• Best party hostels in Copenhagen

The best party hostels in Copenhagen

Looking for the best party hostels in Copenhagen? We’ve got all of them in our list.

Party hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the most famous city in Denmark for travelers, and it’s easy to see why. Explore the city’s historic center, especially the Amalienborg Palace, which is the official residence of the royal family, and the 18th-century baroque district of Frederiksstaden. Also, you can go for a different vibe by wandering around Christiania, the world-famous free city that is run independently from the rest of Denmark. But, you shouldn’t forget about Christiansborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle, which are surrounded by magnificent gardens and the place where the crown jewels are kept.

Did you know that Copenhagen, after only Amsterdam, has one of the world’s most extensive network of dedicated bike lanes? So, it’s the best way to go around the city. The streets are filled with shops and bars that make the city very cozy, or hygge, as the locals call it.

With a lot of places to explore, you’ll need a good hostel as a base, so we’re here to share our favorites. So if you want to explore every corner of Copenhagen, without exceeding your travel budget, scroll down and have a look at the very best hostels in Copenhagen to book during your visit. You’re welcome.

Top 3 Hostels in Copenhagen:


The 3 Best Party Hostels in Copenhagen

1.      Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is conveniently located in the old district of Copenhagen. It is next to the City Hall Square and the parliament and between Christiansborg Palace and the Tivoli gardens. Also, it is a short walk away from of the Kastellet, Freetown Christiana, and the Little Mermaid. Its location is also perfect for exploring Denmark’s buzzing nightlife, Strøget (the longest pedestrian street in the world), several award-winning fusion restaurants, and the harbor beach. Aside from its location, public transportation is within reach so you can Denmark more without spending too much on Uber.

This award-winning hostel also has excellent amenities like 24-hour reception, an edgy venue for live music, a spacious and lively lounge and bar, free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, free iPad, and laptop rental. Its design is also outstanding as it has a welcoming area outside, which has a view of the street. The hostel is cozy but still relaxed, and it has Scandinavian retro interior design. Most importantly, it has a friendly and relaxed vibe.

The hostel has a trendy lounge, that is the perfect place to chill or socialize with other guests. The hostel’s cafe offers a buffet breakfast buffet for a very affordable price. It also serves tempting foods during the rest of the day. On the other hand, the hostel has one of the cheapest bars in town if you want to drink. It is located in the hostel’s lounge area, and it offers excellent value for guests. Also, the bar has a Happy Hour every night for the whole week.

The hostel also has other forms of entertainment like pool, foosball, or board games with your friends and other guests. The hostel also provides free walking tours (twice a day, every day) for guests. Also, they have 88 rooms to fit every budget. There are private rooms that can accommodate two to five people or shared dormitories for four to twelve people.

Price: $14.12 to $17.09

Pros: Great location, affordable bar, nice interior design

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Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

2.      Sleep in Heaven

Sleep in Heaven is a great hostel if you’re want to party or meet new people. There’s a beer garden where guests can hang out and socialize with everyone. Also, you can play pool or enjoy your drink there. If you want to relax, there are also comfortable couches, games, and computers available for your use.

The staff is helpful and gives accurate information about the area. Also, the hostel is always kept clean, and there is always music playing to keep the atmosphere lively.

The hostel is centrally located in a relaxed and fun part of Denmark. Also, it is near a park and a few of the city’s best clubs and cafes. You can also have a short walk to the shopping streets and restaurants. Most importantly, it is very near many of the city’s top attractions.

The hostel’s amenities include free Wi-Fi, free lockers, free games, no curfew, music, etc. Also, you can choose between either dorms or private rooms.

Price: $19.65 to $30.99

Pros: Lots of activities, friendly staff, and convenient location

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Sleep in Heaven

3.      Generator Copenhagen

This hostel is perfectly designed with large common areas where guests can chill and socialize with fellow backpackers. They also have a bar that organizes happy hours and regular events. The hostel also an extensive DVD library and book exchange.

If you’re bored, you can enjoy a game of pool or take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. The staff does an excellent job of making sure that facilities are always kept clean. Every room has a bathroom and shower, wardrobe, and lockers.

The building’s social atmosphere makes you feel like you’re staying with family and friends. Although guests are mostly young adults, they welcome people of all ages.

The hostel offers amenities like lockers, Wi-Fi, free linens, a book exchange, maps, free daily walking tours, 24-hour service with no curfew.

Price: $20.45 to $25.25

Pros: Social vibe, great amenities

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Generator Copenhagen

How Is Copenhagen’s Nightlife?

In the past years, Copenhagen nightlife has taken a reputation on the European nightlife scene. It is the perfect city for those who love the night, as parties rarely begin until after midnight and continue until the sun comes up.

Also, there are hundreds of good bars in Copenhagen, and it’s hard to pick where to start. With a lot of options, maybe you should take a walk under the stars to soak up the ambiance. You go where feet take you.

The nightlife scene of Copenhagen is spread across the city. There are, though, a couple of critical districts. The Nyhavn, located a little to the north of the city center, has seen a revitalization in the past 25 years, and it is now the site of several great restaurants and bars.

A little further ahead, Vesterbro also has a lot of lively (and more affordable) options. On the other hand, the Sank Hans Torv area of Norrebro is home to several well-known clubs. It also has a few live music venues that host mostly local Danish bands.

But nights out in Copenhagen are not only wild and hedonistic. There are also several wine cellars and traditional beer houses in Osterbro, where the mood is a little more mellow.

In the summer months, you can sit out at the café tables and watch the world go by around you. A more popular neighborhood for this more chill night out is Christianshavn, where a lot of vibrant bars and restaurants are lined along cobbled streets.

Ultimately, though, Copenhagen is continually transforming, and there are always new party areas and restaurants opening their doors around the city. But one thing seems not likely to change — the views and the vibe of Copenhagen.

The Best Clubs and Bars in Copenhagen

Whether you want to dance until dawn to deep house, chill out with a drink at a relaxed late-opening bar or party to ’90s tunes, the Danish capital has you covered. Arantxa Landa, who got to know Copenhagen as a student by exploring the city after dark, and local expert Iliyana Ivanova share their favorite nightspots.

Jolene Bar

Kødbyen – Copenhagen’s so-called Meatpacking District – is well known for its party scene. The area is brimming with restaurants and some of the best nightclubs in the city, including Jolene Bar. “If this club has something, it’s the charm,” says Landa. The party takes place in an old butcher’s house, making it a truly unique place to hang out, and attracts many different people. The DJ line-up is always excellent and often features top Danish acts. With free entrance and fair drink prices, nothing stands between you and memorable night on the dance floor.

Culture Box

If electronic music is your thing, hit up Denmark’s most prominent Berlin-inspired, Boiler Room-style nightclub. “Culture Box is the bomb,” says Landa, who praises the club for its “different music rooms and DJs.” Dance your way from one rhythm to another, with sounds from the underground music scene’s best artists. The venue is divided into three spaces, it has a pre-clubbing area (the White Box) and a more intimate lower floor (the Red Box), but if you’ve come to lose yourself to the beat of the sound system, head directly to the Black Box.

Chateau Motel

Inside an unassuming Danish-style building thrives Chateau Motel, a nightclub playing a variety of genres. Enter through heavy black curtains to discover a 19th-century chandelier lighting up the first dance floor, before climbing the stairs to experience other rooms showcasing different musical styles. The four-story club lies in the heart of the city. But it is only open during Fridays and Saturdays, making it the perfect place to visit if you’re in Copenhagen over a weekend and are looking for great cocktails and impressive decor.

The Jane

Step into a world that smells of cigar smoke has cabinets filled with whiskey bottles and where DJs play a mix of electronic, pop, R&B, and deep house. The Jane is a fantastically atmospheric, candlelit nightclub with a Mad Men-esque vibe. Lose your inhibitions to the sound of DJ Rømer or Kenno, two of Copenhagen’s most beautiful in their craft.


NOHO is one of Copenhagen’s coolest hang-outs, and while you can sip fancy coffee here during the day, the venue is also worth visiting in the evening when it hosts late-hour parties. Surrounded by many other cool places in the Meatpacking District, NOHO hosts some of the city’s best DJs, and “its decor is one of a kind,” says Ivanova. The bar has a New York vibe, with bright, fluorescent signs, an eccentric plant-covered wall, and a pink flower ceiling in industrial surroundings.

PS Bar and Grill

As its residents are masters of hygge, a Danish way of life characterized by coziness and contentment, relaxed nights out are particularly popular in Copenhagen. “In Denmark, partying is more chill,” explains Ivanova, referring to the preference for late-night drinking in bars. At PS Bar and Grill, hang out with a cocktail and friends while the venue’s DJs play pumping house music. “Make sure you savor a pitcher of its sangria,” says Ivanova, especially if this is your first time here. Another New York-inspired space, the bar is ideally located right in the center of Copenhagen.

About Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the largest and capital city of Denmark, with an urban population of about 1.2 million. It is known for its association with the Vikings, Danish Design, and Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid. Also, Copenhagen ranks among the top European cities in terms of quality of life. The city is also considered one of the world’s greenest cities.

The water in the inner harbor is so clean that it is safe to swim on it, and 36% of all citizens go to work by riding a bicycle. With its rich history, historical buildings and ancient streets, outstanding museums and galleries, the uniquely enchanting Tivoli Gardens, and the oldest Royal residence in the country, the Danish capital has a lot of charm to suit all kinds of visitors.

Best party hostels in Copenhagen

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I go after Copenhagen?

Want to see the best of the best party city in Europe? Head to Budapest. Want to stay in the northern part? Amsterdam, Brussels, or what about Dublin?

Is Food And Drink Expensive In Copenhagen?

Food and drinks in Copenhagen are quite pricey, so looking for a cheap meal in a restaurant is a nearly impossible task. The best way to go is by cooking your meals and buying ingredients in a supermarket, especially if you plan on sticking on a budget. Beer in Copenhagen is quite expensive as well, and wine and spirits are even worse.

Is It Safe To Walk Around Copenhagen At Night?

Yes, Copenhagen is safe to walk around at night, with a few things to watch out for. First of all, pickpocketing is endemic downtown, on the major bus lines, and surrounding the major train stations like Nørreport.

How Many Days Do I Need To Spend In Copenhagen?

Two days. Although we generally recommend 3-4 days in Copenhagen to get the most out of the city and its surroundings, two days in Copenhagen can be undoubtedly sufficient. We know that you don’t always have a lot of time to travel and that you’d still like to see as much as possible.

What Is The Best Month To Go To Copenhagen?

The best time to head to Copenhagen is from March to May or June to August – depending on what season you’re looking for. While the summer brings the hottest weather and several famous, large-scale events, meanwhile, those looking for cheaper rates and fewer crowds can still enjoy the mild weather in the spring.

Is Copenhagen a walkable city?

Copenhagen has been named the ‘Most Walkable City.’ According to Walk 21, a non-profit organization, Copenhagen is the perfect city for a stroll. Copenhagen is the ideal city destination, as all of the tourist spots are within walking distance of each other.

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