The best party hostels in Bucharest, Romania

Find all the best party hostels in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is Romania’s largest city and capital. It’s also the country’s industrial and commercial hub, while for tourists, it is the main gateway. The city continues to change and grow, and today it offers a captivating blend of old and new. Also, it’s a fun place to head to with a lively nightlife and a lot of exciting and fun things to do.

There are some excellent hostels in the city, and a lot of them are conveniently located near most of the major attractions and sights. Also, they offer the usual amenities to guests, such as comfortable furnishings and essential travel information. You’ll also find a wide range of atmospheres and characteristics, including party hostels or more boutique-style guesthouses.

Top 4 Hostels in Bucharest:


The 4 Best Party Hostels

1. Antique Hostel Bucharest

Antique Hostel is found in the heart of Bucharest’s historic downtown area. It’s housed in a 19th-century house right by the river and its conveniently close to many attractions and sights, such as the Parliament Palace, Palace of Justice, Unirea Shopping Center, National History Museum, and the Old Town. It’s also close to some of the top restaurants and nightlife spots of the city.

The hostel has a wide range of facilities for guests, such as two separate and fully-equipped shared kitchens, an outdoor terrace, and several beautiful lounges. Also, there are 55 beds in the hostel that include doubles, twins, six-bed dorms, seven-bed dorms, eight-bed dorms, and ten-bed dorms. Dorms come with free lockers and linens.

The hostel’s most significant benefits are its great location and amiable staff. Also, the multiple common areas ensure that guests get to have enough space to hang out and relax.

Price: $8.13 to $17.78

Pros: Good location, great amenities, and friendly staff

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Antique Hostel Bucharest

2. Little Bucharest Bar & Hostel

Another well-located hostel, Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel, is in the heart of Bucharest’s old town. The area is high-spirited, and there are a lot of spots to grab a bite to eat or chill with friends. The hostel was also tailored for backpackers and young tourists who want to be as close as possible to the most lively parts of the city. The owners are also backpackers themselves, and they have put their own experiences into the hostel. It is a friendly place to stay where guests and staff alike come together to socialize and hang out. They also organize several activities for guests, including BBQ nights, movie nights, and party nights. Also, there are a lot of places where guests can hang out, such as an on-site bar and a lounge area.

The hostel has only dorms available. There are six, eight, ten, and fourteen-bed dorms to choose from, and the rooms are surprisingly large.

Price: $8.93 to $23.90

Pros: Social vibe, great location, and a lot of room options

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Little Bucharest Bar & Hostel

3. Podstel Bucharest

Doors Hostel is an exciting and fun place to stay that’s about a ten-minute walk from the old town. It’s also about two minutes away from Carol Park, and after just a five-minute walk, you’ll reach the best restaurants, shops, and bars in the area.

The hostel may not be located as conveniently as other hostels, but it has a lot to offer guests. It’s an exciting place to stay with a massive garden and outdoor area where many guests can hang out. There are also hammocks found around the property where you can relax and spend the rest of the day. Although nights can get a little loud, it gets better on weekends as the hostel hosts a lot of art performances.

The staff is young and very cosmopolitan, and they help keep the atmosphere light and fun. Aside from that, the team can also help you with any questions that you may have or help arrange activities or tours that you might want to try. They also speak a wide range of languages.

Also, there are double rooms or four, six, or eight-bed dorms, and all rooms use shared bathrooms.

Price: $8.96 to $13.14

Pros: Convenient location, fun activities, and helpful staff

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Podstel Bucharest

4. The Cozyness Hostel

The Cozyness Downtown Hostel is located in the city center near Unirii Shopping Mall, the Old Town, and some of the best nightlife spots. The hostel is also lively and fun, with a lot of amenities to offer guests. These include free use of bikes, parking, and Wi-Fi, among others. Aside from that, there is also a laundry service, video games, book exchange, and several board games. There are several large areas where guests can hang out, including two living rooms and a great backyard with a barbecue.

It is a fun hostel to stay where it’s easy to socialize with other guests, and it always seems that something is exciting going on. So, it won’t be long before you find some other travelers to hang out with.

Both private rooms and dorms are available. Also, private rooms include singles, twins, and doubles. Dorms are also either four or six bedrooms.

Price: $7.62 to $12.70

Pros: Great amenities, social vibe, and great location

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The Cozyness Hostel

How is the Nightlife in Bucharest?

Besides being sexy, fashionable, and open-hearted, a great thing about Bucharest is that it is accessible for all budgets. Restaurants, clubs, and bars are not incredibly expensive, especially compared to western standards, even though tourists are priced slightly higher than locals. If you plan on having a lavish stag, make a trip to Romania. By doing so, you’ll be surprised at how affordable everything is as you delve deep into the festive spirit of the capital. These people know how to party and celebrate life, and there’s no getting around that.

Another major trump of Bucharest is the women, and it’s hard to ignore them! Romanian girls are known for their beauty and willingness to interact with foreigners. Also, the weekends are very wild in this city! Its old city hosts several clubs and bars where guests can be overwhelmed with options. If you want to head to the most popular spots, the city center, especially between Unirii Square and Selari, Gabroveni, and Lipscani streets, is a must-try. Also, everything is within walking distance from each other, and a lot of the establishments are open day and night for your convenience.

But if you’ve got the charm and want to meet new people, you can always head out with the locals and find cool spots that are hidden from tourist maps. Bucharest is also filled with hidden gems and rewards those who are adventurous enough to explore outside of touristy areas.

Also, some clubs require guests to pay for an entrance fee, while others exempt women from paying it. But the prices are not that high, so the cost is usually less than $6 (unless there is a famous Romanian pop star or band performing). Still, don’t forget to convert your cash into the Romanian currency known as LEI or RON.

Drinks are also reasonably priced. For example, a pint of beer will usually cost somewhere around $2 to $4, while a cocktail is $4 or $6 depending on your choice of drink. Also, if you don’t know any local folks to take you out to the best places, you can stick to the old city, as it is the safest place for you and you won’t get lost easily.

Of course, no night out in Bucharest would be complete without heading to good restaurants to wine and dine like royalty. If there is one thing Romanians are very proud of, it is their food. You can find a lot of good places to taste traditional dishes at relatively affordable prices. Also, the city is famous for its concert halls, theaters, and the famous Therme Spa – Eastern Europe’s largest indoor spa center where you can enjoy hydro baths, saunas, and all kinds of relaxing massages.

The Best Clubs and Bars in Bucharest

1. Fix me a drink

Start your evening at Fix me a drink where their experienced bartenders will fix you one or two of their signature cocktails. These drinks usually contain fresh herbs such as sorrel, lovage, parsley shrub, or even young walnuts. Situated in one of the most recognizable buildings in the center of the city, the newly refurbished creative hub of Palatul Universul attracts the hippest crowds with its fresh, retro industrial design.

2. Energiea

For more fabulous cocktails, head a few blocks down to Energiea. It is housed in a former printing shop that has faithfully preserved the 1920s vibe. If you visit on a weeknight, you might get to try a standard fixture in the city’s nightlife, the vinyl, tum, tapas, and wine nights. Also, this event gets good music closer to people while enjoying great drinks. Owners of significant vinyl collections are highly encouraged to bring their own!

3. Control Club

The terrace of Control Club may just be the best place in the city to socialize with the locals and allow the conversations to spark while lining up at the for a drink. Also, this is where you will encounter a fork in the road. In time, someone will surely convince the whole group to head to the Old City. EDM lovers can visit one of the venue’s rooms and be confident that despite being the hub of Bucharest’s nightlife, the Old City has got nothing on it.

4. Expirat

Perched above a hill right across the river from the Old City and close to one of Bucharest’s most beautiful parks, Expirat will surely meet almost anyone’s tastes. One of the latest features in the city’s club scene, Expirat owes its origins to the Black Sea terrace performing alternative music under the slogan “organized madness.” Today, the wildness is even more organized and draws a slightly older crowd of young professionals. The club itself is housed in a beautifully refurbished industrial hall of the historic Hesper Factory, and it features a terrace that is always packed with lively people.

5. Fratelli Social Club

One of the most famous and oldest party places in Bucharest, Fratelli is a staple of the city’s nightlife. Recently awarded by The World’s Finest Clubs, it is a must for those who want to taste the extravagance of Bucharest nightlife. Put on your best outfit for this one, as everything here is over the top. And do reserve a table, as this is customary for a night of fun.

About Bucharest

Bucharest is Romania’s largest city and capital, as well as the most important commercial and industrial center of the country. With more than 2.1 million residents in the surrounding urban area, Bucharest is among the largest cities in all of southeastern Europe.

Bucharest is the main gateway to Romania. It is also a booming city with a lot of massive infrastructure projects that are changing its old atmosphere. Also, Bucharest was known as “The Little Paris,” but it has changed a lot in recent years, and today it has become an exciting mix of old and new that has little to do with its former reputation. So, it’s not usual to find a 300-year-old church close to a steel-and-glass tower that is both near a brutalist, communist-era building is typical in the city. It also offers some magnificent attractions and has a trendy, sophisticated, and modern sensibility that many have associated with a European capital. Bucharest has reaped the benefits of an economic boom along with the EU grants that have helped rebuild parts of the city, such as the revitalized old town. People who have known about the city a few decades ago will be surprised by the changes in the landscape. One of the most recognizable new landmarks is the impressive Basarab bridge, which is Europe’s widest cable-stay bridge.

Related Questions

Is It Safe to Go to Bucharest?

We felt incredibly safe in Bucharest, and every local we spoke to waxed lyrical about how safe Bucharest is; no terrorism, low violent crime, and almost no petty crime (no pesky pickpockets!). We walked the city through day and night, and never once felt unsafe. As always, take precautions as a tourist.

Do They Speak English In Bucharest?

Bucharest isn’t like Amsterdam, where everyone speaks English. But 40% of Romanians speak at least a moderate amount of English. … Many people who are employed at hotels and train stations talk a fair amount of English, and we found Romanians generally helpful.

Is Romania Expensive to Visit?

Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Sibiu are the most expensive cities in Romania for accommodations, tourism, and nightlife, compared to other cities like Timisoara, Brasov, or Oradea. A reasonable budget per day for visitors in Romania should be about 25-35 Euro (100-150 Lei), excluding accommodation.

How Many Days Should I Spend in Bucharest?

Romania’s capital, Bucharest, is full of contrasts. You can easily spend five to seven days in the city if you are interested in seeing all its gems. But if you don’t much time to spare, you can explore all the must-visits in two days. If you have some time to explore other cities around Bucharest, though, you can also go to Belgrade and Brussels!

What Is the Best Time to Visit Romania?

So, the best time to visit Romania, because of the weather and travel costs, would be from the spring to early summer (from March to June) or the late summer till fall (September to October).

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