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A full guide to party hostels in Budapest

Probably the best city to party – BUDAPEST – We made a guide of the best party hostels in this crazy city.

Party hostel Budapest

Budapest has become a top destination for all types of tourists in Europe. If you want a cheap way to party, then there is no shortage of options when it comes to hostels. The city’s famous nightlife and affordable prices make it a natural choice if you want to have a good time without making a hole in your bank account.

So, the list below comprises some of the most famous party hostels in Budapest. Most of them are very popular that they get fully-booked quickly, so reservations are recommended, particularly if you’re traveling with a group.

Top 5 Hostels in Budapest:


The 5 Best Party Hostels in Budapest

1.     Retox Party Hostel

Retox Party Hostel is one of the all-time favorites of partygoers to Budapest. It makes no effort to hide its reputation, and if you want to drink until the sun comes, this is your place. There’s an on-site bar with affordable drinks, a staff to help with your needs, and plenty of like-minded guests that you can get to know.

The hostel is located in the center of Budapest’s downtown. Also, it’s very near to several of the city’s top nightclubs. It is also accessible through public transportation.

The vibe of this hostel is entertaining and social. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, it won’t be long before you’ve found some new drinking buddies. The staff are fun and always keep things interesting, and there’s even a late check out time so that you can sleep off your evening’s activities.

Price: $6.75 to $18

Pros: Great bar, located in downtown Budapest, and accommodating staff

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Retox Party Hostel

2.      Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem Original Hostel is preferred by budget travelers who want to stay at a place with a social vibe and a very affordable price. Also, it’s the perfect choice for both solo travelers who want to meet new friends and groups who wish to enjoy a chill and fun atmosphere.

This hostel is a popular option in the city, and it has an excellent reputation, so you need to book ahead. There are a shared kitchen and the amenities that you might need. There are no hidden expenses so that you won’t have a bad case of “bill shock.”

The hostel is conveniently located. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the Oktogon, House of Terror, the city park, Szechenyi thermal baths, Andrassy Avenue, Freedom Square, St Istvan’s Basilica, the Danube, and the Hungarian Parliament. It’s also easily accessible by public transit

Price: $9

Pros: Very affordable, great amenities, and near famous attractions

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Carpe Noctem party hostel budapest

3.      Vitae Hostel

Carpe Noctem Vitae is a bit more relaxed substitute to Carpe Noctem Original Hostel. Although the hostel still organizes nightly parties, this hostel caters to a somewhat more easygoing crowd. It’s a big hostel, so you won’t run out of people to hang out. Also, there are a lot of activities available, including group dinners and card games. If you need a good night’s sleep, there is typically somewhere quiet where you can rest.

The hostel is large, with plenty of shared space. There are open mics, karaoke nights, pub crawls, parties, and more.

Price: $7.51 to $12.76

Pros: Chill vibe, spacious, and lots of activities

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Vitae Hostel

4.      Grandio Party Hostel

Grandio Party Hostel is another popular choice for backpackers and partygoers who want to experience Budapest’s true nightlife. The hostel is strategically located in the city’s bar district, so almost anything you need is within a short walk.

This hostel is catered specifically for people who want a party, and it won’t disappoint. The staff heads out with guests each night for pub crawls, party boats, costume parties, spa parties, etc. There’s open mic nights and karaoke nights as well.

There are also daytime activities such as barbecues in the courtyard, chilling out by the fire pit, and lots of drinking games. In addition, organized trips to the thermal baths, paintball, adventure caving, and more happens during the day.

The hostel has room options, including private twin rooms and dorms that can accommodate four to sixteen people.

Price: $7.51 to $14.64

Pros: Located in the city’s nightlife district, great activities, and guided trips around the city

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Grandio Party Hostels (from budapest party hostels)

5.      The Hive Party Hostel Budapest

The Hive is another good option if you want to take pleasure in Budapest’s nightlife. The hostel is massive, with a capacity of 300 beds. Its location is also very convenient as it is only about 15 minutes away from Keleti International train station and about ten minutes from the famous Deak Ferenc Square. Around the hostel, you’ll find a lot of tourist spots, such as the Grand Synagogue, the Parliament Building, and the Great Market Hall, among others. You’ll also spot several bars right around the corner, so you won’t get lost when you get wasted at 2 am. The hostel also has an on-site bar, which hosts all kinds of activities and concerts. During the summer months, there’s a rooftop bar where guests can hang out as well.

The staff here organize a variety of activities for guests, including pub crawls, sightseeing tours, and party boat cruises.

Price: $8.24 to $8.20

Pros: Has a lot of room for guests, near famous tourist spots, and the on-site bar is great

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The Hive Party Hostel Budapest

How Is Budapest’s Nightlife?

It’s not a massive secret that Budapest is among Europe’s hottest destinations currently – it’s cheap, exciting, and attracts top DJs from across the globe. The best time to party here is during the summer when the decadent spa parties and rooftop bars take over the city.

Budapest also has bars found in very odd places. Located in World War II-era derelict buildings, “Romkocsmas” are a hybrid of a café, bar, beer garden, and nightclub. They are also unique to Hungary. The trend of converting the abandoned building to clubs began a decade and has since revitalized Budapest’s old Jewish district. The movement is filling it with party areas, international DJs, and partygoers.

If you want to experience the European take on Burning Man, you should join the Sziget Festival. It is week-long music and cultural extravaganza held every August on the island of Óbuda on the outskirts of Budapest. Every year, they have a glittering mishmash of sounds with acts. The festival is also starting to gain traction internationally.

The Bars and Clubs That You Should Visit in Budapest

To enjoy Budapest’s vibrant nightlife, you should head to the following bars and clubs:

Akvarium Club

One of the most well-known among the Budapest nightclubs, the Akvarium club, is a quaint place to enjoy a great time after dark. An appealing attraction for the party lovers, the central nightclub, is a venue for concerts since it was opened years ago. It has a fancy and ornate central room where you can sit and unwind while enjoying the music. Also, the bar has a beautifully lit terrace, which is truly a treat.

Corvin Club and Roof Terrace

Settled in the old Soviet-era block above a supermarket, the Corvin club has a unique vibe within its interiors. It is the reason why the bar was included in this list of the best clubs in Budapest. Unlike other bars in the city, this club has interlinked doors and a rooftop bar where you can get a full view of Budapest’s city lights. Aside from the usual electronic music, this club gives a clear picture of the practical side of the Budapest nightlife.

Mazel Tov

If you’re seeking a romantic place to visit in Budapest, then your search might end with Mazel Tov. With a stylish and spacious interior, this place exhibits the vibrancy of the city’s nightlife. It has a giant courtyard-cum-cultural space that is decorated with fairy lights and trees. It makes this place a very relaxing area to visit after a tiring day. Also, it will allow you to post fancy pics for the Gram (or as the boomers call it, Instagram). This place deserves a visit if you’re in Budapest.


Can you imagine dancing through the music and partying at a car parking? It’s quite an exciting idea, but Racskert will give you a chance to experience partying in what was once a parking lot! The interiors of the nightclub provide a festive ambiance, and the graffiti walls add up to the charm. One of the local’s favorite party places, one can enjoy great beer and delicious food at a budget.

360 Bar

Take a look at the panoramic view of the entire capital city standing at this exotic rooftop cafe, which covers a 360-degree scenic view hence the name. Along with the fantastic and picturesque view, this bar also offers a wide variety of food and wine. So, if you’re in Budapest and want to have a few drinks with a sight of the skyline, this place should be definitely on the list for witnessing the nightlife in Budapest, Hungary, at its best.

About Budapest

Budapest is the largest and the capital city of Hungary. It is also the tenth-largest city in the European Union in terms of population within the city limits. The city also has a population of about 1,752,286 over a land area of about 525 square kilometers (203 square miles).

Among Budapest’s famous museums and cultural institutions is the Museum of Fine Arts. Other renowned cultural institutions are the Hungarian National Museum, Franz Liszt Academy of Music, House of Terror, National Széchényi Library, and the Hungarian State Opera House. The central area of the city found along the Danube River is categorized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has several famous monuments, including the:

  • Buda Castle;
  • Hungarian Parliament;
  • Fisherman’s Bastion;
  • Gresham Palace;
  • Széchenyi Chain Bridge;
  • Matthias Church; and
  • Liberty Statue.

Other famous attractions include St. Stephen’s Basilica, Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square, the Great Market Hall, the Nyugati Railway Station (constructed by the Eiffel Company of Paris in 1877) and the second-oldest subway line in the world, the Millennium Underground Railway.

The city also has about 80 geothermal springs, the most extensive thermal water cave system, the second largest synagogue, and the third-largest Parliament building in the world. Budapest attracts approximately 12 million international tourists per year, making it a highly popular destination in Europe.

Best party hostels in Budapest 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How to combine your trip to Hungary with other spots?

Let’s be honest: Budapest is probably the best of the best. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have good fun going to other cities in Europe to extend your amazing trip, or to have the same kind of fun on your next journey. We recommend you to visit Prague, Belgrade, Bratislava and Krakow. All cheap and eastern just like Budapest.

Is There A Dress Code in Budapest?

Budapest is a laid-back city where casual attire is welcomed. There are a few places in the city that qualify as a bit dressier, so we recommend bringing at least one cute outfit, but that’s all you’ll need.

Does Budapest Have A Red-Light District?

For the country’s 16,000 prostitutes–8,000 of them in Budapest–these are indeed confusing times. In Budapest’s 8th District, the city’s informal red-light district, streets that once teemed with prostitutes at night are empty. Prostitutes, in response, have retreated to bars, restaurants, and hotel lobbies.

Which Side Is Better Buda Or Pest?

Buda is regarded as the more quiet area of Budapest–while it’s not exactly dead, there’s usually a lot of activity going on, including nightlife, on the Pest side of the river. Also, Buda tends to have a much more residential feel.

Is Budapest Expensive to Visit?

There’s a common misconception that Budapest is a cheap city to live in or to visit as a tourist. The fact is that our city is still quite affordable regarding accommodation, food, admission to museums and other sights, though it’s true that commodity prices and apartment rental fees have on the rise in recent years.

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