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Berlin, Europe’s clubbing capital, is the best place for ultimate viel Spaß. Backpackers find plenty of destinations and hangout points where they can stay and make new friends. Party hostels in Berlin are the right place for a visitor to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Many hostels indeed organize activities and events for adventure and fun lovers to enjoy a lovely evening while sipping on their favorite drinks.

With a vast number of party hostels in Berlin, it is imperative to figure out the one that has the best amenities and opportunities for travelers to enjoy. Here we are with a list of top five party hostels in Berlin that are worth staying at.

Our top 4 for Berlin:


Berlin Top Five Party Hostels

#1. The Circus Hostel

The Circus Hostel is the modest hostel located on Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte, the central district of Berlin, Germany. It is 50m away from Rosenthalerplatz U-Bahn Underground Station and close to Berlin TV Tower, Holocaust Memorial, Natural History Museum, and more. The hostel amenities include bicycle rental, free WiFi, and rental laptops and iPads. The hostel rooms styled with contemporary decoration. Each room has access to a safety deposit to keep valuable, as well as to the shared bathroom.

For meals and rental facilities, one has to reach the reception. The hostel has much to offer to its guests, and that is why it is on our top list. The hostel has its own micro-brewery in its basement. It also houses two floors café, lounge, and bar Katz & Maus. Travelers visiting the city for the first time will find the staff quite helpful as the hostel organizes weekly tours for them and it is free of cost.

Pros: Location, free tours, staff, and amenities

Price: From $23.84 to $44.20

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The Circus Hostel

#2. St Christopher’s Berlin:

People interested in understanding the history, culture, and nightlife of Berlin should book accommodation at St Christopher’s Berlin. The hostel offers its guests great service and amenities, including free WiFi, free bed linen, continental breakfast, and more. It is, in fact, a popular hostel chain in Europe.

The hostel is a perfect choice for friends and families as it offers the facilities of single rooms, multi-bed dorms, doubles, and several apartments for people looking for an affordable luxurious stay. The ground floor of the hostel has Belushi’s vibrant bar that stays open from midday till 11 pm. Drinks and plasma TV screens are also there.

The hostel is located five meters from Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz U-Bahn station and is at a walking distance from shopping destinations, tourist destinations, bars, restaurants, and clubs. The hostel is spacious for 184 beds. It has a pool table, TV, and bike rentals services.

Pros: Location, staff, and amenities

Price: $15.41 to $23.78

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St Christopher's Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz

#3. Heart of Gold Hostel:

Heart of Gold Hostel is a modern hostel with its interiors designed to give its guests a feeling of being in a spaceship. The hostel offers several free facilities such as WiFi, hot beverages, maps, and English-language guided tours.

As you walk inside the hostel, the friendly staff greets you. The guest can relax and indulge in cheap beers at the hostel’s bar. The serves yummy snacks and meals at amazingly affordable prices. The hostel also has a nicely maintained garden area for guests to relax and enjoy when the weather is suitable.

The reception desk is open 24 hours a day for serving the guests. As you check-in, you are provided with keycard access and access to free secure luggage storage to keep your valuable items. It is close to Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate, the Bundestag, and Museum Island.

Pros: Garden area, price, English-language guided tours

Price: $13.93 to $17.94

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Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin

#4. Generator Berlin Mitte

Generator Berlin Mitte, located in Kupfer Bar at Generator Berlin Mitte is a fun hostel to be at. The hostel houses the world’s best beers and seasonal cocktails. The hostel has a lot to offer to nightlife lovers owing to its location. It is located in Oranienburger Strasse, which is known as Mitte’s hub for nightclubs, restaurants, cafés, bars, and art galleries.

The hostel has a bar, lounge, comfy bedding for people to rest after partying. The hostel offers a wide range of options for accommodation to its guests, such as private en-suite equipped with state-of-art mod cons such as a USB port and LED light for late-night reading.

Pros: Beer, location, accommodation

Price: $22.48 to $25.51

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Generator Berlin Mitte

Generator Berlin Mitte – picture by the hostel

How is the nightlife in Berlin?

Berlin is the most favored city in the world for nightlife. Here are five reasons why Berlin is the best place for nightlife

# Public transport runs throughout the night

# After parting, you can pick your breakfast from your favorite restaurant in the wee hours.

# Berlin clubs play fantastic music

# No dress code. You can leave blazers at home.

# Clubs and bars operate at their chosen time as there is no restriction from who so ever.

In the day time, you will find people busy with their respective jobs, and at night you get to see a completely different Berlin. And that’s the specialty of the city. When it comes to a late-night party, most Berlin clubs and bars have set a dress code for the guests, which is most the time casuals just a T-shirt, and the comfortable bottom is all you need to party around the city. The aim is to let the people mix up and enjoy a great time after a day of work. Berlin has garnered the reputation of hedonism for its legendary clubs stays active into the wee hours. Berlin’s sex-positive policies and parting options tailored for each community make it the most sought nightlife destination in Germany.

The Most Popular Clubs and Party Areas in Berlin

Words’ underground, progressive, vibrant, and avant-garde’ describes Berlin’s club. From rock, indie, and rock to pop and electro clubs in Berlin have all to appease its guests. The city’s nightlife is unpretentious and economical for visitors to enjoy in the wee hours. Here is a list of famous clubs and party areas in Berlin:

#1 Berghain & Panorama Bar:

Berghain, a world-famous club, is the church of Techno with the best sound system in place. Being inside Berghain, you can expect to swirl your body for hours on fantastic tunes of the DJ. As you enter the building, you will find two different bars – Berghain and Panorama – separated by a set of stairs. The crowd is always cheerful. Berghain has a strict door policy. It is advisable not to wear your best outfit and laugh out loud in the queue. Be as discreet as you can.

#2 Sisyphos:

Sisyphos is the ‘Alice’s Wonderland’ as it has a beach, bar, and everything to keep its guests amused. Sisyphos goers describe the place like a magic village. The bar is spread on a relatively vast area and houses an abandoned bus, a pizza place, a lake surrounded by sand, and dance floors to let its visitors dance to the tunes of the DJs for hours. It is, in short, a perfect place for people looking for a real part experience. Just like other clubs, Sisyphos has a door policy that is not as strict as that of others. But, you will be asked to stand in line for some. The club restricts the entry of Big groups.

#3 Salon zur Wilden Renate:

Salon zur Wilden Renate, also known as the Labyrinth of circus fun. It offers a wild party experience inside its building with a Kitsch decoration and many vibrant dance floors. The main attraction of the club is a gigantic labyrinth that often leaves its guests lost. And that is the fun part of being at the Salon zur Wilden Renate. Drinks are relatively cheap as you can trade your empty bottles and glasses for money to buy drinks. The club also has a door policy. It does not welcome a massive group of people and may ask you to answer their questions in German.

#4 KitKat:

KitKat is a sex club in Berlin that every open-minded Europe traveler should visit at least once. You won’t see some hardcore action inside the club, but you will come across people expressing their sexual desires openly. The club has a massage room, clean bathrooms, a swimming pool, and many dance floors. Newcomers should come with friends for an enjoyable life experience. The door policy of the clubs says the entrant should be in his/her best underwear and prepared to leave clothes in the cloakroom.

About Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany. It has a population of 3.5mn; with most of its residents relying on the service sector for steady income for Berlin is the most popular travel destination in Europe. The city’s climate is primarily humid, and in the summertime, the temperature can be extremely hot. In the winter, the temperature can go below -20°C.

Best party hostels in Berlin

Frequently Asked Questions

What city to visit after Berlin?

If you want the full and amazing Europe experience of central Europe we recommend you to do the following: Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and after Belgrade.

What Should a Tourist Not Do in Berlin?

Berlin is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. Traveling to the city, you may feel like eating at some great restaurants. It is advisable not to eat at restaurants that greet their guests in the English language. There you are most likely to be charged double than the other restaurants.

Why is it so hard to get into the clubs in Berlin?

Ans. Berlin has a strict door policy to avoid any misbehavior with its guests. The door policy is in line with the safety of its precious guests.

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