• Best party hostels in Belgrade Serbia

The best party hostels in Belgrade Serbia

Find the best party hostels for Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade

Party hostel Belgrade

Belgrade is a city with an extensive list of cultural and historical attractions, but it also has a thriving party scene for those looking to have a good time after a long day of sightseeing. If you want to stay in hostels where you can meet new people looking, these hostels should be your main choices! Friendly staff, fun atmosphere, and plenty of organized activities to encourage guest socializing. Book now and get ready to unleash the fun in Belgrade.

Top 3 Hostels in Belgrade:


The 3 Best Party Hostels in Belgrade

Hedonist Hostel Belgrade

The Hedonist Hostel is located in the center of the city. It also has a great garden where barbecues and other events are often organized. Also, guests can enjoy concerts and live sports events, which shown regularly through a video projector screen. Most importantly, it has excellent and comfy common areas that are decorated following the unique, traditional Serbian style.

Price: $8.87

Pros: Highly rated, social vibe, great location for partying

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Hedonist Hostel Belgrade

Green Studio Hostel & Lounge Belgrade

The hostel has fun, artsy, and party in every square inch. With a very social feel, it is run with the help of a team of volunteers. Aside from the regular staff, guests can play with the hostel’s other residents: three dogs and two cats. You can also enjoy lots of alcohol and good music in the bar. However, the most important draw is the right people, ambiance, and fun that guests will have.

Price: $13.29

Pros: Very social, has lots of activities, great location

The Green Studio in Belgrade

Reveller’s Hostel

Social hostel explicitly designed for backpackers and solo travelers. With substantial common areas, including a chill-out lounge and a vast garden with a bar during the summer. Regular free activities organized through the week like night outs, pub crawls, parties, and meals, among others. Staff regularly take guests out most nights to visit a cool bar, pubs, and clubs (including the party boats!)

Price: $9.98

Pros: Great on-site bar, daily activities, perfect for parties

Reveller's Hostel

How is the Nightlife in Belgrade?

As the capital of fun, Belgrade is becoming one of the top destinations for partying in Europe. Why Belgrade? From Monday to Sunday, you will find the best parties till the late morning hours. Let’s make it simple: There are many great warm-up bars to choose from (we recommend that you visit them from 8 or 9 pm till midnight), then all the night clubs are opening from midnight, and if that’s not enough for you (they all work till 5 am), there are several after-party clubs which work till 7 am. These are some things that you need to know before partying in Belgrade:

  • Seasons: The city has two peak seasons for partying during the winter and summer. The winter clubs are indoor, which are usually open from late September to early May. They are located around the city center, but they are closed when the summer season comes. These river party boats called “splavs” (splavovi) are the primary location for the best parties in this part of the world.
  • Dress code: Like any city in the world, all the clubs in Belgrade have a dress code as well. Dress appropriately or risk not being able to enter the clubs. Still, Belgrade is a city break destination, a European capital city, not a beach bar.
  • Your Face: In our clubs, security at the entrance is providing face control; it is strict but fair. What does that mean? Age limits are essential to check before heading to a particular club. Every club has a different age limit. So, if you look younger, bring your ID with you. Also, you can’t “warm-up” too much in pubs or bars before you enter certain clubs, you need to come like a gentleman.
  • Entrance fees: A lot of mainstream clubs don’t have entrance fees. Alternative and after-party clubs do not have reservations, but sometimes they charge several euros for an entry fee.
  • Tips: Tips for the waiters are not included in the bill, it usually is 10% of the bill you make in the club, so have that in mind when you are paying.

Note: During the winter, mostly all the clubs are charging for cloakrooms. It is around $1.66 per jacket.

Best Places To Party in Belgrade

The fall of Savamala created a hole in Belgrade’s nightlife scene. But the good people of the capital won’t admit defeat. Soon, a lot of pubs and clubs sprouted in the car park at Cetinjska. Also, each one of them is offering something different, but they still complement each other. Cetinjska is now the place where you can surely have a great night in Belgrade. So, here are a few of the bars that you should visit:


There are plenty of great choices at Cetinjska, but Zaokret possibly takes home the trophy of being the best spot. The interior is relatively modest, but this is a bustling bar with regular events that are packed to the brim with people. One of the most well-known bars in the city (regardless of location), Zaokret is a haven for those who love cultural nightlife and those looking for a good time alike. It is an imperative visit when in the city.


Right next to Zaokret is Ljubimac, and it has much of the same vibe. A relaxed atmosphere combines well with a homey interior. Also, you will likely see people playing board games and reading books here aside from those who have fallen asleep or are throwing up. In short, everything that makes Cetinjska impressive can be found at Ljubimac. It is among the smaller places in Cetinjska, but it packs one heck of a punch.


One of the first clubs to open their doors in Cetinjska, Elektropionir, is a combination of a live music venue and a nightclub. The dance floor is very spacious, to say the least, leaving a lot of room for people looking to dance to some of the best live music in Belgrade. Elektropionir is so well-loved by the locals that they attribute the success of Cetinjska.


Polet looks more like an art gallery than a bar, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a beer or three. This place stands out because you can drink while taking in some of the most beautiful independent art that the city has produced. One of the earliest bars to open its doors in Cetinjska, Polet, follows the interior aesthetic of using second-hand tables and chairs to create a patched-together look in the best possible way. So, this is one of the most creative spots in the city.

About Belgrade

Belgrade is the country’s largest city. It situated on the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. The city has a long history, dating back to the 4th century BC when Celtic tribes settled the area. Later, it became the Roman city of Singidunum, and relics of that era can still be seen in the town, particularly at the Belgrade Fortress.

During the Middle Ages, the city became a Serbian fortress until the invasion of the Ottoman Empire. The city changed hands among the Ottoman and the Austrian empires a lot of times until 1878 when Serbia finally gained its independence. Since then, Belgrade was declared as the capital of the country.

After the First World War, Belgrade was declared as the seat of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. In 1929, the country changed its name to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia until its fall in 1943. Due to its strategic location, the city endured more than 115 wars and has been destroyed more than 40 times.

This often violent history and outside influence have colored much of Belgrade’s evolution, which is evident in its culture and architecture. Often caught between clashing empires, the city has taken on a unique character. It has both Austrian and Turkish influences, but it also has some Communist elements thrown in as Yugoslavia was a part of the Eastern Bloc in 1948. The city has a healthy joie de vivre in its café culture, nightlife, and often a Mediterranean touch in its daily life.

Best party hostels in Belgrade Serbia

Frequently Asked Questions

What city to visit after Belgrade?

If you’ve just visited Belgrade and you want to stay in this part of Europe, we recommend to go to Budapest. Possibly the best party city in Europe. Other good options are Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Why Is Belgrade Called The White City?

Belgrade is among the oldest urban areas in Europe and has been known by leading names. It was called Belgrade, meaning “the white city” by the Slavs. It is because the cities fortress looked white from the river. It is also known as the city that never sleeps due to its vibrant nightlife.

Is Belgrade Expensive?

Belgrade is one of the cheaper destinations in Europe. You can have dinner with drinks for about 6 Euro in a basic restaurant. Beer in a typical bar will cost you 1,50 Euro for half a liter, and a taxi ride in the center will be no more than 4 Euro.

Is Belgrade A Party City?

Belgrade is famous for sports, art, and history, but Belgrade nightlife is one more thing that adds to its appeal. The city’s brand includes attractive destinations, wild parties that last all night long, and beautiful girls.

Is Belgrade Worth Visiting?

The Serbian capital city is famous for its partying and club scene. However, a trip to Belgrade does not only involve visiting some of the best attractions than it is about experiencing the city’s feel firsthand.

What Do You Wear In Belgrade?

Belgrade can get quite chilly in the autumn. So, you should pack essentials like a leather jacket, cozy blanket scarf, comfortable walking flats, jeans, tights, and a few stylish yet warm dresses. For fall, try a sleek black leather jacket, which will keep you warm while being versatile enough to pair with all your outfits.

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