The best party hostels in Los Angeles, California

Find all the best party hostels in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, or just LA, is California’s most populous city. It’s situated in Southern California, and it is a sprawling city that is surrounded by majestic mountains and stunning beaches. Also, the city is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers, and there are many exciting neighborhoods worth visiting.

There are countless accommodation options in LA, and there is no shortage of hostels spread throughout the city. Location is probably one of the most critical factors in choosing a hostel, but you should also consider the hostel’s atmosphere and size when making your choice.

Top 4 Hostels in Los Angeles:


The 4 Best Party Hostels in Los Angeles

1. USA Hostels Hollywood

USA Hostels Hollywood is among the most popular hostels in California. It’s an award-winning hostel in one of the most exhilarating cities in the US. Also, it’s a great place to stay as it has a fun environment while still having good value. The hostel often organizes activities and events for guests, as well as frequent tours around the city. Three times a week, they also run a shuttle bus service that takes guests to the beach, and every Sunday, they offer free rides to Magic Mountain.

The hostel also has a lovely garden patio where you can enjoy and relax the perfect California weather. Also, the hostel has all the typical amenities for guests, such as security lockers, free luggage storage, laundry facilities, and a shared kitchen. If you want to pass the time by playing video games or watching television, you can relax in the common area along with other guests. The hostel also offers a shuttle bus service that gives door to door service to USA Hostels in San Francisco.

You can choose between twin and private rooms as well as six and eight-bed dorms. Both co-ed and female-only rooms are available.

Price: $33 to $60

Pros: Fun environment and events, great amenities, and free shuttle service

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USA Hostels Hollywood

2. Orange Drive Hostel

Orange Drive Hostel is another well-liked place to stay in LA. It’s in a convenient location in Hollywood, and you can reach most of the area’s attractions by walking for a few minutes. These attractions include the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, and Dolby Theater. It’s also very close to public transportation and is around some of the best nightlife spots. Also, there is a great shopping street nearby and some fine restaurants to choose from.

The hostel has a relaxing atmosphere with a lot of amenities available for guests. There’s free Wi-Fi throughout, on-site laundry facilities, and a complimentary breakfast with waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, coffee, and tea. The hostel has a full kitchen that guests can use, and there’s a common room with a television and movies available. There’s also an outdoor patio with a barbecue.

The staff can give you any information you may need about LA, and they offer discounted tickets to various activities around town. Also, they organize city tours regularly.

The hostel has a wide range of private rooms available, such as twins, doubles, and group rooms. Some dorms can accommodate up to six people and are split by gender.

Price: $35 to $49.98

Pros: Convenient location, access to public transportation, and great amenities

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Orange Drive Hostel

3. Banana Bungalow West Hollywood

Banana Bungalow West Hollywood is another good choice for backpackers and budget travelers to the City of Angels. It’s found on the Melrose strip on the west of Hollywood and close to Beverly Hills. Also, the hostel is within a clean and comfortable hotel-style building that has a tiki courtyard and a lot of amenities available for guests. There’s Wi-Fi throughout the hostel and regular movie nights. There are also nightly barbecues in the and a shared kitchen if you want to prepare your meals. Every morning, a complimentary breakfast is served for all guests.

The hostel organizes several events for guests, including pub crawls, poker nights, canyon tours, and karaoke nights. It is an excellent choice for accommodations if you’re looking for a party or hoping to make new friends. The hostel also provides discounts and shuttle bus service to various activities around the LA, including Disneyland, Six Flags, Magic Mountain, Venice Beach, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Sea World.

Price: $32.27 to $54.96

Pros: Good value for money, great amenities, and social atmosphere

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Banana Bungalow West Hollywood

4. Surf City Hostel

Surf City Hostel is in Hermosa Beach, California, which is about twenty minutes away from LAX. Also, it’s in a great location in LA as it is very accessible to public transportation and is famous among backpackers and budget travelers. Aside from that, it is right next to the beach and is close to several great nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

The hostel also has all of the typical amenities for guests, including laundry facilities, a book library, and accommodating staff. There’s a shared kitchen for all guests, and a supermarket is right outside if you’d like to make your meals.

The hostel also organizes various parties and activities for guests. Some dorms sleep four or six people, and female-only rooms are available.

Price: $32 to $40

Pros: Close to the airport and accessible to public transportation

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Surf City Hostel

Los Angeles Nightlife

Trying to get a good sense of Los Angeles’ nightlife can feel like solving a tough puzzle. If you don’t have the right pieces in place, you might very find that LA’s nightlife is one that you might never truly fathom.

The city is vast and likely the most spread out in America.

To maximize the potential of the city’s nightlife, you have a couple of things you must do, and The Partytrail has been so generous to let you in on some tips that will make every night you go out in LA one to remember. 

Have A Pre-Game

Alcohol is costly in the city, so the trick is for you to pre-game at your accommodation before going out for the night. Also, you need to have a flask that you can take inside the club with you.

You should purchase one of those “phones” that double as a flask and pour your alcohol into it. Simply ask for a glass of water or soda at the bar, pour the water into the container or add your alcohol to the soda and voila you have your very own cocktail without shelling out a lot to pay club price.

Tip: Make sure you watch out for burly bouncers as you are sure to get thrown out of the club or even blacklisted if you are caught bringing alcohol into a club in LA.

Stay Close To The Party Areas

One of the most significant downsides to going out in LA is the distance between where you might want to party and where you are staying. Also, drinking and driving in the city carries a massive fine that can reach as high as $10,000 and sometimes a mandatory court appearance and even jail time.

It just isn’t worth it to be intoxicated and driving simultaneously. Besides, you pose a risk to the public if you are drunk while driving.

Have Connections

Los Angeles is a very snobby city, and if you don’t know an influencer or aren’t on a guest list, it can be challenging to get into LA clubs.

The best way is to do your research before heading out. Go to the social media page of whatever clubs you want to go out to and see if you can get on the guestlist before going out. Also, check their pages if they’re accepting new people to add to their guest list. 

If they’re allowing people to enter, make sure you get on it. If you reside in LA, make sure you ask for the promoter at the club you go to and get to know them on a one on one basis.

That could help you get past LA’s notoriously long lines that are used as a tool by clubs to maintain their brand.

Also, if you are in an area with a hotel, make sure you check out the bars and lobbies of those hotels as a backup in case you get rejected from the big clubs. They always have small parties during the weekends. 


Los Angeles is known as the land of after-parties as most bars and clubs close at 2 am. People usually head to their homes to continue partying if they want to keep the night going. It is when your hotel room or Airbnb can come in handy.

Be with a few friends that you have made during the party and bounce back to your hotel room or Airbnb and continue your night there. Make sure you stock up on alcohol as it will come in handy eventually.

The Best Bars and Clubs in Los Angeles

1. AVALON Hollywood

AVALON Hollywood (formerly The Palace) is a refurbished theater-turned-nightclub. While the club caters to house, EDM, and trance, if you’re want to have something a little more mainstream, you might want to check AVALON Hollywood out on Thursdays for its TigerHeat party – the DJs spin Top 40 hits all night long.

2. Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry, a bar hidden underground at Hollywood Boulevard, is one of the relatively few places in the city to host hip-hop and soul music nights. Its SuperSoul Monday is popular and has even welcomed celebrities. On Wednesday nights, hip-hop is on the menu, and having your name on the guest list is a requirement. 

3. The Echo

The Echo is one of a few small music clubs in Los Angeles that even New Yorkers travel to have a chance to try. Intimate enough to get to know artists, The Echo is also comfy enough for chilling with both old and new friends. It also has affordable pizzas and drinks from the bar. Don’t let the casual ambiance fool you – the acoustics are nothing but amazing. You can also head down to The Echo at the start of the week for the Monday Night Music residency and the chance to catch artists before they become the next big stars. The Airborne Toxic Event and Foster the People are among the famous names that started their careers here.

4. The Echoplex

Below The Echo, you will find The Echoplex, which hosts hip-hop, reggae, and funk dance nights, as well as with live gigs and even spoken word poetry events. It is trendy because of its Wednesday Dub Club – LA’s best reggae night, featuring resident DJs and guest performances by Jamaican legends.

5. La Cita Bar

La Cita is a mainstay in downtown LA with live bands, strong drinks, and a revolving roster of famous DJs. With an indoor bar and an outdoor patio, the El Patio, La Cita is an excellent low-key venue that gives guests unparalleled views of Downtown LA at night. The bar also hosts events that feature a wide range of performers, from national touring acts to local favorite DJ IVY, La Cita is sure to delight a crowd any night of the week.

About Los Angeles

Los Angeles, city, the seat of Los Angeles county, southern California, US It is the second most populous city and metropolitan area (behind New York City) in the USA. The city sprawls across a vast coastal plain located between mountains and the Pacific Ocean; the more massive Los Angeles County, which encompasses the whole city, contains about 90 incorporated towns, such as Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Long Beach. 

It became a world-class city, just in the past few decades. During the 1910s, it was only “a large town.” This growth is more remarkable, considering that the city initially lacked some of the essential building blocks associated with cityhood, such as a natural harbor. Yet it overcame inherent deficiencies and established itself as a crucial center of trade, tourism, agriculture, and industry. Since then, it has significantly been associated with the perfect climate, extensive leisure, and outdoor recreation, as well as the unique aura of celebrities living around the city. The lifestyle of the people of Los Angeles (who are also known as Angelenos) relies on the automobile, idealizes the single-family dwelling, and favors casualness. With a few exceptions, the skyline is primarily horizontal instead of vertical. Los Angeles is a place of extraordinary ethnic and racial diversity, owing mainly to immigration, and, like other world cities, it reflects a growing gap between rich and poor. 

Related Questions

Is Los Angeles Safe?

Los Angeles is an overall safe city, with extremely safe neighborhoods and some more shady ones. With a rating of 69,4%, the US is ranked 51st out of 162 on the list of safest and most dangerous countries. 

What Is The Best Time To Go To Los Angeles?

You should go to Los Angeles from March to May and September and November when the air is fresher, and the crowds are less overwhelming. Also, the average temperatures during these months range from the low 50s to low 80s, which makes walking around and visiting outdoor attractions much more comfortable.

Is Los Angeles Expensive?

Food in Los Angeles is significantly more expensive than the national average. A gallon of milk costs $4.02, and a loaf of bread costs $2.77. Even a frugal consumer, to be safe, should build $500 into his monthly budget for food costs in Los Angeles.

How Many Days Are Enough In LA?

You should stay at least three days and three nights at HI Los Angeles Santa Monica hostel to give yourself time to explore the best of LA. But for those with a little more time, there’s always more to explore. You can also visit San Diego and Chicago for the same type of fun and action.

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