The best party hostels in Hanoi, Vietnam

This is the full guide to the best party hostels and parties in Hanoi.

Party hostel Hanoi

Vietnam and Hanoi, in particular, is a popular destination for both backpackers and regular travelers in Southeast Asia. Many backpackers include it in their must-visits during their travels in Southeast Asia because it has an exciting culture, flavorful cuisine, and an exciting nightlife scene that is attracting to all types of tourists. Hanoi is also a relatively cheap city to visit, and it has no shortage of excellent party hostel, affordable restaurants, and nightlife choices.

If you’re headed to Hanoi for the nightlife and want to find hostels that are very social and hip, then some of the best party hostels in the city are listed below.

Top 3 Hostels in Hanoi:


The 3 Best Party Hostels in Hanoi

#1 Hanoi Vietnam Backpacker Hostels Downtown

This hostel is excellent for anyone looking for a social and hip place to stay in Hanoi. It’s found right in the center of the city’s Old Quarter, and it’s also one of the coolest hostels for backpackers in the area. Also, the hostel hosts a famous on-site bar that organizes various parties, even on weekdays! The hostel is also close to a lot of street food vendors and bars if you want to explore.

Guests can opt for either dorms or private rooms. They also offer free breakfast for each room, and all of them are air-conditioned. So you’ll surely have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Aside from a bar, the hostel also has an on-site restaurant that offers excellent, affordable food. There are a lot of Vietnamese specialties that they include on the menu, and the price is very affordable. Typical events in the hostel include quiz nights, beer pong, and dress-up nights.

The hostel also has standard amenities like airport pickups, travel information desk, a common area (with a foosball and pool table), and walking tours.

If you’re looking for an exciting and party-filled place to hang out in Hanoi, this hostel should be one of them.

Price: $8 – $17

Pros: Located in the Old Quarter, on-site bar, and free breakfast

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Hanoi Vietnam Backpacker Hostels Downtown

#2 Central Backpackers Hostel – Old Quarter

The hostel is part of the Central Backpackers Hostel chain. So, it’s a decent, affordable option that is suited for anybody looking for a party-filled stay. The hostel has an energetic atmosphere and hosts frequent parties that often last until 11:00 PM. In addition, it is the perfect place to make new friends and some fun.

The staff here are very accommodating, and they will do everything they can to help while you’re staying in Hanoi. The hostel features a travel information desk where you can get all the info you need. They’ll also help you schedule any tours or arrange for transportation that you might need.

Price: $4.98 – $7

Pros: Affordable, great parties, and helpful staff

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Central Backpackers Hostel – Old Quarter

#3 Nexy Hostel

Nexy Hostel is situated at the heart of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. The hostel has a very energetic and fun vibe where it’s easy to meet other travelers and make a lot of new friends. The hostel’s architectural style is a mix of both old-world Vietnam charm and contemporary design making, which makes it a comfortable but charming place to stay.

Many hostel guests head straight to the bar after a long day exploring the city. It’s effortless to meet other travelers and swap travel stories. There are plenty of common areas to relax, and the food and drinks are cheap.

The hostel offers a host of different rooms, including dorms and private rooms. The beds are comfortable, and each has its privacy curtain and reading lamp. There are also individual lockers are available, and it will help you secure your belongings.

If you’re on a particularly tight budget, there’s a 14-bed mixed dorm room which is very affordable and social.

Other amenities available at the hostel include free wi-fi, free breakfast, luggage storage, female-only dorms, a tv room, pool table, open computers, and airport pickups.

Price: $6.90 – $16.52

Pros: Located in the Old Quarter, beautiful interior design, and decent amenities.

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Nexy Hostel

How is the Nightlife in Hanoi?

Hanoi is an awkward place to party. Although there are plenty of options whenever it’s Monday or Saturday, they’re usually found only in Hoan Kiem district. It is a part of Hanoi that is not too far from the Old Quarter, so you won’t have any luck if you want to head to mega-clubs ala Vegas.

Aside from the usual bars and clubs, you can also opt to drink on the streets, on the hostel that you’re staying, karaoke bars, etc. but you’ll still have a lot of fun! In the city’s party hub, the Old Quarter, there is a particular street call Beer Street. It is an excellent way to start your night and prepare yourself to be in the mood for partying. The loud music and the crowds are also one of the features of this place, so you will be tempted to have an ice-cold beer.

You can choose to stay in Beer Street, but you’ll be pressed to go bar hopping because there are many options to choose from. However, you should select which bar you go to as some of them close at exactly midnight. On the other hand, some bars are just getting started during this time. Usually, the bars around the Old Quarter are the ones who close early. You should follow this rule as the police will sometimes go around town to make sure that no one’s partying during these hours.

However, if you know to find the right ones, some bars continue the party behind closed doors. You’ll see that you’ve found one of them when they suddenly cover the doors and windows at midnight.

If you still find Hanoi’s nightlife rituals to be very confusing, you can ask the local staff about the shady, famous clubs that you should visit. Some of them may suggest that everything closes at midnight but believe us when we tell you that this is not true! You need to find the right spots.

The Most Popular Clubs and Party Areas in Hanoi

These are the best clubs in Hanoi:

Factory 47

For a great place to enjoy some drinks and good music, you should try Factory 47. The bar is located on 47 Hang Buom, and this hipster bar attracts a wide range of guests from international travelers and ex-pats to even the locals. Their comfy sofas, brick walls, pool tables, and the long bar give the place a relaxed ambiance. It’s also very inviting to chill out here after a long and tiring day of sightseeing around the city.

If you’re craving for Western bar food, you’d be surprised with the taste of their dishes, and you better come while your stomach is grumbling. The bar offers burgers and other yummy bites that can be washed down with some unique cocktails or ice-cold beer. Also, it stays opens for business up till the wee hours, from 12 PM to 2 AM (except on Sundays, when they close early at midnight). In a city where the majority of places close doors at midnight or even earlier, this is a plus.

Ne Cocktail Bar

For a great way to end the night, Ne Cocktail Bar, located at 3B Tong Duy Tan, is one of the better places to do it. This newly opened bar swiftly started pulling in guests from Hanoi and abroad who are curious to try out the fresh creations offered here. You should also taste Nê’s signature Pho Cocktail, which is made with cardamom, star anise, fresh coriander, and lime.

This place is a real must-visit for cocktail lovers, so be ready for a jammed room. But, if you arrive there earlier (they start serving cocktails from 7 PM till 2 AM), you can dodge the large crowds and drink your cocktails in a more peaceful atmosphere. But where’s the fun if you can’t meet new people when you’re out in a new city?

Binh Minh’s Jazz Club

If you love to listen to live jazz, then you’re in for a treat! Binh Minh’s Jazz Club is found in the heart of Hanoi’s French quarter. It is also a popular venue for the country’s best jazz musicians, like the Vietnamese jazz trailblazer Binh Minh himself. He usually performs on the stage every night from 9 PM to 11:30 PM. Aside from local performers, international celebrities have p

layed in the bar as well.

Although it’s a bit more expensive compared to other bars in the area, this jazz club makes up for it with high-quality shows and entertainment. As the bar is located at 1 Trang Tien Street, it’s also very close to some of the city’s main tourist attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake, and various museums. So, you can drop by for dinner (they offer both local and international dishes) and secure the right spot for the performance later in the evening.

1900 – Le Theatre

If you ask any residents of Hanoi about where to have a massive party in the capital, 1900 Le Theatre Club (a theater that was converted into a bar), will likely be one of the most recommended names. This club has the best location as it is right in the center of Ta Hien party street. When you look from the outside, this bar seems quite cramped. But once you step inside it, you will be shocked by the spacious area. The fancy, sophisticated decor also elevates the ambiance. Every nooks and cranny in the club is like a piece of art. Also, you can spot minute details that were inspired by ancient and modern Hanoi. It includes old megaphones, a One Pillar Pagoda, and traditional houses with their distinctive yellow paint.

While walking past the club during the night, you might think that 1900 Le Theatre is just a regular chill bar where you can sit down, sip a drink, and have a conversation with friends or someone special. But the actual party won’t start until after 11 PM “party ban.” The DJs are very talented, with many great songs from the world’s top hits aside from their original songs. Also, the stage effects: scenic lights, confetti, and smoke boosts your party mood until the morning comes!

Every month, the club often organizes a special event, starring famous DJs and Vietnam celebrities. Each game usually attracts more than 500 guests.

Aside from being a party place, it has become an essential part of the lifestyle of the youngsters in Hanoi!

Polite & Co. (Bar Whisky và Cigar)

Founded in 1995, Polite & Co. is one of the longest operating pubs in Hanoi. If you are one of those people who love a vintage vibe, you should not miss a chance to visit this cozy pub. The name says it all, Polite & Co., the bar is elegant and quite fancy with a wooden bar and floor, a vast liquor collection flaunted on the shelves with a lot of light, and a space full of art pieces. You should come here to treat yourself to some jazz on a rainy evening or shake to the rhythm of energetic live music.

When you are in Polite & Co., you should try their best-seller Khubani, a special of the pub. You also have a lot of other options, like liquors and imported beers from Europe (Holland, Belgium, Denmark), Mexico, etc. The pretty decor and tasteful cocktails are also a specialty of the pub make it a must-visit in your Hanoi trip.

Every Tuesday is Gent’s Night, which is also the time that the pub runs their special promotion: buy one get one free all-malt Whisky and get 10% off on cigars.

If you need a beautiful place to chill, Polite & Co. is a place to go!

A Vietnamese woman with an umbrella

About Hanoi

Hanoi, founded on the banks of the Red River, is among the most ancient capitals in the world. Tourists who visit the city will find well-maintained colonial-era buildings, ancient pagodas, and remarkable museums within the city center. It is also a great place to wander on foot as everything is located near each other. This French-colonial city is also famous for its delectable cuisine, lively nightlife, smooth silks, and excellent handicrafts. Also, it is a multi-cultural community that’s made up of a mix of Chinese, French, and Russian influences.

Also, its peaceful countryside is a short drive away, and it features traditional villages, lush parks, verdant mountains, and the iconic Ha Long Bay.

If you’re looking to extend your Asia trip and want to visit other great cities for a good party, we recommend you to visit Thailands’ Bangkok and Koh Phangan, or visit Bali and Hong Kong for a great night of partying.

The beautiful landscape in Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I go if I want to party in Hanoi?

Bia Hoi Junction stands for the quintessential Hanoi nightlife. The area has more than 200 small bars that serve Bia hoi. The area is often frequented by all kinds of people, such as locals, students, tourists, and backpackers. This area is open all day, and it gets quite crowded after dusk. The area is trendy due to the affordable Bia Hoi that it serves ($0.17 – $0.35 for every glass) and is mostly made up of small local shacks that have plastic stools out front. They also have the most bizarre assortment of people because they prefer to sit out while enjoying the local beer. One of the more popular items sold in this area is ‘balloons.’ Filled with laughing gas, they provide a temporary sensation of euphoria. This area is a must-visit for both couples and singles, and people offer to consider a visit to Hanoi incomplete without an appointment here. Remember to dress casually – fancy clothes will make you stand out, and it will be very awkward. Bia Hoi junction may mostly consist of groups of people sitting out in the streets while sipping beer, but it does have a fair share of clubs and bars if you want to party in the usual way.

Where can I find a party on a Monday in Hanoi?

Most of the bars included in the list above are open on Mondays. However, if you’re afraid that you might get wasted and get lost after partying, you should go to one of the party hostels that we recommend (especially if you’re staying there). It’s also a great way to meet new people because most of them organize various events and activities. So, you should check with them first if partying is your priority.

Where to party on a Saturday in Hanoi?

Hanoi has only come to grips with the concept of nightlife past 10 PM quite recently. As a result, there tend to be pockets of activity dotted around the city. Most tourists head for the bustling Bao Khanh Street in the northwest of Hoan Kiem, where late-night hangouts and bars huddle together, which attracts the locals just as much as out-of-towners. There aren’t a massive number of actual nightclubs in the city, but the handful you do come across are riotous affairs which stay open until the small hours and pump up the volume.

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