The best party hostels in Stockholm, Sweden

Find all the best party hostels in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Stockholm is the largest city and capital of Sweden. Also, the inner city has 14 different islands that are connected by bridges, and it’s a genuinely cosmopolitan and unique destination to visit. There is also a captivating Old Town, and there is a significant amount of green space and water throughout. It’s one of the most exciting European capital cities.

Stockholm is not a very affordable place to visit, and the accommodations are no exception. There is a range of unique and exciting hostels that you can select from if you’re on a tight budget. It’s better if you stay near the Old Town, but if that’s not possible, it’s essential to be near public transportation.

Top 5 Hostels in Stockholm:


The 5 Best Party Hostels in Stockholm

1. City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm: City Backpackers offer a lot of little extras, such as a free evening sauna, free pasta, and movie nights. Also, the hostel has heated floors in the bathrooms, public computers, and security codes on all entrances. They also offer bike rental up to 8 hours and free ice skates and saucer sleighs to borrow in the wintertime. City Backpackers is the best base camp for the backpacker who wants to explore Stockholm. If you like making new friends, you’ll have plenty of people to socialize here. The location of the hostel is also convenient as it is in the city center – safe and quiet, although only a 500-meter walk away from the bus terminal and central railway station. Most of the city’s attractions, including the Medieval-era district of Gamla Stan (Old Town), can be reached within one or two minutes of walking, and the main shopping district, Drottninggatan, is just around the corner. Also, you can stay in a single or twin room or a dorm that can accommodate between 3 to 12 people. Female dorms are also available. They also have three apartments/studios for up to eight people with a private bathroom, shower, and kitchen. Also, there are a lot of common areas where you can hang out with fellow travelers: a large, fully equipped guest kitchen, a courtyard, a cozy breakfast cafe, and a restaurant and bar called ‘Nomad.’ The staff takes turns showing Stockholm to its guests. All year they arrange tours and adventures, such as guided bike rides and Kayak tours in the summer and the awesome Viking Sauna Tour during the winter months. When you want to chill, there is a sauna and lounge areas equipped with satellite TV, daily newspapers, and a book exchange available.

Price: $19.66 to $32.38

Pros: Good location, lots of room options, and great amenities

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City Backpackers Stockholm

2. STF af Chapman/Skeppsholmen

STF Youth Hostel af Chapman is located in the city center of Stockholm on the Skeppsholmen island. Also, it’s a unique place to stay as it’s a ship that was refurbished to become a hostel in 2008. The hostel is an awesome place to stay and is in a nice spot that has views of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) and the Royal Palace. There are also cabins on the ship where you can stay. Each cabin has been put back to its original design, and there are also regular rooms available in an 18th century-era building where the reception area is found. This building was once the firewood storage space for the Royal Castle and its residents back in the 18th century. 

Also, the hostel is near a lot of activities and restaurants. It’s also close to the ferry access to Djurgrden Island, where the open-air museum 

of Skansen and the Vasa Museum are found.

Price: $26.22 to $27.40

Pros: Unique concept, great location, and social vibe

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STF af Chapman:Skeppsholmen Stockholm

3. Jumbo Stay STF/IYHF

Jumbo Hostel is another unique accommodation in Stockholm. It’s the first hostel that’s inside a 747-200 Jumbo Jet, and it is a one-of-a-kind experience. The hostel has 29 rooms that vary in size. There are private rooms that range from single, double, and triple. But two and four-bed dorms are also available. The more high-end rooms are found in the plane’s upper deck, and there’s also a “Cockpit Suite” that has a private bathroom. Each room is about six square meters in size and four meters tall. They are each equipped with their flat screen tv as well.

The hostel is a fascinating place to stay, and you’re sure to meet some interesting guests while you’re here. There’s even a bar and restaurant on-site that serves light snacks and drinks. Although there’s no kitchen available to guests, there are two microwaves, and breakfast is served every morning.

The hostel is approximately a six-minute ride from the airport, and they also free shuttle rides to the terminals. So, if you’re leaving town on an early flight, this is a convenient and unique place to stay before you go. 

Price: $47.20 to $49.51

Pros: Unique concept, great amenities, and convenient location

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Jumbo Stay STF:IYHF Stockholm

4. Hostel Dalagatan

Hostel Dalagatan is situated near Vasaparken Park in central Stockholm. It’s about a five-minute walk away from the Odenplan Metro Station and is a practical place to stay. It’s also about fifteen minutes away from Stockholm Central Station and half a kilometer away from Drottninggatan shopping street. 

The rooms are comfortable and well furnished. They are brightly colored, and there is a friendly atmosphere throughout the building. The hostel has private twin, double, and four bedrooms as well as eight-bed dorms. It is a clean and comfortable hostel with friendly staff and a relaxing setting. All of the rooms are soundproofed, so they remain quiet throughout the night. 

Price: $12.49 to $17.35

Pros: Accessible to public transportation, comfy rooms, and a friendly vibe 

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Hostel Dalagatan Stockholm

5. Generator Stockholm

Generator Stockholm offers a 24-hour reception and has spacious and open common areas. The hostel also features an impressive chill-out lounge, a restaurant, and a bar, where there’s a Nordic flair on the cocktail served. You can also stay connected by using the free Wi-Fi and share those holiday snaps on social media. Also, the hostel has laundry facilities that are open 24 hours and a travel shop where you can purchase city tour tickets and a lot more. The hostel staff is very approachable, multilingual, and knows all the best places to go throughout the city. Also, they’re always ready to help you with whatever info you need; you just need to ask. The property is only a 5-minute walk away from the central station and is located in the chic neighborhood of Torsgatan. Famous for its contemporary art, architecture, and alternative fashion, Stockholm adds some Nordic subtleties to the Generator chain. 

If you want to be near the city’s attractions, the Vasa Museum and the Royal Palace are just a few blocks away. You can also enjoy the city’s cuisine and fall in love with it more by sightseeing through a boat. Also, you can take a stroll and enjoy Nordic-style coffee or head to several vintage stores. All room types are private and include bed linen. Towels are also included in Double/Twin & Premium rooms. Also, the hostel has an age restriction of 16+, and to stay in a shared dorm, and you need to be 18+.

Price: $16.85 to $20.53

Pros: Great amenities, helpful staff, and good location to explore Stockholm

Generator Stockholm

How is Stockholm’s Nightlife?

Stockholm has a very trendy nightlife, from sophisticated, cool, Stureplan to the avante-garde clubs and bars of Gamla Stan and Södermalm. During the summer months, the city’s nightlife gets to the outdoors, and revelers take in long, light nights when the sun never sets. These are Stockholm’s party neighborhoods:


In Stockholm, Stureplan is the symbol of indulgence and luxury. It is where the young, wealthy, trendy, and famous hangout places. Also, the lines are long for the most famous clubs, and many have a rigorous entry, so you should arrive early.


Rock, rockabilly, reggae, electronic, bohemian, gay, or lesbian. Södermalm combines all styles, and it is a more relaxed, more affordable alternative to the high-end district of Stureplan. Nightlife areas are primarily found in Mariatorget, Slussen, Medborgarplatsen, and Nytorget.

Gamla Stan

Nightlife in Gamla Stan is distinguished by cozy, intimate pubs with traditional decor. Here you will see several bars with older patrons while still offering live music. But in recent years, bars with a younger crowd have popped up.


Stockholm has no explicitly gay neighborhood. You can show your love openly. Locales flying rainbow flags are sprinkled throughout the city, but most gay bars, clubs, and restaurants are in Gamla Stan and Södermalm.

The Best Bars and Clubs in Stockholm

1. Berns

This Terrence Conrad-themed theater, eatery, hotel, and club compound has been chugging along since 1863. Also, luminaries such as Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, and Josephine Baker have performed for the crowds. These days, you can catch the performances of anyone from Arcade Fire to Swedish artists.

2. Färgfabriken

It’s a cutting-edge gallery and exhibition space by day and a cutting-edge club and concert hall by night. Even though Färgfabriken doesn’t turn into a club each night, when it does, it is met with enormous enthusiasm and style. Also, check the calendar on their website for the next big events, where the coolest Stockholmers are sure to be.

3. Morfar Ginko

One of Stockholm‘s most popular late-night hangouts, Morfar Ginko, features chart-topping DJs spinning from a loft overlooking the main room, and while dancing is definitely on the menu, so is serious mingling and even table tennis. Come summer, and the courtyard opens up – where you can kick back with a drink and make new friends.

4. Pùblico

With a lively Latin feel, this elaborately adorned restaurant turns into a nightclub when the sun sets, with exotic dishes and featuring even more unusual cocktails. The venue’s sound system is also top-notch and blasts the best of electronica from both local and international DJs.

5. F12 Terrassen

One of Stockholm’s fabled summer clubs, F12, is located a few minutes away from the city center. Open all week; you can groove to the beat until the wee hours, and the club also plays techno, house, hip hop, and much more, depending on the night’s event. You can even dance under the midnight sun, do a Shirley Temple impersonation on the grand staircase or join those mingling at the bars inside.

About Stockholm

Sweden’s capital Stockholm is located on the east coast of southcentral Sweden. Its coastal position is not easy to overlook when visiting the city spread throughout 14 islands. All the water surrounding the city has earned it the label “Venice of the North.” But in contrast to Venice, the water is clean and clear as you would expect in Nordic countries. You can even see anglers fishing right from the bridges and sidewalks, with salmon and sea trout being the usual catch. When you visit at the right time of year, you can even spot salmon climbing the small waterfalls in the city. 

At Stockholm’s center lie the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan (“Old Town”) where a lot of buildings were built from the 16th to 19th century and house several little cafés, shops, museums, restaurants, and hotels, in addition to the 18th century Royal Palace. Although many of the stores lining the narrow main streets have the usual tacky items that are found in popular tourist destinations, the area is still cozy, unique, and beautiful. The minute you turn to leave the main streets, you are greeted by numerous old buildings and tiny backstreet patios, adding to the beauty that has made this area very popular. Originally established in the 13th century, Stockholm’s origins might go back even further than Gamla Stan. Still, the city itself is very modern, and it’s considered to be among the trendiest and most fashionable cities in Scandinavia. Stockholm is also home to over 70 museums and 100 art galleries, a big feat for a city with only a population of 1.6 million, including the whole metropolitan area. Aside from Stockholm, you can also explore Istanbul or Bucharest.

Related Questions

What Is Stockholm Famous For?

Stockholm is often viewed as the “shopping capital of the North” and is, of course, known for modern Scandinavian design. Nowadays, Swedish homes are synonymous with Ikea, which helped several great furniture & accessories designers.

Is Stockholm Expensive?

A lot of travelers skip the city because it’s expensive. There’s no denying that Stockholm is costly compared to other cities around Europe. … Cut your food budget – While grocery costs are comparable to most major cities in the world, eating out in Stockholm is incredibly expensive.

Do You Tip in Sweden?

Tipping is not mandatory. You only do it if you find the service and food excellent, and you usually tip 10% if you have had a pleasant experience. The amount depends on how much the bill comes to. Some people round the amount up by 5-10%; some do not tip at all.

Does Stockholm Use Cash?

Cash is used in Sweden but a lot less than in other countries in Europe like Spain or Germany. Some places are starting to call themselves cash-free and do not accept cash payments at all. It is, for instance, the case with public transportation in Stockholm and Gothenburg. 

Is English Widely Spoken in Sweden?

Sweden is considered as one of the best English-speaking countries in the world, except the countries where English is a native language. You will have problems finding anyone under 45 who is NOT fluent in Sweden.

How Much Money Do I Need Per Day in Sweden?

If you plan to visit some museums and attractions, you’ll need around $70 each day (420 SEK). If you’re the typical “stay in a hostel/hotel, eat affordable food, go out a few times” traveler, then you should budget around $90 per day (540 SEK). (Cutting nights out from my budget would have reduced it by $20 per day!)

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