The best party hostels in Vienna, Austria

Find all the best party hostels in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Vienna is the largest city and capital of Austria. It’s also the economic and cultural center of the country, so it is a must-visit for travelers. Also, the historic center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city has an impressive culture and a rich history with a focus on art and music.

As Vienna is a big city,  you should know where your hostel is situated. So, you need to consider where you’d like to stay and find a place in or near that area. If you manage to find an affordable option within the city center, make sure it is close to the metro, tram, or bus station. Still, it is worth paying a little bit more to stay in the city center.

Top 5 Hostels in Vienna:


The 5 Best Party Hostels in Vienna

1. Wombats City Hostel Vienna – The Naschmarkt

Wombats are a chain of hostels that are found throughout Europe and several areas in the city. This particular hostel is situated at Vienna Naschmarkt and is close to public transportation and conveniently close to many attractions and sights around Viena. The hostel is a popular choice in the city and has an excellent reputation for being a fun and pleasant place to lodge. If you’re traveling by yourself, you’ll surely make a few friends, and there will likely be other guests around that you can socialize with.

Also, the hostel has a complete range of amenities. There is access to free Wi-Fi in the lobby, and there is a shared kitchen that you can use to prepare meals. Every guest receives a complimentary drink when they arrive, and you can also avail of free luggage storage and secure lockers. For an added fee, you can enjoy a breakfast buffet that serves tasty meals.

The hostel staff is very approachable and helpful. Many of them are travelers themselves so they can quickly help make your trip more exciting. They make sure that the hostel has a fun and social vibe and that it’s easy for guests to socialize. Also, there is plenty of room in the common area where you can relax and unwind after a busy day exploring the city. It is a great place to base yourself during your time in Vienna.

Price: $16.16 to 32.25

Pros: Great location, social environment, and excellent amenities

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Wombats City Hostel Vienna - The Naschmarkt

2. Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Hostel Ruthensteiner is located conveniently between Vienna’s central district and historic Schonbrunn Palace (home of the Holy Roman emperors and the Habsburg dynasty). It’s also near many different restaurants and events, as well as the city’s most extensive pedestrian street. The hostel is also a four-minute walk away from the Westbahnhof train station.

The hostel is also a friendly place to stay with accommodating staff and a diverse group of guests. A group of family and friends runs the hostel, so if you’re looking to dodge the feel of a chain hostel, this is a great option. Also, there is a common area where you can relax after a busy day wandering through the city and meet other guests.

The hostel has a range of amenities available for guests, including a book exchange, a shared kitchen, and a barbecue area. It has beautiful gardens where guests can chill, as well as free Wi-Fi, bike rentals, and a casual bar where you can drink a pint of beer or two. Breakfast is also available if you pay for an additional fee. The staff can also help you book a lot of exciting activities or tours around the city.

Both dorms and private rooms are available in the hostel. So, if you’re traveling alone and want to have some privacy, you should go for single private rooms. Also, there are twins, doubles, triples, and quad rooms. Dorms can accommodate between six and ten people, and female-only, male-only, and mixed dorms are available.

Price: $22.40 to $25.15

Pros: Friendly staff, great amenities, and an on-site bar

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Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

3. Wombats City Hostel Vienna – The Lounge

This branch of the Wombats chain offers a lot of great perks, along with a great social vibe. Also, the location is pretty sweet as it’s close to public transportation. So, it’s easy to get to and from the airport. It’s also easy to get to the main attractions of Vienna either by foot or public transportation, as well.

The bar in the hostel is always busy and full of other guests so that you can socialize and have a good time. They also offer a great breakfast so that you can fuel up before you spend some time in Vienna.

Price: $15.34 to $27.48

Pros: Very close to the airport and a fun bar

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Wombats City Hostel Vienna - The Lounge

4. A&T Holiday Hostel

For the various amenities and services packed into A&T Holiday Hostel, you are getting a good bang for your buck. Not only will you get to stay in some of the most affordable accommodations in town, but you will also have access to their Western-style on-site bar. Even though you are in Vienna, you should learn to tip your hat and say, “thank you, mam” before you drink some brews! With their roomy lounges, fun games, and helpful staff, A&T is the perfect place to stay while partying your way through the city of Vienna!

Price: $13.37 to $70.18

Pros: Great amenities, on-site bar and café, and very affordable

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A&T Holiday Hostel

5. Prime Rooms 2.0

What was once intended as a pop-up is back due to popular demand! Prime Rooms is a boutique hostel that is sure to offer some class and comfort into your nomadic journey through the Old Continent!  With each wall painted by local artists, large lounges, and delicious food, you are sure to feel that the hostel is your home in the city! No hostel on this list would be complete with its bar! Prime Rooms will have you drinking on their terrace, enjoying all the finer things in life!

Price: Price: $20.21 to $66.50

Pros: No curfew, on-site bar and café, and fun activities

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Prime Rooms 2.0

How is Vienna’s Nightlife?

The city’s club scene is all about parties that play trendsetting music. Electronic music from Vienna is famed for starting an international trend – and it’s a no-brainer. The parties in the city’s clubs range from chic to alternative. Also, clubs like Flex have already achieved a cult-like status. The program there is just as diverse as at the city’s other party places.

The establishments located under the arches of the former Stadtbahn railway along the Gürtel, such as B72, Chelsea, and Rhiz, have been a staple of Vienna’s nightlife scene for a few years already. Flex, Grelle Forelle, and Werk some of the best clubs that are found by the Danube Canal, which is surrounded by numerous beach bars in the summer. Night-owls also make their rounds on Ringstrasse, especially at the Volksgarten Disco, Säulenhalle, Babenberger Passage. The Platzhirsch and O – the club is well-liked too.

The Best Bars and Pubs in Vienna

1. Elektro Gonner

Situated in an electrical shop in the Mariahilferstraße square, Elektro Gonner is one of the top nightclubs in Vienna, apart from being a place for art exhibitions and video installations. It serves anything from good drinks to the best EDM hits, both during crowded weekends and slow weeknights. Based on your mood, you can move back and forth between the courtyard, dance area, and bar. Also, you should try out their Weißer Spritzer and Gin tonic, and as for the food they serve, the best options are Mannerschnitten, Haribo, Vegetarian or Turkish toast, and peanuts.

2. Volksgarten

If you want to unveil the best of Vienna nightlife, you must visit this excellent avenue among the city’s nightclubs. Rebuilt after 180 years since it opened, it now has three areas: the old part with the Säulenhalle (it is the second floor which hosts a second DJ booth or entire events at times) and a dance floor. Also, the winter garden is a recent addition. You should try their Long Drink and dance to the tunes of the chart-topping EDM tunes.

3. Opera Club

Do you want a hectic time in Vienna at night? Well, the Opera Club is what you need! With a more intimate bar area, a dance floor, and a very expansive lounge area, it can help refuel your energy after some floor-breaking dance. Sip on to some Gin Tonic while the weird and wonky ambiance grips you.

4. Extrazimmer

This secret, yet authentic bar in Vienna won’t let you down. Now belonging to Vienna’s most legendary bartenders, it was formerly a tiny studio apartment home to an artist. Located in the basement, Extrazimmer has a reputation (among the few who know about it!) to serve the best cocktails in town.

5. Le Loft

The plush Sofitel Vienna Stephansdom is the location of this beautiful bar at its top floor. If excellent cocktails are your thing, then this is the place to be! What more, the great ambiance will make for a pretty backdrop to your selfies while you’re having a fun time with friends!

About Vienna

Vienna is a city and Bundesland (federal state); it is the capital and largest city of Austria. Of the country’s nine federal states, Vienna is the smallest in terms of area but the largest in population.

Modern Vienna has gone through several historical incarnations. From 1558 to 1918, it was considered as an imperial city—until 1806, the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. After that, it was declared as the capital of the succeeding Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1918, it became the capital city of the diminished, landlocked, and defeated central European country that shed its imperial might after World War I and transformed into a republic. From 1938 to 1945, Austria was absorbed into Adolf Hitler’s Greater Germany, and Vienna became known as Greater Vienna, reflecting the Nazi alteration of the city limits. In the years following the end of World War II, Austria was held by American, British, French, and Soviet forces, and the city was divided into five sections, as well as an international zone. The zone covers the Innere Stadt (“Inner City”). In 1955, the State Treaty, which declared the country’s independence, was signed with the four occupying powers. After that, Vienna became the capital of a sovereign Austria once again.

Vienna is among the least damaged of the historic western European capitals. Its central district, the Innere Stadt, can be easily explored by foot and public transportation. In a city famed for its architecture, many of Vienna’s urban prospects remain those constructed several centuries ago by imperial architects and gardeners. Also, the city’s skyline is still dominated by the spire of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the giant Ferris wheel in the city’s central park — the Prater. The city suffered substantial damage in the closing months of World War II, and significant rebuilding was done after it ended. Still, the character of Vienna as a whole remains much the same as in the years before 1914.

Austria’s capital has managed to avoid many of the issues—social unrest, financial crises, and urban decay—that afflict many European cities today. A city of green parks with ponds, cafés, and playing bands; opulent stores and elegant shopping streets; banks, bookshops, and crowded theatres; and boulevards for leisurely sauntering—Vienna is a refreshing blend of human energy and imagination. 

Related Questions

Why Is Vienna Famous?

Vienna. Austria’s capital offers a distinct blend of imperial traditions and impressive modern architecture. The city is also famous for its imperial landmarks and monuments, cultural events, cafes, cozy wine taverns, and the exceptional Viennese charm.

Is It Expensive In Vienna?

As the capital city of a very wealthy country, you’ll be forgiven to assume that Vienna is expensive. But it’s not that bad compared to other European cities like London. In the EU, the city is just above average in terms of price.

Do They Speak English In Vienna?

English is one of the most commonly spoken foreign languages in Vienna. It is spoken by most of the youth. But, many older citizens don’t have a grasp of the language. Still, places such as hotels and restaurants use English as their official communication language.

Is Vienna Dangerous At Night?

Vienna is a very safe city, and typically, men and women will have no trouble walking around at night. But, the Prater and Praterstern areas can get iffy when dusk falls. Also, Ausstellungsstrasse is best avoided if you don’t want to encounter sex workers and curb-crawlers.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Vienna?

The best time to head to Vienna is from April – May or September – October. You should visit the city during these times as the mild weather in spring and fall brings smaller crowds. Also, most visitors want to enjoy the warm, sunny weather that Vienna experiences during the summer months. So between June and August, you can expect the city to fill up and room rates to skyrocket. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also explore Rome and Copenhagen nearby!

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