in Barcelona, the most popular city in Spain for tourists.

Party Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona; the famous Spanish and Catalonian city in the east of the country. With one of the worlds best football clubs, the beach and lovely weather all year it is an amazingly popular city for travelers and tourists from allover the world. If you’re up for a good party in this Mediterranean city, you came to the right place.

The city is known for good hostels and good parties. But which party hostel to book? That might be a bit difficult, that is why we helped you with a complete overview of the best party hostels in Barcelona.

Top 3 Hostels in Barcelona:


The 3 best party hostels in Barcelona

We have picked the top 5 party hostels for you.

#1 Hostel One Paralelo

A fun and very social place, perfect for solo backpackers looking to make new friends. The location is great, with many famous attractions just around the corner. It’s close to the metro and you’ll find many bars, restaurants and shops within walking distance.

The best part though, is all the activities they organize absolutely for free! With all the social activities this party hostel organizers you’ll surely make new friends. Think of free dinners, parties, pub crawls and more.

Besides all the free activities, the hostel also offers all the standard necessities like a laundry machine, kitchen, wifi and social rooms to hang out.

Price: starts from $21

Pro’s: a lot of free social activities

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Hostel One Paralelo Barcelona

#2 is the famous Kabul hostel

It is one of the most famous party hostels in all of Europe, and not for no reason: they organize daily activities, crazy parties, it’s an easy place to meet other travelers and the staff might even join in with partying all night long.


This place is not the best for people who need their sleep, because this hostel is so crazy about its parties. The place makes it very easy to meet other travelers and party-gangers.

Among the many activities organized by Kabul is a daily walking tour through the city, which is free of charge. With the organized evening tours you’ll likely visit the most popular clubs, which are Pacha, Opium and Otto Zuts.

Of course the hostel also offers all the standard amenities a hostel should offer, like a laundry machine, wifi, a kitchen and social common rooms.

Prices: from $21

Pro’s: very social, world famous

#3 Santi Jordi Alberg

Santi Jordi Alberg is one of those popular names out there in Spain. They organize many events and the staff makes sure everything is fun and entertaining. They organize social and drinking activities several nights per w

eek, so if you stay at least longer than 1 day you’ll always be good with this one hostel.

They take you to the most famous and popular restaurants, bars and clubs. If you really went to Barcelona for clubbing, this might be your best choice.

The location is very good, located on Calle Roger d’Luria. It’s not far from the most famous street: Las Ramblas. And only a fifteen minute walk away from the beach makes sure that you can also enjoy a lovely hangover day on the beach after all the partying.

The hostel offers dorm rooms varying with 6, 8 and 10 people in one dorm. The bunk beds are reasonably comfortable and the security lockers make sure you can leave for partying without having to worry about your belongings in the hostel. Of course the hostel also offers basic amenities such as a laundry machine, good wifi, a kitchen and plenty commons spaces.

Prices start at $19

Pro’s: social, perfect for clubbing

Santi Jordi Alberg Party hostel Barcelona

How is the nightlife in Barcelona?

When you think of Barcelona you’ll think of culture and history, maybe the beach and football. But this city is very vibrant, and you’ll see that in the clubs and bars as well.

Barcelona’s nightlife is amazing and offers something for every taste. If you’re looking for amazing food tours with some wine on the side or for real clubbing, Barcelona is your city. The city offers amazing tapas bars, big clubs, world famous DJ’s, concerts, hidden bars, gin bars and you name it.

The city is so big, that finding a perfect place to spend your evening is very easy. Just one important thing to keep in mind, is that the nightlife starts a bit later than you might be used to. Clubs start coming to life around 1am and later, before that time you might be on your own in a club.

Same goes for eating in Barcelona, the locals have dinner around 9 or 10pm, in the weekends even later. So relax, take it easy, grab a beer at your party hostel first and join your new friends and the locals into the bars and clubs a bit later.

  • Pubs and bars generally close around 2 am, in the weekends around 3 am. The clubs are open until longer, generally until 5 or 6 am.
  • The entrance fee of clubs is between €5 and €20, which often incudes one drink.
  • On average a big beer costs €4.
  • Popular nightlife events are La Noche de Sant Joan and Fiestas de Gracia.

The most popular clubs and party areas in Barcelona

Below we reviewed a couple of the most popular clubs and party areas in the city.


This is one of the city’s biggest clubs and it is placed in an old warehouse in the industrial Poble Nou area of Barcelona. The club has five rooms, because of this a night partying in this club means seriously preparing. The lines are known to be very long, so make sure you arrive in time. The address is Carrer del Almogavers 122.

Sala Apolo

The former theatre Sala Apolo is one of the favorites among the local youth. The place itself is already a classic and and basically a must-visit. Enjoy your evening by dancing to the newest beats from the centrally located DJ or enjoy your night on one of the seating spots. This club organizes many special events and you’ll find an amazing party here every night of the weekend and sometimes even during the week. The address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla 113.


This club is an underground house an techno club. With quality dance music, non-commercial, it is the perfect place for the real electronic music lovers. It’s an old Flamenco tavern converted into an alternative gem very close to La Rambla. Every summer they organize the famous Macarena Beach, when they move the party to the edge of the water near Parc Forum. The address: Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc 5.

About Barcelona

Spain’s second city, Barcelona (after Madrid) counts roughly 1.6 million inhabitants. The city is famous for it’s food, it’s beaches, Gaudi and being the Catalonia Capital.

The city offers a lovely climate, with hot summers and chill winters. People mostly visit the city to see the world famous constructions from the hand of Gaudi: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila and a lot more.

Besides these sightseeing spots, the city also has one of the worlds best football clubs, FC Barcelona. Combining a weekend football trip with some great partying makes for a perfect weekend.

Barcelona Spain early in the morning

Frequently asked questions

Where to go after you visited Barcelona?

If you want to stay in the southern part of Europe, we recommend going to Madrid, Porto or Lisbon. Or head to Europe’s favorite: Budapest.

Where to party in Barcelona?

To have an amazing night of partying in Barcelona, there are a couple of areas where you can go. One of the famous and popular places is Las Ramblas, well known as the central street of the city. On both sides of this street you will find small alleys where you can find amazing nightlife and food.

Another great area is the Gothic Quarter. Here you will find the more authentic local venues. Small hidden away spots in dark corners, amazing food, great cocktails and places where to mingle with other tourists. For example join the weekly beer pong tournaments on Thursdays or the Ladies night on Fridays.

Where to party on a Monday in Barcelona?

It depends what you want to go for. If you want a chill evening, many of the bars will be open to serve you a fresh beer. If you want a real party though, we would recommend going to one of the party hostels to find both a great party and new friends to enjoy your party with. The party hostels in Barcelona offer activities almost every night, but it might be best to check with them first to make sure that they have activities planned.

Where to party on a Tuesday in Barcelona?

When you want to party in Barcelona on a Tuesday night, we recommend going to one of the party hostels to start your night. Some of them might organize a special activity, such as pubcrawls. Besides that we recommend going to one of the main clubs (see the section on that above). Some organize special nights during the week, like a Student Night or Ladies Night.

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