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We have compared the best party hostels in the French capital so you will find your next hostel in Paris easily.

The best party hostels in Paris France

Paris is dubbed as the city of lights, and if you want to party until dawn, any of these hostels will give you the time of your life. Whether you’re a first-time backpacker who wants to meet other tourists, or you’re a seasoned traveler looking to be free, these hostels some of the most social in the city.

Top 5 Hostels in Paris:


5 Best Party Hostels in Paris

1.      St Christopher’s Inn Gare du Nord

This award-winning hostel, located just 2 minutes away from Gare du Nord train station. It offers fast, free Wi-Fi and modern beds that have privacy curtains. Also, a continental style buffet breakfast is available for all guests every morning. The hostel houses Paris’ largest international bar, Belushi’s, where you’ll meet travelers and locals and receive 25% off food and 2 for one drink specials.

Each room at St Christopher’s Paris Gare du Nord has features like electronic key security, heating, private or shared bathrooms, locker storage, and elevator access. Also, the hostel has modern ‘POD’ beds that have curtains to add privacy and comfort. The beds are also fitted with USB chargers, power plugs, and reading lights to help you rest and unwind during your stay. The hostel provides clean bed linen, and your bed is freshly made before you arrive. Self-service laundry is also available. A communal room and internet lounge are available for guests to use. The hostel also offers free city walking tours.

The on-site Travel Kiosk gives discounted trips to various destinations in and around the city – such as day trips to Versailles, queue jumping tickets to see the Eiffel tower, tours to Montmartre, tickets to the Parisian catacombs, and so much more. If Paris isn’t your destination, make sure to ask the staff at the tour desk for significant discounts on bus tickets in various destinations throughout Europe. The hostel also offers free city maps, linen, and towels.

Price: $22.03 to $26.46

Pros: Convenient location, great amenities, and great offers for traveling around the city

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St Christopher's Inn Gare du Nord

2.      Le Village Montmartre by Hiphophostels

This eclectic hostel is well-known with artists and poets who have visited Paris from all over the world. It has a distinct charm and vibe, and although it doesn’t have the loud party atmosphere that other hostels have, it makes up for it by having a very social atmosphere where you can meet new people.

It’s liked with a wide range of people like tourists, students, and backpackers. Some rooms have a lot of sizes with anywhere from one to six beds available for guests. There is a kitchen, a common area, a cafe, and no curfew so you can come and go as you please.

The hostel is also very close to bakeries, supermarkets, a post office, the Paris metro, nightclubs, and restaurants. There’s also a weekend flea market near the hostel.

Price: $28.68 to $34.65

Pros: Convenient location and unique charm

Top of Form

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Le Village Montmartre by Hiphophostels

3.      St Christopher’s Inn Canal

Bottom of Form

Top of Form

St. Christopher’s Hostel is a self-appointed party hostel that gives its guests the chance to dance until dawn. It offers everything from live music and wild parties in its famous Belushi’s Bar, to breathtaking views of Paris. There are a lot of amenities available to guests, such as linens, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfast. There’s also a female-only floor where they can relax together in a more calm vibe.

Every week, the hostel organizes several events, including Friday Student Nights, Wednesday Karaoke, and the Saturday Club Party. So, both travelers and locals can enjoy all of these events.This hostel belongs to a chain that has branches spread all over Europe. If you’re an experienced European traveler, you’ve likely come upon this chain at least once before on your other trips. The facilities here are very modern and dependable, and the chain’s reputation holds with the Paris franchise as well.

Price: $17.80 to $21.39

Pros: Great amenities, lots of activities, and the social atmosphere

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St Christopher's Inn Paris - Canal

4.      The Three Ducks Eiffel Tower by Hiphophostels

Three Ducks is housed in a former 18th-century coaching inn considered as a historical monument and is conserved by Les Batiments de France. Founded in 1987, the Three Ducks is the oldest private hostel in the country. After almost 30 years of serving millions of travelers around the world, the hostel has earned an international reputation for its lively and friendly vibe.

Today the Three Ducks offers all amenities a traveler could expect, including rooms with shower and toilet, hairdryer, Wi-Fi, safe, air conditioning, and a reading lamp with USB ports, all in a uniquely decorated environment. With its splendid outdoor terrace and exclusive services, the hostel is likely the most comfortable and well-designed in Paris.

The property is only a 15-minute walk to the Eiffel Tower. As the Three Ducks have a licensed on-site bar, they do not accept guests under 16 years old. The hostel also offers free maps of the city, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and linens, and towels are available for a fee.

Price: $32.89 to $44.64

Pros: Great architecture, decent amenities, and convenient location

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The 3 Ducks Eiffel Tower by Hiphophostels

5.      Woodstock Hostel

With a very convenient location in one of the most thrilling districts in Paris, this hostel is perfect for those who want a good time. It sits at the foothills of the Montmartre and is near clubs, cafes, bars, and other fun stuff.

The hostel offers guests great amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast, luggage storage, and free guided tours around the city. Also, they have a shared kitchen that guests may use.

The hostel is famous for its party vibe, but it also offers a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It’s a social place where guests easily hang out in common areas and start conversations.

Although this hostel is a party hostel, it has a more chill atmosphere than the rest of the hostels listed here. It’s more social instead of loud, so it offers guests a perfect mix between socialization and getting some rest at night.

Price: $39.53

Pros: Great location for parties and cozy vibe

Woodstock Montmartre by Hiphophostels

How is the Nightlife in Paris?

Paris’ residential components mean nightclubs aren’t as ubiquitous compared to other cities. The city lacks a mainstream scene, so clubbing here usually is underground and very mobile. The best DJs and their fans have short stints in a particular venue before heading to other locations. Also, the scene’s most relaxed soirées clubbing (clubbing events) alternates between places – such as several dance clubs. In 2017, Concrete became France’s first bar to have a 24-hour license. Passionate clubbers may also want to see the growing suburban scene – much more alternative and spontaneous but even harder to get to.

Wherever you may go, the beat is pumping. Electronic music is very high quality in Parisian clubs, with some great local house and techno music. Other genres, like funk and groove, are also popular, but Latin music is massive in Paris. Salsa-dancing and Latino-music nights

attract plenty of people in the clubs that play. World music also has a considerable following in the city, where everything goes to clubs. R&B and hip-hop playlists are decent, if not extensive.

The Best Party Areas in Paris

La Bellevilloise

Located near Ménilmontant Métro station and nestled in the corner of Paris that’s rapidly rising to become one of Paris’ hip, modern hangouts, La Bellevilloise is a gem of the 20th arrondissement. During the day, it’s a fabulous art and cultural center for art exhibits, concerts, film screenings, and events. The bars also have a bright, ambiently lit coffee shop. At night, it transforms into a stylish indie clubbing venue. Believe it or not, this was the location of Paris’s first workers’ cooperative and has been a famous cultural landmark ever since 1877. Today, the structure has two levels, a terrace and sofas to cuddle with friends.

La Java

Hidden away in the basement of Le Palais du Commerce shopping center in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, La Java is a real nightlife jewel. It is a historic place devoted to the underground, alternative, and emerging talents. Its eclectic program offers the chance to discover unique musical talents before they go big in the world stage – as it happens, Édith Piaf and Django Reinhardt, both performed here when they were still ordinary people. La Java also organizes LGBTQ evenings regularly that are incredibly popular with both foreigners and locals.


Situated in an old factory where natural moonlight combines into the warm colors of the club, Supersonic is the city’s latest indie music hub. With several new bands every night and themed weekend club events, including new wave, Britpop, and indie rock, you’ll surely have a great time. It also offers excellent value for your money, with sumptuous cocktails and beers on offer for just €3.50 (£3) during happy hour.


Wanderlust, a part of Les Docks, is a nightclub that exceeds all expectations of a typical great night in the city. The modern complex is exclusive to fashion and design in the morning; it attracts a young hipster crowd, before being fitted with strobe lights and loud music every night. The club has a vast terrace where you can dance under the stars in the summer and ample space with a club area and restaurant. Wanderlust has been a favorite on the nightlife scene since it opened in 2012.

Le Bus Palladium

Le Bus Palladium is an iconic nightclub in the heart of Pigalle that has been going since the Swinging Sixties. Unlike most other nightclubs in the city, this place is a legendary rock venue that has welcomed the likes of Mick Jagger and Eddy Mitchell to the stage. But you can also enjoy hip-hop and electro across its three floors as well as high-quality food at its American diner. There’s never a dull moment here: the club hosts karaoke on Wednesdays and cinqequizzes, stand-up comedy, DJ sets and live music on other nights. Tuesday is ladies’ night, where entry and drinks are free for women.

About Paris

Paris, the cosmopolitan capital of France, is among Europe’s largest cities, with about 2.2 million people living in the dense, inner-city, and almost 12 million people living residing in its surrounding metropolitan area. Situated in the north of France on the banks of the River Seine, Paris has the well-deserved reputation of being the most romantic and beautiful of all cities in the world. It is also filled with historical sites, and it remains a hugely influential city in terms of art, culture, food, fashion, and design.

Paris is also dubbed as the City of Light (la Ville Lumière) and Capital of Fashion, and the city is home to the world’s most elegant and most luxurious fashion designers and cosmetics. These include brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, L’Oréal, Lancôme, and Clarins, among others. Also, a large section of the city, such as the River Seine, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city has the second-highest number of Michelin restaurants in the world (after Tokyo). It contains several iconic landmarks, including the world’s most visited tourist spot, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge, and Lido. So, it is not a surprise that it the most popular tourist destination in the world with 45 million tourists annually.

Best party hostels in Paris

Frequently Asked Questions

How to combine a visit to Paris with other cities?

From Paris we would recommend you to stay in the western part of Europe and visit Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and/or the close by Brussels.

Is It Safe To Visit Paris?

In short, yes. According to statistics, you are more likely to be a victim of a traffic incident at home than being embroiled in a terrorist attack in Paris. Also, with a massive police presence, Paris is today arguably one of the safest tourist cities in the world.

What Is The Best Time To Go To Paris?

The best time to head Paris is from April to June and October to the first week of November because the weather is mild and excellent for traveling, and the tourist crowds are not as huge as during the summer. Also, the cheapest time to visit Paris is between December and February.

How Much Does It Cost To Go In Paris?

The airfare to Paris from the United States is much more affordable than before because direct flights were established in nearly every major city. Based on our estimates, an average trip to Paris will cost about $1,305 per person, and if you have companions, it will cost an additional $915 for each person.

How Should I Dress In Paris?

It is essential to remember that the French tend to dress more formally than others for everyday activities. Khakis, button-down shirts, sundresses, designer jeans, skirts, and sweaters are standard on the streets of Paris during the day. Forgo tennis shoes for comfortable loafers or sandals.

How Many Days Do You Need In Paris?

A lot of travelers visit Paris for about three days and try to see the highlights of this beautiful city in a quick time. But we think you need a lot more time than just three days. We think you have to plan on spending at least five days in Paris to see the best that Paris has to offer.

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