The best party hostels in Bogota Colombia.

Find all the best party hostels in Bogota, the capital of the Netherlands.

Party Hostel Bogota Colombia

Bogota, the capital city of Colombia, is home to the country’s most famous bars filled with excellent music and great drinks. At the bar, the beer is as cheap as $4-$5. While in the local market, the same is available for $1. Cost is one thing that makes Bogota a favorite place to party and gather lifetime memories. Walking through the streets of Bogota, a traveler does stand a risk of stabbing. Vitality is what you need when you plan a trip to Bogota. Crime rates, however, have sharply fallen over the years; still, compromise should not be there in your mind.

Apart from safety concerns, the city surely has a lot to offer as it is a budget-friendly place for party lovers and has some of the best Latin American bars. So, here we are with a list of the best party hostels in Bogota to make your day count.

Top 5 Hostels in Bogota:


Best Party Hostel In Bogota

#1 Botanico Hostel Bogota:

Botanico Hostel Bogota sits next to the most famous tourist spot La Candelaria Centro. It is also known as the jewel architectural piece for its sizeable tropical garden that offers a fantastic view of the city. The hostel was refurbished and reopened in July 2017. It offers private rooms, dormitories with curtains, free WiFi, 24X7 Colombian coffee, a tandori barbecue, and a TV room with a fireplace. The best part of staying at the hostel is its location. It is in proximity to the craft market, museums, bars, and clubs. Besides, the hostel staff organizes activities to keep its guests entertained day-in and out.

Pros: Location

Price: US$8.63 – US$43.16

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Botanico Hostel Bogota

#2 Fatima Hostel:

Fatima Hostel is a fun place to be at if you are someone who likes to explore museums, historic sites, and be a part of live music. The hostel sits in two colonial houses. The first house has immaculate private rooms and some dorms. Here guests are provided free yoga and art classes. In the second house allows the guests to meet and socialize. It also has a well-known restaurant and bar where the most fun takes place in the hostel. There, one can indulge in various activities like dancing, karaoke, and play games in the playroom area. Here like-minded people from different communities can meet and share their travel experiences. The property facilities include a friendly staff and 24X7 reception, a shared kitchen, and currency exchange. The nearby attractions include Quevedo’s Jet, Gold Museum, and Bolivar Square.

Pros: Location, staff, and cleanliness

Price:$14.10 – $28.78

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Fatima Hostel

#3 BoGo Hostel & Rooftop:

BoGo is the only party hostel in Bogota that has a rooftop bar offering a panoramic view of the city. It is the right place to be for females as it has female dorms. It also has mixed dorms for friends and couples visiting the city for a great party experience. Private rooms and a shared kitchen are also available. The hostel is highly recommendable for a fantastic party experience. The hostel has a yoga room, a pool table and a bar with local beer. The guests at BoGo start their day with a range of yummy breakfast options. And spend the rest of the day exploring the nearby attractions. The hostel sits on the upper side of La Candelari, which is known as the historic center of Bogota, Gold Museum, and the central plaza. The hostel claims to have the best beds as its beds are equipped with lockers, privacy curtain, reading light, and power plugin for your smart devices.

Pros: Amenities, location

Price: $7.20 – $20.14.

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BoGo Hostel & Rooftop

#4 Casa Bellavista Hostel:

Casa Bellavista hostel is the best point to socialize, interact, and meet new people. The guests at the hostel are welcomed by Maya, a little dog mascot of the hostel. The dog is friendly and meets everyone like a family. The best part of living in Casa Bellavista is their great hospitality and fantastic staff that make their guests feel at home. They will help you in whichever way they can. They can help find a place for a fantastic nightlife in the city. Here you can get yummy continental breakfast for free of cost. The hostel organizes a range of activities like walking tours, parties, and more for its guests.

Pros: Price, staff

Price: $6.69 – $7.78

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Casa Bellavista Hostel

#5 Fernweh Photography Hostel:

Fernweh Photography party hostel in Bogota is for people who like to collect exclusive edition while traveling. The hostel hosts an art gallery where exclusive photographs are sold and purchased. You have the option to either be part of the exhibition or chill at the bar and garden area of the hostel. The guests have access to the coffee machine and dishwasher. The hostel is in proximity to some of the best places in Bogota, including El Chorro de Quevedo, Corferias International Exhibition Center, and the main square of Bolivar. The hostel is a perfect choice for people interested in history, exploring the old town and museums.

Pros: Amenities and location

Price: $12 – $30

Fernweh Photography Hostel - 1

How is the nightlife in Bogota?

Bogota is the hippest city of Bogota. It offers some of the dopest partying experience to travelers. In the city, you can expect the bars to be full of excellent beer, great music, and a lively crowd. Here you will fund all from laid-back bars to fancy pubs. The city houses some of the best clubs in Colombia where youth dance to the tunes of DJs, and child beer is served at amazing prices. The clubs are jam-packed on the weekend, and you have to be lucky to get the entry in case you are planning a weekend night party. Here is a list of top places in Bogota for enthralling nightlife experience.

Top Nightlife Places/Areas in Bogota:

# Zona Rosa:

Zona Rosa is the largest party area in Bogota. It is spread over a considerable area, and one can find people partying even on the street. So, for the best nightlife experience, it is highly recommended to visit Zona Rosa before leaving Bogota. In the day time, you may find people in the suit as offices are also there. At night the area turns into a party hub. The place, also known as ‘Zona T’ has nice hotels, restaurants, and malls.

# Chapinero:

Chapinero is a Bogota locality most popular among students. It has lots of bars and clubs. The place is comparatively less safe. It is close to Zona Rosa and is minutes away from the historic city center.

# Baum:

Baum is the best techno club you will ever come across in Bogota. It has a total capacity of 999 people. The club welcomes top-notch DJs who play maddening tunes for the groovy bodies. You can find expats, tourists, and lots of people interested in partying late at night. The club usually stays open till 8 AM. So, you can expect a lot of fun here.

# Theatron:

Theatron is the largest club in Latin America. It has 13 different rooms and can house as many as 5000 people. You will find many males here as it is primarily a gay club. But, you will also come across straight tourists looking for some serious fun. The club plays all types of music and stays open till 2 AM.

#Dembow Dance Hall:

If you are looking to mingle with the local crow, Dembow Dance Hall is the place for you. It is a little messy and overcrowded. Yet you will have a great time here with locals.

About Bogota

Bogota is the most populated city in Colombia. The weather here is pleasant, with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius during the day and nine degrees Celsius at night. There are no metro or subways contacting the city. While there are buses with nice lanes called Transmilenio. The buses operate till 11 PM, and after that, one has to avail of a private taxi or Uber. Safety has always been a concern in this city thanks to the high crime rate. Over the past two decades, the crime rates have fallen sharply by more than 90% in the city.

Fatima Hostel - 1

Frequently asked questions

Where to go before and after Bogota?

We recommend you staying in Colombia first of all, and visiting Medellin and Cartagena. Seen both of those already? Then head north to Mexico City and Cancun or south to Cusco.

Is Bogota safe for solo female travelers?

It is not a safe place for solo female travelers. One can walk and explore around. But, the crime rates of the city indicates that female travelers should be extra careful.

Is Bogota cheap to visit?

Bogota makes a great place when it comes to budget travel. One US dollar is equal to 3,424.50 Colombian Peso. You can buy one beer with one US dollar.

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