The best party hostels in Miami, Florida US

Find all the best party hostels in Miami, Florida, The United States.

Party hostel Miami

Most people mistake Miami and Miami Beach as the same thing, but they are two distinct municipalities. Miami Beach is situated on a nearby island east of Biscayne Bay and Miami. The area is known for its resorts and spring break parties. Although a few of the best parties happen during the spring break season, you’ll still find a vibrant nightlife scene in the area throughout the year.

South Beach is one of the well-known parts of Miami Beach. It stretches from South Pointe Park to 23rd Street. It also has an impressive cultural scene that is very visible in the Art Deco District found along Ocean Drive.

Many people go to Miami Beach to party, and if you’re planning to stick on a budget, a hostel might give you the best value. Also, hostels have an energetic vibe and a social setting where it’s easy to meet other backpackers and young travelers.

Top 5 Hostels in Miami:


The top 5 Best Party Hostels in Miami

1.      Miami Beach International Hostel

Miami Beach International Hostel is an award-winning hostel in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach. It’s very close to a wide variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants, and is less than a five-minute walk from South Beach. It offers excellent value, yet it’s also a fun and social place, which is perfect for parties.

The hostel also has excellent amenities, including free all-day meals, dance nights, weekly walking tours, VIP club outings, live music shows, billiards nights, movie nights, poker nights, and more. There’s also Wi-Fi throughout the hostel.

The staff is excellent, and they can organize tours to the Everglades, Key West, and the Bahamas, among others. Also, scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling are available.

Guests can choose from six and eight-bed dorms. Private rooms include twins, doubles, and four-bed rooms. Many of the private rooms are found in apartments that are down the street from the hostel.

Price: $19 to $41

Pros: Located near bars and restaurants, hosts several fun activities, accommodating staff

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Miami Beach International Hostel (from hostel miami beach)

2.      Miami Hostel

Miami Hostel is a fun place to stay for travelers on a budget. It has a tropical style, and it is just a short distance from the tourist spots like Lincoln Road Mall, Ocean Drive, Espanola Way, the Art Deco District, and South Beach. It’s a fun and dynamic place with a great vibe. Also, the hostel has a big common area where you can chill out with other travelers. There’s also a fully-equipped kitchen, an internet cafe, and Wi-Fi all around the building. If you want to take in the breeze from the sea, there’s also a nice outdoor space.

Great food options surround this hostel. If you want to make your meals, Whole Food and Publix are nearby. MB Liquor Store is located right next door, and there is a vast number of restaurants and fast-food joints.

The hostel organizes a lot of events and parties. Also, there’s a free barbecue cookout every Saturday, and there are always people ready to head out on the town.

The party hostel has fourteen rooms in total, and there are no private rooms. Instead, some dorms can accommodate up to twelve people, and both co-ed and female-only rooms are available.

Price: $22

Pros: Very affordable, energetic vibe, and great parties

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3.      Miami Beach Bikini Hostel Cafe & Beer Garden

Miami Beach Bikini Hostel is another option if you’re looking for a great party hostel. It’s located right in the heart of South Beach and is a short distance away to the bars, clubs, and attractions. Also, the surrounding area has the best restaurants, nightclubs, and beaches, so you don’t have to move far to find the action. This hostel is a group of large apartment dorms that each have their private bathrooms, lockers, and televisions. There are an on-site restaurant and bar that has an unlimited supply of affordable liquor and food. You can also have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner here as well as late-night snacks and finger food.

The hostel also has excellent amenities for guests, including free breakfast, a weekly barbecue, a swimming pool, weekly pizza parties, and jacuzzi. There are a beautiful courtyard and a media room where guests can hang out as well. The staff organizes regular billiards and ping pong tournaments, as well. So, this hostel is perfect if you’re looking to have a fun time.

Parties last well into dawn, but the party area is set apart from the dorms, so you will still have a good night’s sleep. The hostel offers single and twin private rooms as well as four, six, and nine-bed dorms. Also, both female only and co-ed rooms are available.

Price: $13 to $15

Pros: Close to Miami’s nightlife district, located in South Beach, and offers great amenities

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4.      South Beach SoBe Hostel

If you don’t like to have parties on your doorstep, try South Beach Hostel. It is just two blocks from the beach, so all the finest Miami beach bars and clubs are a short walk away. But you can still get to sleep soundly at night. They also have a charming bar with a pool table, a movie theatre, a terrace, and happy hours. The party hostel also offers a free shuttle service to and from Miami Airport, although you may never want to go back home! If you want to see more of Miami and Florida, you can ask the staff at the travel desk so that they can prepare tours for you.

Price: $24.93 to $298.9

Pros: Located near the beach, on-site chill bar, and great service

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5.      Deco Walk Hostel | Ocean Drive

A great hostel right on the beach, Deco Walk Hostel | Ocean Drive, comes to life at night. It is located on the popular Art Deco strip, so you get the choice to spend lazy days on the beach and visit a Miami nightclub. The party hostel also has a view that you can enjoy from their rooftop lounge where parties and BBQs are held. Staff organizes a lot of events and activities, so why not participate in a beach volleyball contest or watch movies at night. If you are recuperating from a wild night out, there’s no reason to leave the bed – your room is equipped with a flat-screen plasma TV! Dorms from

Price: $45

Pros: Very close to the beach, parties, cookouts in the rooftop, and laidback vibe

Deco Walk Hostel _ Ocean Drive (

How is the Nightlife in Miami?

Miami nightlife proves that a lot of amazing things happen after sunset. This city comes to life when the lights are low, the music at full volume, and the drinks are freely flowing The city is known for fantastic nightlife, so it’s not odd that the best clubs in Miami are one the best across the world. These are hedonistic havens where you can dance to Latin beats or rave to thumping tunes from the world’s most popular DJs. But there’s more to Miami than partying. It also a lot of excellent bars which consist of splashy cocktail dens, late-night eateries, and LGBT hotspots that will keep you dancing well into the dawn on South Beach. So don’t be afraid to get a little nocturnal. Our Miami coffee shops are here waiting for you in the morning.

From the crowded clubs in South Beach to the upscale rooftop bars in downtown, the Miami nightlife is truly unparalleled by any other city.

Best Bars and Clubs That You Should Visit in Miami

Area 31

Set on the 16th floor of a hotel, the Terrace Bar of Area 31 has one of Miami’s most breathtaking views. Sipping a Hialeah Hustle while having this view of the downtown skyline on one side and Biscayne Bay on the other is genuinely unparalleled. They also have a popular Friday “chase the clock” deal where drinks cost $5 at 5 PM and get more expensive by the hour. The bar also has a very relaxed yet cosmopolitan vibe, making Area 31 the perfect place to watch the sunset and soak up the Miami vibes.

Monty’s Raw Bar

Grab a seat beneath a tiki hut and take in the bay air at this beachfront Coconut Grove establishment. The menu at Monty’s features a lot of delicious tropical cocktails. Still, the most popular is the Pain Remover, which is an enticing mix of rum, pineapple, coconut, and orange juice served in three strengths, “depending on how much pain you’re experiencing.” Although the drinks may not be the answer to your problems, the ultra-chill Key West atmosphere at Monty’s surely will.

LIV Fontainebleau

Following a jaw-dropping $10 million remodeling in 2017, LIV put itself back as one of Miami Beach’s must-visit clubs. With 18,000 square feet of space for lounges, balcony space, and dance floors, LIV is a partygoer’s paradise. The bar’s vaulted domed ceiling is almost as glitzy as the guest list, filled in large part by athletes, celebrities, and Miami socialites. But the bar is pricey, and the dress code is strictly imposed, so leave the jeans and t-shirt at the hostel and prepare to make a hole in your wallet for bottle service.

Ricky’s South Beach

Visiting Ricky’s South Beach is like entering a dream sequence, one that includes funnel cake, beer pong, Dance Dance Revolution, and a futile attempt at karaoke. At this very nostalgic, ’80s-themed bar/arcade, you can relive your childhood memories while sipping a craft cocktail in hand. The crew at Ricky’s thought of every detail: table-tap beer pongs, make-your-own punch bowls, and unlimited opportunities to beat your friends at air hockey. Thankfully, happy hour lasts from 5–10 PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it.

Mac’s Club Deuce

Mac’s Club Deuce is situated in the middle of South Beach, but it’s a few miles away from the cutthroat, see-and-be-seen inclinations that fill much of Miami’s party areas. This cozy dive bar, essentially unchanged since it opened its doors in 1926, is like a breath of fresh air. Everyone is welcome, the beer is affordable, the bartender is friendly, and the happy hour runs from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM (almost 12 hours). In the city of forever summer, Mac’s Club Deuce is a dimly-lit, chilled-out oasis.


There’s always something fun at the Gramps, from live music and comedy to the coolest weekly Bingo Night in town. The drinks are delectable and remarkably affordable, but the most significant draw is the creative and wide-ranging event list. Drop-in at random, and you might find yourself amid an epic Trivia Thunderdome battle, a live viewing of your favorite TV show, or a burlesque show. At Gramps, the unbounded astonishment is half the fun.

Miami Beach by sunset

About Miami

Situated nearly at the southeastern-most tip of the continental United States, Miami conjures the images of tourists, sunny beaches, and immigrants. The city is also one of the main hubs for global trade.

Since Fidel Castro took power in Cuba during the 1950s, continuous waves of Cuban immigrants have drastically changed the demographics of the city. Today, the city is over 50 percent Hispanic, and it is colloquially known as “the capital of Latin America.”

Miami is now a colorful, cosmopolitan city, celebrating its ethnic diversity. Also, its sunny climate and natural features continue to make it one of the major tourist destinations in the country. Even though the city still struggles to reduce crime and other urban problems resulting in a large-scale flight to suburban areas.

Where to go after Miami? We recommend you to go to south to Mexico and visit Mexico City and Cancun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Wear To Nightlife In Miami?

It’s simple. Dress to impress. Miami clubs run a strict door policy, with guys expected to wear a button-down shirt, dress pants or dark jeans and shoes. No ripped jeans, shorts, polo shirts, T-shirts, or tennis shoes are allowed.

What Part Of Miami Has The Best Nightlife?

Miami is notorious for its nightlife, and there’s no question why. The glitzy nightclubs of South Beach are imploding with excess every night, and there’s always a raging party in one of Wynwood’s many bars and outdoor lounges.

What Is The Best Month To Go To Miami?

The best time to visit Miami Beach is between March and May when the sun shines with temperatures ranging from the high 70s and low 80s during the day. Aside from the gorgeous weather, a spring visit allows you to sidestep the peak winter rates.

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