The best party hostels in Cancun, Mexico

Find all the best party hostels in Cancun, Mexico

One of the most well-known and famous tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun has been known to have the most rad parties, exciting nightlife, and exhilarating energy. The peak season usually is between December and April, and you’ll find prices increase exponentially during these months. The area was created to be a tourist destination

, and there are Mayan archaeological sites nearby as well as blue water and impressive snorkelling and diving.

The city’s hotel zone was designed from the ground up specifically for tourists. It has everything you could need. Their area has plenty of all-inclusive resorts, but if you’re looking for a different setting that appeals to young budget travellers, there are also several great hostels around.

Top 4 Hostels in Cancun:


The 4 Best Party Hostels in Cancun

1. Hostel Mezcal

As its website says, “there’s never a boring moment” at this hostel. Breakfast and dinner are also incorporated in the dorm price, and vegetarians meals are also served. Also, there are a lot of games and entertainment, many of them make use of the swimming pool and bar. The hostel has also earned a reputation for itself because of its lively atmosphere.

Price: $8.08 to $79.80

Pros: Free breakfast and dinner, fun activities and an excellent on-site bar

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Hostel Mezcal

2. Hostel Ka’beh

This hostel has been open for almost ten years and is consistently ranked among the best in Cancun. It’s close to the bus station in downtown Cancun. Guests will enjoy the hacienda-style architecture and the large common areas for meeting fellow travellers.

Price: $10.51 to $60.24

Pros: One of the best party hostels in the area and beautiful design

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Hostel Ka’beh

3. Hostel Quetzal

The fact that you get handed a free tequila shot along with your dinner sets the tone at Cancun’s best party hostel. Also, meals for breakfast and dinner comes with the dorm price, so you don’t have to look for food. There are also activities and events throughout the day, and there is rarely a dull night. You can also enjoy the tiki bar, swimming pool, and easy access to the city, or explore the city on one of the excursions organized by the staff.

Price: $56.78

Pros: Free breakfast and dinner, great location, and tiki bar and swimming pool

Hostel Quetzal

4. Hostel El Corazon

It might not be a bit as full-on as some of the other party hostels included in this list, but Hostel El Corazon is undoubtedly a place to meet new people and have a lot of fun. You can cook on the barbecue, take a dip in the pool, or get a tan on the sun loungers, and then go to the terrace bar to start the night’s party.

Price: $165.15

Pros: Very social environment, great location, and fun parties

Hostel El Corazon

How is Cancun’s Nightlife?

Cancun is world-famous not only for its beautiful beaches and fabulous resorts but also for its exciting nightlife. It reaches its peak during Spring Break season, but you can experience Cancun’s infamous party scene throughout the year. There are also a lot of bars and nightclubs to choose from, and the ambience runs the gamut. It can range from laid-back pub-style, hyped-up Vegas show, beautiful VIP locations, and multi-level dance floors where you can party with literally thousands of other people.

The most popular nightclubs are found in a particular area of the Hotel Zone which is often called the “Party Zone.” Some of the clubs impose a dress code, so before heading off for your evening’s activities, change out of your bikinis or shorts. Although you’ll still want to be comfortable,  flip flops and sleeveless tops or tank tops for guys are not allowed too. But you should still be pretty comfy with shorts and t-shirts for most spots, and you can always dress to impress if you want.

Many of the nightclubs don’t open till 10:30 p.m., and the partying rages on until 3 or 4 a.m. Also, the minimum legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, but be sure to take an ID with you. A lot of the clubs have an entrance fee that includes an open bar or bottle service with reserved seating. You can also book tickets in advance online for a small discount. Even with your VIP admission or open bar, you’ll still need cash to tip your waiters.

The Best Bars and Clubs in Cancun

1. Coco Bongo

Although it’s not your usual nightclub, Coco Bongo offers a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Even on weeknights, you can enjoy celebrity impersonators who do musical tributes, amazing acrobatic shows and circus tricks. Not to mention balloons, soap bubbles, streamers and more, along with a constant stream of different styles of music that strikes the right chord between popular and older favourites. All the action is shown on massive video screens, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything interesting. Get to the club by 10:15 p.m. and be ready for an epic night to remember for the rest of your trip. The bar closes at 4 a.m.

2. Mandala Nightclub

Mandala Nightclub is linked to the beach club of the same name which opens during the day till 6 p.m. The club has an Asian-inspired interior design that feels like an upscale lounge, with one side that is open to the street. They also organize theme nights some nights of the week. Monday is the night for a wet t-shirt contest and Carnival party. On Tuesday nights, the party happens at the Mandala Beach Club with a bikini contest and pool party. On Thursday nights, the theme is “Gone Wild,” and on Saturday nights, it’s time for “Mandala Moments.” The club plays a wide range of musical styles including some electronic, hip hop, reggaeton and pop.

3. Palazzo

With a sleek interior featuring massive chandeliers attached to the ceiling, Palazzo feels more upscale compared to most Cancun nightclubs. Also, the music is mainly EDM sprinkled with some Latin music, reggaeton, and Top 40 hits. The club is usually open only on Wednesday nights from 10:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. the next day, with a Glow Extravaganza theme, but during Spring Break, they are open on Saturdays as well.

4. Señor Frog’s

For a more relaxed night out that’s still loads of fun, Señor Frog is a great option. The club is open from midday for lunch, but at 9 p.m., the place turns from family-friendly restaurant to a nightclub, and they stay open till 3 a.m. for a lot of dancing, drinking, and entertainment. They also host a foam party every Wednesday with house, electronic music, and hip-hop to set the tone.

5. HRoof

For a more exclusive and premier experience, you should check out HRoof which is situated above Harry’s Steakhouse & Raw Bar in the Hotel Zone. HRoof has more glamorous lounge decor. The music they play is mainly deep house, and they also invite DJs including King George, Lema Roy, Tom & Collins, and Shega. But it’s only open on Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., and there’s a more strictly enforced dress code here, and it’s best to make a reservation beforehand. 

About Cancun

Ciudad Cancún (or Cancún city in English) is located on the northeastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula, facing directly on the Caribbean Sea. It is a service town for the L-shaped resort area called Isla Cancún (Cancún Island). A causeway links the Cancún Island resort area (also known as the Zona Hotelera [“Hotel Zone”]) to the main city. The island, which is filled with skyscraper hotels and vast resorts, and the coastal area where Cancún city is located, has white sand beaches, palm groves, and massive coral reefs. Also, the warm, tropical climate of the town has a short rainy season. 

Initially settled by Maya Indians, the area was documented as Cancúne (which means “Vessel at the End of the Rainbow” in Mayan) in 1843 by the British explorer Frederick Catherwood and American explorer John Lloyd Stephens in their book. Cancún remained as a small fishing-and-gathering hamlet of about 100 Maya until in the 1970s, when, after three-year research of conditions by the Mexican government in relation with private interests, the area was chosen as a proper site for a global holiday centre. So, a building boom in the 1980s changed Cancún Island ultimately into a major resort for tourists from various European countries and the United States.

Mexican tourism officials think of Cancún as a successful model for planned economic and urban development. Still, critics doubt its location on a precarious barrier island within Mexico’s hurricane zone and note that chronic housing problems still exist in the adjacent service town, where a lot of tourist-industry workers still live in houses with substandard conditions. Cancún is connected by highway to Puerto Juarez to the north (along with ferry service to the nearby tourist destination of Isla Mujeres), to Puerto Morelos to the south (as well as a ferry service to the beautiful Cozumel Island), and several Mayan sites, including Tulum in the south and Chichén Iztá, about 87 miles (140 km) in the west. Also, an international airport is located 12 miles (19 km) south of the city on the mainland.

Related Questions

Is It Safe To Go To Cancun?

While the crime rate is gradually increasing in Mexico, including Cancun, the government is providing the essential security to make sure that the tourism industry remains strong and travellers are safe.

What Is The Best Time To Go To Cancun?

The best time to head to Cancún is from December to April or during the peak season. Even though the crowds are more massive, you’ll experience almost perfect weather and find some of the most affordable flights and room rates for a winter getaway at the beach. Plus, if you have more time to extend your adventure, you can also explore San Diego and Mexico City.

How Expensive Is Cancun?

Food in Cancun is very affordable, and you can find cheap food in almost every corner, literally! From tacos to full three-course meals you will pay anywhere from 10 to 45 pesos (~ USD 1-4). That’s about the typical cost of food in Cancun, at least at the cheap places.

Are There Sharks In Cancun?

The simple answer is yes; there are indeed sharks in Cancun. There are sharks in all seas and oceans except the Dead Sea (too salty) and very few in the Arctic.

Do They Speak English In Cancun?

The official language spoken around Cancun is Spanish. But almost all of the Mexicans working in the tourist areas speak English. Also, many of the local indigenous people still speak Mayan to this day as their first language and Spanish as their second, and you will often hear them talking Mayan amongst themselves.

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