The best party hostels in Cusco, Peru

If you’re visiting Peru, you’ll definitely be staying in Cusco to visit close by Machu Picchu. But where to stay? We’ve got the guide!

Best party hostels for Cusco

Backpackers adore Cusco for its perfect natural splendor, majestic colonial-era architecture, and curious Inca sites. Also, after a long day exploring these exciting attractions, they love nothing more than indulging in a lurid drinking session with newfound friends. Savvy local hostel owners are aware of this and have catered their businesses to meet these boozy requests. Here are the top party hostels in the city.

Top 5 Hostels in Cusco:


The top-5 best hostels

#1 Wild Rover Hostel

A well-known South American party hostel franchise, Wild Rover is famous all over the continent for its exuberant fiestas where hundreds of drunk backpackers go wild daily. The Cusco area is no exception, with the hedonistic action happening in their roomy Irish bar at night and the bright outdoor patio during the day.

Price: $7.85 to $11.87

Pros: Great place to party

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wild rover hostel (from

#2 Loki Backpacker Hostel

An equally famed party hostel chain, Loki is a top contender to Wild Rover in terms of outrageous and irresponsible all-night forays. Affordable happy hours see hordes of backpackers get positively hammered before they move on to the after-party at one of Cusco’s debaucherous discotecas. Named after the mischevious Nordic god, Loki lives up to its name.

Price: $8.16 to $66.59

Pros: Great price

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Loki Backpacker Hostel

#3 Milhouse Hostel

Milhouse’s Buenos Aires branch may well be one of the most indulgent hostels on the continent, a business model the franchise has attempted to replicate in Cusco. And while their Peruvian addition is undoubtedly not as crazy, it does have an energetic bar for travelers to socialize and meet new friends. Located just a few minutes away from the central plaza, backpackers also appreciate its excellent location and friendly staff.

Price: $36.07 to $64.13

Pros: Great location and on-site bar

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milhouse hostel (from

#4 Pirwa Backpackers Colonial Hostel

Once the residence of fabled conquistador Francisco Pizarro’s niece, this expertly restored colonial complex is now a flourishing backpackers hostel complete with a lively bar. It is the first hostel of the famous Pirwa chain. So, the Cusco team has had plenty of time to develop their hospitality skills and learn how to start a good party. Best of all, the dorm beds are very affordable, which leaves thirsty backpackers with a few extra soles to spend on beer.

Price: $6.01 to $30.06

Pros: Great staff and wild parties

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pirwa backpackers colonial (from

#5 Pariwana Hostel

Not to be confused with the Pirwa as mentioned above, Pariwana Hostel is an incomparable hostel chain with several branches throughout Peru, all of which have a focus on loud fiestas. The parties in Cusco are somewhat iffy, mainly on how many guests checked in that day and how many people are hungover from last night. Nevertheless, its large leafy central courtyard and cozy indoor bar are great for meeting fellow backpackers.

Price: $10.97 to $78.96

Pros: Wild partes and social atmosphere

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pariwana hostel (from

How is Cusco’s Nightlife?

Cusco is famous throughout Peru for being among the cities with the most fabulous nightlife. The Plaza de Armas and the area surrounding it are filled with bars and clubs where you can take pleasure in a night of salsa, rock, reggaeton, or the style of music that you like the most. And the best, it does not matter what day of the week you visit us! From Monday to Sunday, the Imperial City always has places to have a good drink and dance all night.

The Top Bars and Clubs in Cusco

Mama Africa

Situated on the second floor overlooking Plaza de Armas, Mama Africa is one of the top and most famous nightclubs in Cusco. The club has one the most excellent discotheques in the city, attracting a relatively young crowd which is made up of both foreigners and locals. It’s also a perfect place to enjoy music and dance, especially if you like sensual salsa. What’s more, it shows the latest Hollywood movie releases during the day.

Mama Africa has a large dance floor and an intimate bar, serving your favorite drinks at a logical price. Guests can take pleasure in a wide choice of music ranging from salsa to samba and the latest Latin songs to techno music over a drink with friends. The club also organizes occasional live music performances. So if you want to have exciting and relaxing moments in Cusco, then Mama Africa is a great place to be.


Plaza Regocijo 274, second floor, is one of the oldest of Cusqueño nightclubs, having been opened before the tourist explosion, back in 1985. It’s a relaxed and cozy place, a two-level bar and a live music area with tables and cool decor. The music includes rock en español to reggae, and there are many locals. There are drink specials every night, which involves caipirinhas and mojitos. If you’ve imbibed one too many drinks, you might need to take a breather before taking the stairs taking you to the street.


Locals living here could just as well name this club as “cool central.” It has a restaurant, a movie salon, and a dance floor. Situated in the northwest section of the Plaza de Armas, this club also offers daily salsa classes. The movies play every day, and it has lots of comfortable sofas facing a screen the size of the wall. Neo-psychedelic art fills up the walls and the ceilings, and the excellent sound system keeps the music beating until the rooster’s crow and the vicuñas come home.


Located near the famous Plaza de Armas, Ukukus is one of the top discotheques in Cusco. A favorite among both locals and international tourists, the club offers a pleasant vibe to enjoy good music and dance till the dawn. The place is also a venue for live Latin techno bands, attracting young people to dance to tunes of the newest hits.

Ukukus has a dance floor and a well-stocked bar serving an excellent choice of local and international liquor brands. If you want to head to an enchanting place to spend a memorable evening with friends in Cusco, it’s the right choice for you. Dance to the beat of the hottest music or have good moments with friends over a drink at the bar in Ukukus.


Founded after parting ways with Mama Africa, Xcess is among the hottest nightclubs in Cusco today. The club has a lovely dance floor and a bar, along with a theater showing the latest movies. It’s an excellent place to listen to electrifying music and dance and drinks with friends. Also, guests can enjoy a great selection of music, such as salsa and the latest pop hits.

If you’re looking for some enjoyable pastime in Cusco, then Xcess is a place to be. See young teenage girls pushing and sending flying kisses at you and also giving free drink passes. If you want to have fun with young and fashionable crowds of Cusco, Xcess is the right place for you. Dance to the beat of hottest music or have some intimate moments with friends at the fireplace and the pizzeria.

About Cusco

Cuzco, also known as Cusco or Kosko, Quechua Qosqo, is a city in the Inca región in south-central Peru. It is among the oldest continuously settled cities in the Western Hemisphere. It was also the capital of the extensive Inca empire, and it keeps much of its very intricate ancient stone architecture, which is typically maintained in the foundations and lower floors of Spanish colonial buildings. Cuzco was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983.

The city stands high in the Andes at an average elevation of 11,150 feet (3,400 meters) at the western portion of the Huatanay valley, a basin spanning 20 miles (30 km) east to Huambutio. It is crossed by the small Huatanay, Huancaro, and Chunchullmayo rivers, all of which are tributaries of the Vilcanota River. The air is generally dry, and snow is rare even during the winter months in June and July. Also, the rainy season lasts from November to February.

Besides Cusco we recommend you to definitely visit Lima, the south of Peru and neighboring country Bolivia with its capital La Paz. If you want to continue partying, visit Bueons Aires, Medellin, Cartagena and Bogota.

The city of Cusco

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cusco Worth Visiting?

Cusco is all about location. Its proximity to the Sacred Valley is perhaps one of the reasons why most visitors go here. Also, you can tour the ancient ruins while staying in the city, thanks to a large number of travel agencies that offer cheap day excursions.

Is Cusco A Safe City?

Tourism is the primary source of livelihood for Cusco, so crime against tourists is frowned upon. Standard safety precautions are recommended in Cusco. Exercise common sense and stay vigilant for suspicious behavior as you would in any other major city. Look out for petty crime in tourist areas and keep an eye on your valuables.

What Is Cusco Known For?

The former capital city of the Incas, Cusco is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Americas and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins of the ancient Inca city became the foundation for the Spanish architecture you see today, and the Incas built many of the stone walls that line the streets.

What Is The Difference Between Cusco And Cuzco?

The site lists the spelling as: “Cuzco (also Cusco…).” The Peruvian grammar is “Cusco” — with an “s” — so you would think that would settle the matter. But, the issue is far from simple. Instead, sources like “Encyclopaedia Britannica,” UNESCO, and Lonely Planet all spell the city as “Cuzco” — with a “z’.”

How Many Days Should I Spend In Cusco?

How many days should I spend in Cusco? There are so many places to visit there. You will want at least three days around Cusco. You have to be in Cusco at least two nights before the Inca Trail for acclimatization.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Machu Picchu?

Between April to May and September to October, the crowds tend to be thinner while the weather stays relatively dry and pleasant. A lot of people consider this as the best time of year to go to Machu Picchu, as tourists are few, flight and accommodation prices remain relatively low, and the heavy rains haven’t set in yet.

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