Party hostel guide for Rome, capital of Italy

Find the best party hostels in Rome with our easy to use guide to the city.

Rome is a city full of history. It’s also, for a lot of travelers, a kick-off point for trips to Italy. If you’re planning to visit Rome on a budget and are looking for a place that will offer you a great social scene, then check out any of these hostels.

Top 4 Hostels in Rome:


The 4 Best Party Hostels in Rome

1. Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar

Alessandro Palace is the perfect hostel for travelers who want to experience a social atmosphere with a diversity of people to meet. It has its on-site pub and satellite television, and it has some great drink specials available to guests. Alessandro is also popular for its various pizza parties and in-house events, which make the perfect chance to socialize with other guests.

The architecture at Alessandro is also majestic. It has a traditional Roman style that makes a unique atmosphere. If you’re looking for an exciting place to stay that has a lot to offer, this is one of your best choices.

Other amenities include Wi-Fi service, a widescreen television, games, happy hours, and a bar that is open until 2 am every night.

Price: $16.49

Pros: Very social atmosphere, great parties, and great amenities

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Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar

2. M&J Hostel

M&J Place is an excellent option in a convenient location in Rome. It’s just a short 2-minute walk from the central Termini Station, and there are shuttle buses to and from the airport. The hostel also has a range of rooms available, including both dorms and private rooms. There are a variety of amenities convenient, including a cafe, free buffet breakfast, and free Wi-Fi service. They also organize tours of the city for guests.

Although the hostel doesn’t have its bar, you will find it a stone’s throw away. “The Living Room” is a cheap place to eat in the day time, and at night it turns into an energetic bar and dance club. But if you’re not looking for a drink, this hostel also has an exciting common area where you can see other guests hanging out and chatting almost any time of the day. It’s the perfect place to meet fellow travellers who are looking to have a good time.

Price: $23.90

Pros: Great location, amenities, and parties

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M&J Hostel

3. Alessandro Downtown Hostel & Bar

It is the second hostel operated by the Alessandro chain in the city. It offers guests the same level of social vibe as the first Alessandro hostel. But it does not have an on-site bar. Still, guests are welcome to head to Alessandro Palace’s bar, though.

This hostel has an identical atmosphere to the original and is equally fun and social. It’s in a convenient location near Rome’s many sites, including the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, San Pietro in Vincoli, and Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore. Also, it’s near public transportation, but also in one of the walkable parts of the city.

The staff is outstanding and available to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Price: $16.01 to $29.87

Pros: Very social vibe, convenient location, and friendly staff

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Alessandro Downtown Hostel & Bar

4. The Yellow

The Yellow has a reputation for being among the best party hostels in Europe. It offers guests a lot of activities and things to do while they’re in the city. The hostel also has the Yellow Bar, where many guests enjoy hanging out and drinking with each other. You’ll also be offered complimentary welcome drinks on arrival. Also, there are snacks available for the whole day and several walking tours offered throughout the city. There’s also no lockout and no curfew.

The hostel’s party reputation seems to be well earned. They organize in-house parties that last until very late in the night. The guests come searching for a party, so if sleep is high on your priorities, then this should be a hostel that you need to skip. However, if you’re looking for a hostel with a very social vibe, an energetic crowd, and a place that makes you entertained, you shouldn’t don’t miss this legendary hostel.

Price: $16.75 to $32.05

Pros: Lots of activities to do and great parties

The Yellow Rome

How is the Nightlife in Rome?

There are two phases of nightlife in Rome: early and late at night. The first part of the evening always starts with aperitivo. It is Italy’s answer to happy hour. Considering that dinner rarely starts before 8 pm at the earliest, aperitivo is the best way to chill out with a cocktail and some earlier snacks, though some neighborhood spots even offer a full buffet starting around 6 pm.

Clubs and bars fall into the latter category of the nightlife in Rome. Considering that dinner is always after 8 pm, these hotspots don’t start until midnight, and you’ll surely be pretty lonely if you visit before 11 pm.

The coolest areas to hang out at night in the city, the best dance clubs can be found outside the center, in neighborhoods like Ostiense and San Giovanni. Testaccio was also known for nightclubs dug on the side of Monte Testaccio. But they fell out of favor in the past years. Other areas, like San Lorenzo and Pigneto, are famous for their vast student populations, affordable beers, and outdoor crowds. They usually go pub crawling every Friday and Saturday nights.

During the summer months, white tents follow the riverbanks near Tiber Island. Also, these outdoor bars and restaurants are famous for a few drinks at sunset. But they stay open till the early hours of the next morning.

Important: While dress codes are rarely enforced, Romans usually dress to impress. So, keeping a step over the casual style is always a good idea when it comes to experiencing Rome’s diverse nightlife scene. Also, don’t worry if you end up burning the midnight oil – there will be plenty of espressos available to keep you going the next day.

Best Bars and Nightclubs in Rome

The Jerry Thomas Project

Rome’s most famous speakeasy has been recognized among the top bars in the world because of its commitment to mixology. So, if you want to experience their one-of-a-kind blends, you need to make a reservation first, then check their website for the daily password before you come. Inside, the small bar is packed with Rome’s cool people, clad in black and smoking while drinking the cocktails made with the bar’s bitters and specially imported liquors from all over the world.


With space for more than 700 partygoers, Goa is one of Rome’s most famous nightclubs. The club is situated in Ostiense, an urban area just outside the center of the city that is famous for its street art and its nightlife choices. The techno club frequently books international DJs for its buzzing Thursday to Saturday night lineups. Once you have danced the night away, sit into one of the couches in the bar’s lounge area for one last drink.

Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa

Serious beer drinkers don’t have to search any further than this small pub on a small street at the back of Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere. The craft beer scene has been slowly growing in Rome in the past few years, but Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa (which means “but what did you come here to do?”) was one of the first and remained among the very best. The relaxed staff and patrons are here to drink rare artisan concoctions from around Italy and Europe. Guests can also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere where most customers end up chatting outside with a pint in hand when the narrow bar gets too full.

Drink Kong

The 1980s live on at this very new hotspot in Monti. The neon lights and Blade Runner-esque interior may be throwbacks, but the cocktail bar’s drinks are genuinely futuristic. To finish your night, stop by when there’s live music or visit any day for the delicious small plates of international tapas-style food.

Necci dal 1924

Pigneto, one of Rome’s most famous neighborhoods for all-nighters, is known for its affordable drinks and the energetic crowd which comes together along the main drag to hop between the pubs in the area. But one of the oldest bars in the former industrial area is still one of the finest in Rome. Necci dal 1924 is the perfect place to order an Americano to sip under the glittering lights on the patio. It has a great energy, while at the same time having pockets where it is quiet enough to have a conversation with friends.

About Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, is the largest and capital city of Italy and the Lazio region. Also, it is known for being the cradle of the ancient Roman Empire, La Dolce Vita, the Seven Hills, the Vatican City, and Three Coins in the Fountain. Rome, as the center of power for millennia, culture, and religion, has exerted a considerable influence over the world 2800 years since it was founded.

The historic heart of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With beautiful palaces, churches built more than a thousand years ago, majestic Roman ruins, lavish monuments, elaborate statues, and graceful fountains, Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage and cosmopolitan atmosphere. So, it one of the world’s most famous, visited influential and beautiful capital cities. Now, Rome has a flourishing nightlife scene and is also seen as a shopping haven. The city is regarded as among the fashion capitals of the world. Some of Italy’s oldest jewelry and clothing stores were founded in the city).

With so many tourist attractions and things to do, Rome can indeed be classified as a “global city.”

The city of Rome, Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to go before and after Rome?

Rome is a world famous city, known for its architecture and good food. If you want to go to another city with a similar vibe, we recommend you going to other classical cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava or Madrid.

Is Rome Safe?

Rome is a very safe city, but it has a bit of a problem when it comes to pickpocketing. With a rating of 78% Italy, is ranked 34th out of 162 on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries.

Is Rome A Walkable City?

Rome is a walkable city for sights. It turned out Rome is a far more walkable city than I expected in late June. Cheap public transportation at 1.50eur for bus or Metro makes Rome an accessible city to travel place to place

How Long Is The Heart Of Rome Walk?

This walk passes through an urban village of narrow lanes, picturesque piazzas, extravagant fountains, and some of Europe’s best spots to idle around. You should allow approximately 2 hours or more for this mile-long walk.

What Time Is Dinner In Rome?

Stores are typically open daily until 8 pm and closed on Sunday. Restaurants in Rome, especially in the city center, tend to start serving dinner around 7:30 pm to account for visitors’ dining habits. Also, Romans typically won’t sit down at the table at 9 pm Or later.

Is It Free To Visit The Vatican?

There is no “best” time to visit the Vatican (i.e., when there are fewer people). The Vatican is one of Rome’s most famous tourist destination and is always busy for most of the year. The Vatican museums are closed Sundays, except for the last Sunday of every month, when they are free.

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