The best party hostels in New York, New York

Find all the best party hostels in New York, New York

New York City is among the most famous destinations for international travellers heading to the United States. It is split into five boroughs that are divided further into districts. Each borough has its distinct character and vibe.

Many visitors prefer to stay close to the famous Times Square area, which is on the island of Manhattan. Manhattan is the most popular island in New York and is situated between the East and Hudson Rivers. It is the place where you’ll find Central Park, the Empire State Building, Harlem, Wall Street, and so much more. Times Square, or the Theater District, is on the western portion of Midtown. The neighbourhood is surprisingly diverse, and it is a major entertainment area in New York. Also, since it is located in the city’s centre, it is an excellent choice for tourists who want to be near all the attractions.

Top 3 Hostels in New York:


The 3 Best Party Hostels

1. Jazz on Columbus Circle

Located very close to Times Square, this hostel is just minutes away from Penn Station, Port Authority, the Theater and Garment Districts, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, and more. It’s a budget-friendly option for travellers who want to be near all the attractions in New York. It’s also very accessible to public transportation so you can travel explore the whole city with no issues.

The staff is helpful and friendly as well, so do not be afraid to ask any questions. The hostel’s rooms are relatively quiet, and there is breakfast available for all guests too. Although the rooms are a bit small, this is common for hostels and hotels in New York City.

The hostel is always kept very clean, and its atmosphere is very social and comfortable. It is a popular option for budget-conscious travellers who are heading to New York City and don’t want to make a hole in your wallet but want to be in a great location.

Price: $75

Pros: Great location, access to public transportation, and good value

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Jazz on Columbus Circle

2. Chelsea International Hostel

One of the biggest hostels in NYC, Chelsea International, is located conveniently near Times Square. The rooms are pleasant and laid-back, and it is a good option for a variety of traveller types. There are a lot of room options that you can choose from, including private rooms and dorms of varying sizes.

With a kitchen and a central courtyard (which is very rare for the city), it is quite social and makes for an excellent opportunity to meet up with other travellers to explore around the Big Apple.

Also, the amenities available at this hostel include free breakfast, free pizza every Wednesday nights, free WiFi, secure lockers, and towels.

It may be a bit farther to Times Square, but still near many other sights. It is because the area is in the heart of Manhattan and the city.

Price: $34.42 to $35.95

Pros: A lot of room options and great amenities

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Chelsea International Hostel

3. AWA New York Downtown Hotel

It is a hostel for the budget-conscious. It’s well situated just two blocks away from Times Square and is close to a lot of restaurants, clubs, bars, and of course theatres. It’s also very accessible to public transportation, so it’s easy to access almost any neighbourhood in the city. There are private rooms that have a double bed that sleeps two people as well as a private bathroom. Also, some of the rooms are being renovated and should be updated soon. Other services to guests include wireless internet access in the lobby and a computer station for those who do not have their computer with them.

The hostel is only three blocks away from Rockefeller Center, four from Radio City Music Hall, five from Lincoln Center, and six from Central Park. Also, the Empire State Building is 12 blocks away and same as Madison Square Garden.

Price: $58.23

Pros: Great location and amenities

How Is The Nightlife in New York City?

The nightlife of New York is non-stop and very exciting. From busy neighbourhoods to hip cocktail lounges and nightclubs, the city has something for everyone. The East Village is famed for its trendy local bars that stay open till the wee hours and several small live music venues. Meanwhile, the Lower East Side has a similar nightlife vibe and scene.

Aside from the East Side, Soho has become the centre of the cool nightlife scene because there are a lot of small classy bars in the area. These venues attract several celebrities, models, media, and even poseurs. The gay scene, on the other hand, revolves around the area of Chelsea, Hells Kitchen, and the West Village. Also, Gramercy has fewer options for high-end cocktail lounges. One new area that is becoming more popular by the day is the revived Meatpacking District which already has a lot of nightclubs and bars.

Usually, most clubs close around 4 am, but most venues stay open till morning. There is also an increasing number of “after-hours” places that promise to give entertainment until dawn. But all establishments follow the rule that prohibits alcohol from being served from 4 am to 8 am or after midnight on Sunday nights. Also, the minimum legal drinking age in New York is 21.

The Best Places To Party in New York City

1. House of Yes

Say “no thanks” to dull, quiet nightclubs at House of Yes, a Bushwick-based encounter that could convert anyone even if you are not a night owl. Since it opened in 2016, this trendsetting spot has made a name for itself and became an essential part of the city’s nightlife with various and exciting events, such as deep house yoga performance, roller-disco parties, and performances by magicians, aerialists, and more. All you’ll need to say is yes.

2. Output

No pretension (a side-effect of the club’s strict “no bottle service” policy), just good vibes – that’s what Output has to offer. With its modern Funktion-One sound system and varied clientele, this multi-room club located beside Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel is very refreshing for North Williamsburg partygoers.

3. Trans-Pecos

Situated in what was once the Silent Barn, Trans-Pecos is an all-ages entertainment venue and community space on the fledgling exciting Bushwick-Ridgewood area. Todd P, the trailblazer of Brooklyn’s DIY scene, manages this popular spot, where weekday parties highlight varied music and laid-back crowds.

4. Black Flamingo

A plant-based discotheque and taqueria, Black Flamingo, isn’t your typical nightclub. Located in Brooklyn, this Miami-themed venue is famous for its pink flamingo cocktail stirrers and the very wild, sweat-inducing dance parties. They also play house and techno beats curated by veterans. When you’ve finished grooving on the dance floor, be sure to grab a meal at Flamingo’s famous restaurant upstairs.

5. 1 OAK

For an excellent club experience, look no further than 1 OAK, a Manhattan mainstay serving New York night owls since 2008. At this Chelsea standby, revellers can savour luxury bottles, enjoy live performances by some of the most famous hip-hop artists and socialize with celebrities on the spacious dance floor.

6. Bossa Nova Civic Club

The centre of Bushwick’s growing techno scene, Bossa Nova Civic Club has been a Brooklyn staple since it opened its doors in 2012. Housed beneath the M line’s Central Avenue subway station, this tropical bar/club is anything but hidden, with past performers varied from giants such as Heather Hart, Jamie xx, and Adam X.

7. Le Bain

Those willing to brave the long queues (and selective bouncer) at Le Bain will be treated with a club experience that’s beyond what other clubs offer. Situated on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel in Manhattan, this sought-after club has sweeping views of the city, made-to-order crepes, and a dance floor equipped with a built-in hot tub. If you’re lucky, you might catch celebrities partying the night away.

8. Good Room

A club “built for and by music lovers,” Greenpoint’s Good Room is the local’s best bet for catching underground – but never disappointing – acts. Designed by nightlife notable Steve Lewis, the multi-room space features a chandelier made of ram horns, a smaller Bad Room housing the club’s vinyl collection and second DJ area. It also has a spacious dance floor, making for an ideal environment to enjoy performances by Studio 54 veteran Nicky Siano, local rapper Mykki Blanco and more.

About New York City

One of the world’s most famous cities, New York (also known as “The Big Apple”, “NYC,” and often termed “New York City”) is a global hub for entertainment, media, fashion, art, finance, research, and trade. The vibrant, cosmopolitan heart of the 4th biggest metropolis on the planet and by far the United State’s most populous city, New York has always been a key entry point and a defining city for the nation.

From the Statue of Liberty in the harbour to the Empire State Building rising over the Manhattan skyline to the subways tunnels, to the money flowing off of Wall Street, from the bright LED screens of Times Square to the laid-back natural beauty of Central Park, and from Yankee Stadium to Coney Island, New York’s landmarks are quintessentially American. The city’s neighbourhoods and streets are so famous, they have become ingrained into the American psyche. Here the wealth, power, and culture of the United States are exhibited in one of the largest and most famous skylines throughout the world, in the food served on restaurants and music played on almost every corner. It is also evident in the diverse immigrant population who wants to experience what the city has to offer.

Located at the end of the Hudson River in the southern portion of the state of the same name and the centre of the Mid-Atlantic region, New York City is home to approximately 8.2 million people. The New York Metropolitan Area, which spans northern New Jersey which covers lower New York, and southwestern Connecticut, has a total population of about 18.9 million, making it the largest metropolitan agglomeration in the US.

Related Questions

Is It Safe In New York City?

New York is among the safest large metropolitan cities of the US, with a crime rate for every citizen even lower than the average in the whole country. But given its status as the most visited city in the US, petty crimes against tourists like pickpocketing is not unusual. The city also has some shady neighbourhoods which you should explore with caution.

Is Central Park Dangerous At Night?

At night, there are a lot of areas that just aren’t lit, so it’s big and dark. It is especially the case with, say, The Ramble: For those keeping count, that’s over one serious crime in Central Park per night, on average.

Is Times Square Safe At Night?

During the daytime, the majority of Manhattan is safe for walking—even areas like Harlem and Alphabet City, though you might prefer to avoid these neighbourhoods after dark. Times Square is a great place to be in at night, and it stays populated until after midnight when theatre-goers head home.

Is Central Park Zoo Free?

Unfortunately, Central Park Zoo doesn’t have a free admission day. General admission tickets are bundled for free if you purchase the All-Inclusive Sightseeing Pass and as much as 50% off with the purchase of the Pick’em Sightseeing Pass, both of these are tourist discount passes.

How Much Does A New York Trip Cost?

For breakfast, a fast-food and a small restaurant, count about $30-45 per person per day, or $460 to $650 per week with your partner. If you want a good breakfast, a small restaurant for lunch and a nicer one for Dinner, consider $50-90 per person per day, or $700 to $1260 for the week with your partner.

How Many Days Should You Spend In New York?

How long to spend in NYC? Five days in NYC is the perfect amount if it’s your first visit. You can spend three days in New York City, but it’s cutting it close–and you’ll need to come back again. If you have only one day in New York City, you can still see Manhattan! But if you have more time for another adventure, you can explore other nearby states around New York like Miami and Chicago.

Is Food Expensive In New York?

So, if you are living in New Jersey and your typical monthly grocery bill is $250, expect to pay $350 once you move to New York. Eating out can be expensive, too. One average meal at an inexpensive food joint costs $15, and it can up go to as much as $38 if you go to an average-priced restaurant.

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